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Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband Chapter 21

Chapter 21 You Should Consider Being My Real WifeWatching Jayden interact with the woman Elyse couldnt shake the feeling that he had a hand in orchestrating the chaosThe wedding will be canceled Lets go back Jayden gently patted the back of her hand and they left the chaotic venueOnce seated in his luxury car Elyse raised the partition and questioned Do you know that womanJayden fiddled with his ring and replied Why would you think thatI saw how she interacted with you Elyse pressed her voice tinged with surprise You planned this disruption didnt youYoure overthinking it Do you really think I have that much free time Jayden looked at the excited Elyse and explained That woman needed to get into the hotel and I simply asked someone to assist her Thats all there was to itOh I see I almost believed you had orchestrated the entire eventI dont need to scheme against Xander Hes perfectly capable of creating his own problems Jayden remarkedThats true Elyse agreed nodding Its the first time Ive seen someone so foolish Does he have many children with different womenI dont know how many children he has out there I only know that his family will be the talk of the town tomorrow The scandal will likely hurt their stock price and Egan Brooks will be lividAs he finished speaking something occurred to him He turned to Elyse and said You conducted yourself well at the wedding today You didnt embarrass me What would you like as a rewardAfter a brief pause Elyse smiled and replied I dont need a gift Its my role as your wife to uphold your dignity and honorThen let me give you a credit card How much would you like he offeredI dont want money Please dont give me money Elyse responded earnestlyJayden fell silent puzzled by her refusal of money He couldnt help but wonder if she was putting on an act to show she wasnt interested in money

Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband

Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband

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“You need a bride, I need a groom. Why don’t we get married?” Both abandoned at the altar, Elyse decided to tie the knot with the disabled stranger from the venue next door. Pitying his state, she vowed to spoil him once they were married. Little did she know that he was actually a powerful tycoon. Jayden thought Elyse only married him for his money, and planned to divorce her when she was no longer of use to him. But after becoming her husband, he was faced with a new dilemma. “She keeps asking for a divorce, but I don’t want that! What should I do?”


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