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Back in Time: Unshackling From Love Chapter 193

Chapter 193

“Shut up,” Connor interrupted, “That’s Jay’s wife!”

Everyone present knew who Jay was. They were shocked as they looked at Mikayla on the stage.

They never expected the Miller Group CEO’s wife to be so bold.

After finishing her performance, Mikayla high–fived everyone on the stage and returned to her seat.

Celeste flushed with excitement. “Kay, you’re my idol! You’re so cool! Come on! Let’s have another glass of ‘Charming Lady“!”

Perhaps Mikayla drank a lot; she was overjoyed. She picked up the glass and drank it all in one gulp.

“Kay, you can’t drink like this! Although it tastes good, its alcohol is high!”

She waved nonchalantly. “It doesn’t matter if I get drunk.”

She no longer needed to please anyone. She didn’t have to worry about whether Jerome would think she wasn’t dignified enough. It didn’t matter if she was drunk.

“Besides, you rarely have time to drink with me. Let’s enjoy tonight!”

Celeste sighed. “I was tired of staying with my mother–in–law these days. I just wanted to come out and relax.”

“By the way, how’s Dr. Chance’s female classmate doing? Has she been transferred to the hospital where Dr. Chance is?” Mikayla was always concerned about this


probably not. I asked Nolan two days ago. He said he hadn’t contacted her, so he

wasn’t sure.”

That was good. Mikayla was secretly relieved.

According to the timeline of her previous life, Cheryl would have already returned to Marisville and gone to the hospital.

Could things have changed because Celeste went overseas with Nolan in this

Chapter 103



“My mother–in–law has been pressuring us to have a baby lately. I have a headache.

Celeste felt distressed. “If I were pregnant, I would be completely out of reach to get the head nurse’s position. Based on her personality, she might even ask me to resign. Although tired, I’ve worked hard to get all the qualifications. I don’t want to give up.”

“Celeste, you shouldn’t always accommodate Dr. Chance and your mother–in–law. You must respect yourself first before others respect you,” Mikayla said concernedly, “If you don’t want to get pregnant, then refuse it. Even if you’re pregnant, you don’t have to resign.”

In her previous life, Celeste followed her mother–in–law’s advice and quit her job after she got pregnant.

As a result, her mother–in–law criticized her for not making money and forced her to take charge of the housework, which led to her miscarriage.

Coupled with the troubles caused by Nolan’s first love, Celeste divorced frustratedly and went overseas to work in nursing. But Mikayla never heard any news about her again.

The alcohol started to hit Mikayla’s head, causing her a little dizzy. She put her arm

around Celeste’s shoulder.

“Celeste, if you have something you can’t solve in the future, just tell me. Don’t suffer it alone. Don’t pay too much attention to your mother–in–law and husband. You’re the most important.”

Celeste pinched Mikayla’s flushed face. “Why do I feel that you’ve become a lot more mature? You wouldn’t say such words b

Mikayla leaned on her shoulder. “Because I’m in my second life.”

“What?” Celeste didn’t hear clearly.

Mikayla continued, “It feels good to love yourself. Celeste, you should try it.”

“Hey, beauties! Are you drunk? We’d like to send you home!”

Chapter 193

The fat man who had attempted to hit on them earlier returned. This time, he brought a few men with him.

Seeing his malicious look, Celeste shielded Mikayla and said warily, “No thanks. We’ll go back ourselves.”

Unfortunately, they had made him embarrassed earlier. He wouldn’t leave so lightly.

He grinned and approached Celeste, wanting to touch her face. “Don’t be shy. We just want to help-”

Before he could touch Celeste’s face, he let out a cry of pain. Mikayla kicked him!

“You bitch! How dare you kick me!”

The fat man held his aching waist and waved fiercely. Several people got his signal and instantly surrounded her.

Mikayla shielded Celeste and stared at the fat man coldly.

They were in a secluded area, and the loud music drowned out their conversation. Nobody noticed what was going on here for a time.

“You’re very gorgeous on the drums! You’re my type!”

He smiled lustfully and reached out to Mikayla.

Back in Time: Unshackling From Love (Mikayla and Jerome)

Back in Time: Unshackling From Love (Mikayla and Jerome)

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Mikayla Davidson is reborn and given a second chance at life. In her previous life, she spent eight years of her life head over heels for Jerome Miller. Yet all she got in return was a divorce certification and a horrible death in a mental institution. And so, when she’s reborn, the first thing she does is get a divorce from Jerome! At first, Jerome is as cold and distant as usual. “Don’t even think of threatening me with a divorce. I don’t have time to put up with your fussiness.” After the divorce, Mikayla has a successful career and is surrounded by several outstanding men. That’s when Jerome can’t sit still anymore. He pins Mikayla to the wall. “I was wrong, babe. Let’s remarry…” Mikayla looks at him icily. “Thanks, but no thanks. Leave me alone, please. I’m no longer crazy about you.”


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