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Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband Chapter 39

Chapter 39Why Should I Have To Grovel To YouJacobs gaze met Elyses and she quickly averted her eyes stating firmly No I dont think its necessaryTrying to smooth things over Lizzie intervened Dont dismiss the idea so quickly Jacob has been waiting a long time for you Youre single now after all Why not give him a chanceAt this Elyse almost laughed out loud but from irritation not amusementDuring their high school years Jacob was known as the troublemaker and was eventually expelled Later Elyse heard he had moved to a big city seized some business opportunities and now ran his own small company having carved out a decent success for himself Yet Elyse could never erase the memory of Jacob stealing her money and accusing her falselyTrying to embody the role of a successful businessman Jacob straightened his clothes and offered affectionately Elyse we make a great pair Youre beautiful and Im wealthy Were perfectly matchedElyse responded immediately Im not single Im married You should find someone else JacobwmomHer words cast a hush over the roommYoure married To Theo Ward Thats news to me Lizzie blurted outElyse retorted I didnt say it was Theo Cant I marry someone elseUpon hearing her claim one classmate burst out laughing incredulous Youve concocted such an absurd story just to avoid Jacob Who would you marry otherwise Did you really marry someone disabled to spite TheoAnother chimed in Surely even if you were upset over being rejected you wouldnt go to such lengths right Whats so bad about Jacob that youd prefer using a disabled person as a pretext rather than accept himJacobs expression darkened Since his rise to success he had not faced such disrespect In a fit of anger he hurled a wine bottle to the ground and exclaimed I asked you out of pity Do you actually think I was trying to win you overLizzie stirring the pot further said Why are you so ungrateful Jacob was out of goodwill yet this is how you repay himSuddenly Elyse found herself the target of everyones criticism as if it was her fault for not wanting to date JacobAre you at your class reunion Hows it going A message from Jayden caught her eye as she lowered her headShe responded It feels awfulYou got picked on You really reflect poorly on me Jayden replied
As Elyse pondered her next message another text from Jayden popped up Im coming to pick you upJayden was on his way to get herA wave of relief washed over Elyse giving her a sense of support But her moment of reassurance was cut short as Jacob seeing she was ignoring him marched over and knocked the phone from her handI was talking to you How dare you ignore meElyses anger flared as she looked at her phone lying on the floor Standing up she confronted him Jacob Duffy have you lost your mind Thats my phone Who do you think you are Why should I have to grovel to youLizzie chimed in defending Jacob Dont be so harsh Elyse You embarrassed him firstShe continued with feigned sincerity Besides we all know about your familys situation They treat you terribly Now that you no longer have Theos support why not consider Jacob He could really love you maybe even marry youJacob sneered and retorted She doesnt deserve to be my wife Theo probably got tired of being intimate with her I dont want to be Theos discarded leftoversThe room erupted in laughter though Freddy tried to console Elyse the mockery was overwhelmingMy husband is Jayden Owen I wont consider you at all Elyse declared mentioning Jayden for the first timeShe had previously thought to avoid causing Jayden any trouble but since he often said she was reflecting poor on him it seemed appropriate to use his name nowThe laughter intensified at her declarationJayden Owen Youre hilariousAre you delusionalFreddy interjected We were all classmates once Why are you treating Elyse with such hostilityElyse stood there her expression cold realizing that this class reunion was merely a stage for them to flaunt their fame wealth and status Now labeled as someone abandoned by Theo and deemed worthless she found herself the target of their crueltyLizzie remained silent her mind occupied with other thoughts She had learned from her fianc that the Owen family was extremely wealthy even more so than the Wards Their influence was vast yet they maintained a low profile elusive to the general public

Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband

Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband

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“You need a bride, I need a groom. Why don’t we get married?” Both abandoned at the altar, Elyse decided to tie the knot with the disabled stranger from the venue next door. Pitying his state, she vowed to spoil him once they were married. Little did she know that he was actually a powerful tycoon. Jayden thought Elyse only married him for his money, and planned to divorce her when she was no longer of use to him. But after becoming her husband, he was faced with a new dilemma. “She keeps asking for a divorce, but I don’t want that! What should I do?”


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