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Faking It With Damian Black Novel Chapter 73

Chapter 73
I lay in bed with a smile, opening another message from Damian. It was a picture of him in bed.
Laying on his tummy, he had a pillow tucked under his folded arms, his lips hidden behind his closed knuckles. His gray curls looked damp and heavy, a few strands falling on his forehead, the ends brushing his thick eyebrows. His shoulders were bare and broad. From the angle of the camera, I got a view of the seashell painting on the wall across from his bed.
He was in the beach house.
‘I miss having you on this bed,’ was the caption on his message.
I tried and failed to stop my heart from melting like butter sliced with a hot knife. Knowing my boundaries and how slow I wanted things to flow this time around was one thing, but falling for Damian’s sweet words and gestures was out of my control.
If he persisted in being this sweet, I might fall faster than I could realize.
So this is how it feels to be on the receiving end of his affection for real. Nothing much has changed. He’d always been this sweet when we were under the pretense of our fake relationship. Only this time, I knew he wanted me to fall for him.
True to his words, Damian had sent me five messages since he left. From the airport to his meeting, lunch, and dinner, and now a simple yet s e x y picture of him in bed.
Circling back to my failed relationship and comparing two people was wrong in every sense, Hunter never updated me on his whereabouts. I would either call and ask, and most of the time, he’d get mad when I did.
Ogling Damian’s picture, I was startled when my phone vibrated. I dropped it, and it hit my it fell on me.
chin as
“Aw!” I hissed as I picked up my phone, perusing the caller ID.
It’s Damian.
Eyes growing wide, I suddenly grew conscious of how I looked. Since flying here to Summerfield Acre was spontaneous, I didn’t bring enough clothes to last a week. Candice, Andrea and I planned to go shopping tomorrow. I’m wearing an oversized souvenir shirt from The Villa. It was white and twice bigger than my size.
Freeing my hair from the messy bun I wrapped it into when I cleaned up for bed, I finger-combed it and swallowed hard before answering Damian’s call.

