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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 17

Chapter 17

It’s been two weeks since I have been living with Luciano.

I haven’t seen Nathaniel since then. My sole focus these days is on my project, which could take me to different heights.

After taking enough vitamin D, I decided to get back home. As today is a holiday, I don’t have anything to do. Our project is almost ready. We just want to make it sure that everything is perfect from our side.

I woke up at the usual time and found Luciano working on his study. I didn’t want to bother him so I came out in the garden to get some fresh air.

I have been walking around for almost an hour and now I am hungry.

As I entered the living hall. I was filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The soft click-clack of Grandma’s knitting needles echoed through the cozy living room.

Grandma was sitting against the window through which the sunlight was penetrating and spreading its warmth. She was knitting something, looking like the typical grandma we have seen in cartoons.

She looked up when she sensed my presence

“Vanessa, she called my name with pure love as she smiled up at me.

“Good morning, Grandma,” I said as I walked to her to see what she was doing.

It has only been two weeks and I have barely interacted with Grandma, but these days I have understood that she is a pure soul and the only person in the world whom Luciano loves with everything.

“What are you working on? It looks so lovely.” I asked, looking down at the yarm, which flowed like a river through her skilled fingers.

“Ah, my dear, I am knitting a shawl for Luciano. Would you like to join me?” Her eyes twinkled with joy as she thought that she was going to have a companion.

“I would love to, but I am afraid I am not much of a knitter. I bite my lower lip.

I have never knitted anything. What if I ruined everything?

“Nonsense, my child. Anyone can learn. Sit here, and I will teach you.” Grandma patted the empty space besid comfortable armchair.

As I settled into the chair, Grandma handed me another set of needles and a soft ball of yarn. With patience an she began to teach me the art of knitting.

The initial attempts were a bit awkward, but soon I learned the basic way to move the needles. It was a fun and p activity.

“If you practice this daily, then soon you will master this art,” she appreciated.

I giggled and my eyes moved to a white-colored figure that she had just knitted in between the stawls.

“What’s that?” I asked out of curiosity.

It seems like a dove, but I am not sure.

“Ohh” Grandma smiled as she looked down at it with love in her eyes. “You know, when Lucy was just a little boy, he had this fascination with doves. He always wanted a dove on everything-his clothes, his drawings, and even his stawl.”



13:57 Wed, Apr 3

Chapter 17

Why is he so obsessed with doves?

I still remember he called me Dove when we had dinner together.

“Do you know why he loves Dove so much?” I asked.

“He used to say that doves are symbols of peace and love. He also has dove stuff.


Before she could tell me anything. Luciano interupted her from behind.

“Why do you always over share?” He asked rolling his eyes in annoyance.

“She is your wife Lucy. I don’t think that there should be anything like secret in between you two”

Luciano and I shared a look.


“How many times have I told you Grandma not to call me Lucy. And I have also asked you to stop knitting shawls for me every year. You have grown old” Luciano said in his rude tone.

Even his way of loving is so cold and rude.

“Till my last breath I will call you Lucy and will knit shawl until my hands are working. You cannot order to change me Grandma came back.

“Whatever” Luciano rolled his eyes “come let’s have breakfast”

He helped Grandma to sit on her wheelchair and took her to the dining table while I collected all her stuff and grabbed a seat beside Luciano.

“You two looks so cute together” Grandma giggled.

She doesn’t seem to have any problem with me the way Luciano’s parents have. Luciano looked at me, expecting me to say something.

“Thank you, Grandma. We feel fortunate to have each other,” I replied with a smile but I am sure it held a hint of


“Fortunate indeed,” Grandma mused, sipping her coffee. “Now, tell me, when did you two first meet?”

“There years back”

“Two years back”

I bite my lips and my head snapped to Luciano as we answered at the same time but our answers were different.

Luciano cleared his throat, choosing his words carefully.

“Well, Grandma, it was at a mutual friend’s party. Vanessa caught my eye with her charm and grace. But she saw me fo first time when she joined our company. So according to me we met three years old but for her it is two

I gulped and smiled to turn his lie into truth. He is so good in making stories. I wonder why he is not a writer.

“And when did you realize you were in love?” She asked further.

I opened my mouth but before any words could come out of it he squeezed my thigh making me stop myself.

“It was gradual. We spent more time together, got to know each other’s quirks, and love just bloomed naturally.” Luciano answered from our side.


13:57 Wed, Apr

Chapter 17

Grandma’s head turned to me. She was expecting something from me as well.

“Ahh” I yelped when Luciano pinched me

“What happened?” Grandma asked out of concern

“Ahhh” I forced a smile I mean, exactly. Love is like a flower that blossoms over time.”


Grandma’s suspicious smile didn’t waver. It seemed like every answer we provided only fueled her curiosity further. Luciano was right her senses are really sharp.

“Ok, so when can I hear pitter patter of little feet?” Grandma asked taking both of us with surprise

My eyes widened as my head turned to look at Luciano. His body stiffened and his hold on my thigh tightened. He was also not expecting this demand from Grandma,

“Don’t you think it is too early to ask for it? Luciano asked “it is just 2 weeks we are married” he argued.

“I am at such a age that I cannot guarantee I could weave another stawl for you. Before my eyes are closed forever I want to see my grandchild”

I could see her desire twinkling in her eyes.

“It is not going to happen soon. Control your desires” Luciano said.


“I am out” Luciano declared before grandma could argue “bring my breakfast to the room

He stood up and left the place. Grandma didn’t seem bothered by his behaviour. I am sure she has got used to it.

“I hope by now you have got accustomed to his personality and mood” grandma asked.

“Yes!” I nodded.

“Ok, than tell me about the most beautiful thing of Luciano” grandma asked all of a sudden.

I gulped. What am I supposed to answer? I am sure she is highly suspicious about our relationship.

I gulped and his image played in my eyes. Though every inch of him is beautiful but I couldn’t appreciate his rugged handsomeness openly. It is something which is seen by all and I don’t think grandma is expecting this answer from n


“His heart” I said looking at grandma

She chuckled softly

“You are very close to it” she said


“His love” she spoke “that’s the most beautiful of all. I am sure you haven’t experienced his love that’s why you couldn’t answer in a split of second. If he loves someone he does with his whole heart. Sometimes I wonder how he act so rude to others. I have seen his love and believe me he have immense love in his heart. All you have to do is make your place there” she told me.

Why is she talking as if she knows that there is nothing in between us and she is asking me to make my way to his heart.

“And do you know about the most dangerous thing in him?” She asked.

“His, his anger?” I said.


Wed, Apr 3


Chapter 17


I can’t deny the fact that was petrified when I looked into those ocean blue orbs when he was angry. His eyes are enough to make people do anything he wants. He looks like a devil when angry.

She chuckled again as she shook her head slightly.

“His Obsession”

1 gulped.

“He is very obsessed about his possession and he could go to any length for the things over which he is obsessed. Make sure you don’t become his dangerous Obsession”

My eyes moved around as I tried to process her words. Though there was a small smile playing along her lips but I couldn’t shrug the feeling of omniousness which was getting from her words and the way shd told me that.

I shrug the thoughts.

He doesn’t even like me, how could I become his Obsession?

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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