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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 34

Chapter 34


“You saw how she looked at you, Enzo.” I said, looking at Enzo as he walked toward the door.

The idea of him asking why he couldn’t feel the baby was something that scared me. But I knew that I had little time to play this game. Thankfully, Bella was willing to help out to ensure that my relationship with him was fixed. Now I just needed to get myself pregnant, no matter what the cost was going to be.

“Katherine, the last thing that we are going to be concerned about is such small matters. You are going to take care of yourself and you are going to rest.” Enzo said, putting a hand on my stomach. For a second, he looked down at it then at me, my heart racing before I took his hand, wanting to distract him. I connected my lips with his, driving his attention away from the ‘baby‘ and my stomach.

He smiled into the kiss before pulling away to walk to the door. “I’ll be going to work. I won’t be long though. We have a lot to take care of now that my Luna is with child and the last thing that I want is for you to end up exhausting yourself while I am gone.”

I smiled and he chuckled, shaking his head at me. “Alonso would be going to school in a bit, try to get yourself a few hours of sleep. We can order lunch later, there’s no need for be tending to the dining room with the maids today.”

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I nodded, watching as he walked out as a lump formed in my throat at the fact that he was still here. I didn’t know how I was going to be handling this, but right now, I knew that considering that I played this game; I was either going to manage to get pregnant or I was going to use my second plan, and I knew for fact that the second plan was going to end. Alaria.

Her eyes met mine as I turned to walk inside, and I raised an eyebrow when I holding her son’s hand, guiding him to the door.

saw her

“Does this look like a club to you?” I asked, and she took a deep breath, shaking her head in question as she waited for my response. “I believe that you are supposed to tell your pack Luna where you are going. You know, considering the fact that the Alpha is not here, it is my turn to take care of things.”




Emergency calls only

Chapter 34


“I am taking my son to a day care. I have work to take care of, and I don’t need to answer to you in the first place. I believe that there is someone that I will be addressing to, it is the Alpha.” Alaria said, wanting to walk past me. I wrapped my hand around her arm, stopping her, and she looked at me. Ashton, who was by her side, hid behind her leg, and I was forced to remind myself that he was the Alpha’s son. His one and only heir, the threat to

my son.

“I am going to allow that this time. But only because your son is by your side and the last thing that I want is for him to be scared.” I said, and she scoffed. “The next time think of double crossing me, I am going to make you answer to the Alpha yourself.“”


“You just worry yourself about this child that you are carrying. I will worry myself about the rest,” Alaria said, pulling her arm from my grasp. I watched as she walked toward the door before heading off to my room. I was going to need to get what I owed to the pack doctor and her nurses. The last thing that I needed was one of them speaking of this to Enzo. And though I knew that it cost one of my jewels, but I wasn’t going to be able to get the money anywhere else, especially with Enzo and the accountant monitoring all accounts.

I brought the money in cash, and putting it inside my file, I walked toward the infirmary room, handing it to the woman who stood the second that she saw me. Her eyes met mine. and the smile on her face told me that she was satisfied.

“As promised; you got the first half before the act started and now you have your second. half.” I said, and she smiled.

“What would happen later though? You know that you are going to eventually need to start showing, and if you don’t manage getting pregnant, then it would be…”

“When we get to that point, you and I are going to make another deal. And I think that you trust that I am going to be paying you generously.” I said, looking out the window. It was the only window here, but it looked outside the front door. It was a strategic place for the pack doctor to see if any of the pack members were injured upon arrival or during training. It helped ensure that they would know to ready themselves for all emergencies. And I knew that it was often needed in times like the ones that we tend to go through.

“It would always be an honor serving you, Luna.” She said, and I had to fight back scoffing in response at her choice of words. I knew that she wasn’t aiming to ‘serve‘ me. It was simply the idea of money that impressed them. But then again, I knew that nothing came for free. And if I was to deal with this in a smart way, then I was going to take things as they were. No matter how annoying I found them.




Emergency calls only ba

Chapter 34

“Of course, it i<,” I said, rolling my eyes as I turned to leave. “As long as you keep your lips controlled; I would trust that it was an honor serving me,

“You needn’t worry. Neither one of us will open her lips with a word.” She said, and I


“We’ll see.” I said, opening the door. “Otherwise, you are going to be dealing with the worst of consequences. And I doubt that you are going to want to do that, will you…?”



Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa

Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
“Why, Enzo?” Alaria D’Angelo asked her husband, looking at the divorce papers that were on the table. “What did I do wrong?””Sign them, Alaria,” he said, looking at her with a gaze that was as cold as ice. Her heart sank to her stomach and she looked at her purse for a moment, thinking.He watched as she picked up the pen, signing the paper.”It’s for her, isn’t it?” she asked, ignoring the clench that she felt in her chest. The man didn’t respond, but she got the answer that she needed as she put the pen down on the table. “Goodbye, Alpha Enzo…”********** Loyal, devoted, obedient. Alaria D’Angelo, the daughter of the Pakhan and Alpha, found herself being forced to accept a divorce that she did not want. But when Capo dei Capi, Alpha Enzo finds out that she has his child, things take a different turn of events…


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