Chapter 73
“Hey,” I said, drawing a shaky breath, and ran my tongue over my parched lips.
“Hi, baby.” His voice was low and husky. He held my gaze without blinking as he smiled.
72% 12:20
It’s a good thing he could only see my face and not how my legs stiffened as my vagina woke up from his voice. Muscles growing taut, my p u s s y lets me know she wanted more of Damian’s rough voice, probably some dirty talking if the opportunity permits.
I me n a l l y berated my needy body part. Yes, it’s been a stretch of drought already, but we can’t just open our legs just because Damian’s back and trying to win my heart again.
My p u s s y pulsated as though it was telling, ‘Yes! Yes, we can!!!’
I cleared my throat and smiled to mask my self-consciousness, blurting out the first thing that came to mind. “How was your day?”
He rolled on his back. My mouth watered as his upper body came into view. His skin was perfectly tanned, and specks of hair littered his chest.
I swallowed hard, recalling how his skin tasted. ‘Oh, G o d. Please, stop showing me your good bits.
“It’s boring,” he murmured.
I consider him in the dimmed light of his room, my gaze licking every beautiful feature of his face. It’s his eyes that drew me in all the time. They had the intensity of a magnitude seven earthquake, shaking my equilibrium every time I saw him looking at me like that, like I was the only woman he saw. Even though I knew it had been broken a couple of times in high school, his nose was still perfectly sloped. Gaze dropping to his mouth, it’s like.being hit by a freight train. My entire body heated up, scalp to toe, when he licked his lips.
He knew where my mind had meandered. And when he dropped his gaze to my lips, a scorch spread under my skin
you made my day interesting,” he said, his voice rough as sandpaper.
His stare was so intense, it rocked me to my core. I could only whisper, “Me? How?” and giggled nervously.
“I can’t stop myself from thinking about you… and your sweet kisses, Millicent”
I suffered a lethal brain aneurysm, and I dropped dead on the spot.
All day, I had to pinch myself to see if this was real. The chances that I was suffering a men t a l malfunction weren’t lost on me, as thoughts of Damian kept sneaking through my busy mind like an icebreaker. He’s becoming my peace again, my safe zone.
Candice, Andrea, and I had been busy with Constance’s wedding. We’d been in this industry long
Chapter 73
enough to comprehend that the closer the event got, the more setbacks we were about to face.
This morning, the florist informed us that they won’t be able to provide the tulips for the wedding. They offered options and big discounts, but we already gave our word to Constance that we’d deliver her dream wedding up to the smallest details.
The three of us were online and on the phone all day, scouring for florists who could deliver what we needed, but we couldn’t find one.
“You? How was your day?” Damian asked.
I blew out a breath. “Stressful.”
He shuffled around until he was sitting on his bed, his back resting on the headboard. My mouth watered at the sight of his upper body on display. It was a struggle to keep my eyes above his shoulder. “What happened?”
1 smiled at him, shaking my head. “You don’t wanna hear about it. It’s boring stuff.”
“I love boring.” He smirked. “Tell me.”
Mimicking his sitting position, I tugged a pillow to cover my chest. I didn’t want to send him the wrong signal by letting him see my pebbled nipples. My body had been tingling with desire for him, wishing he was here holding me in his arms instead of just talking online.
“You sure?”
He nodded. “Yeah.”
“I think we’re about to mess up Constance’s wedding.”
“The florist told us they won’t be able to deliver the tulips we ordered.” Damian frowned. “See? I told you it’s boring stuff.”
“It’s not boring. It’s a big mess if you don’t deliver what your client wants,” he murmured, gaining my full attention as he continued. “Nancy goes crazy when she can’t find the right color of the roses she wanted for a party, so I get it. This is a wedding. It’s one of the most important occasions in a woman’s life. Everything needs to be perfect.”
Stunned, I could only stare at him. I didn’t expect Damian to listen to my boring story. At least, that’s what Hunter labeled my work from before. Hunter would say, ‘It’s just a dam n flower, a tablecloth, a wine. Who the f uc k cares what variant it is?’
“Uhm… yeah,” I said, sweeping my jaw from the floor. “We were on the phone and internet all day, but all the suppliers we knew couldn’t provide the number of tulips we needed. The wedding is
Chapter 73
next Sunday.”
Damian frowned, looking thoughtful, and then said, “Give me a sec.” He didn’t wait for my response and ended the call.
Dropping my phone on my lap, I stared blankly at the wall, frowning. Before I could get lost in my head, my phone vibrated. Damian sent me the contact details for a certain Autumn Bloom.
‘Is this a name of a person?’
Damian’s call cut through my confißion.
“I sent you Autumn’s contact details,” he murmured. “Did you get it?”
I nodded. “Yeah?”
“She’s a friend of mine, and she’s a florist from Italy. Give her a call and tell her you’re my friend. See if she could help you.”
I raised an eyebrow. “Friend?”
Damian smirked. “Yeah.”
Jealousy blossomed in my chest. “And her name is Autumn Bloom?”
He nodded. “Her family’s line of business revolves around flowers.”
“That’s an odd name,” I said, lips pursing. I don’t like this Autumn already. If she’s in Damian’s contact, she must be someone special.
Damian chuckled. “Her sister’s name is Summer, and her brother is Winter.”
“Where’s Spring?” I murmured, rolling my eyes.
“Her mom.”
‘And he knew her immediate family?’
“Why are you frowning?” he asked. “Are you feeling okay?”
“I’m good,” I groaned, sliding down on the bed.
“What?!” I hissed.
“Jealousy suits you,” he commented, fighting a smile.

“Ha. Jealous, me? I’m not=”
“You know it turns me on when you’re jealous,”
I paused and gaped at him. A pinch of playfulness still lingered on his smirk, but his eyes were as dark as the satellite view of a forest being hit by a storm.
If my p u s s was yelling earlier, it’s now holding a bass drum, banging on it with both hands, screaming at me to give in.
“I… I’m not jealous.” I kept a steady face, ignoring the thrumming between my legs. I rubbed my legs ander the blanket, soothing the intense ache in my p u s s y.
I didn’t bring my toys with me and the longer I lost myself under Damian’s hooded eyes, the hotter and worked up 1 got.
His eyelids turned heavy. “And you know what will happen if you continue lying.”
Oh my G o d!
If last night, Damian was still holding himself back, now he’s head-on trying to kill me with his words. The version of him could make me combust with just his words.
“How I f uc k i n g wish I was there, Millicent. I bet I’d find you wet and throbbing, your body begging for my touch.”
“Damian…” I gasped, both horrified and aroused by this shift in our conversation.

Faking It With Damian Black Novel by Louise Jane

Faking It With Damian Black Novel by Louise Jane

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I didn’t mean to say I was dating a guy hotter than my ex- fiance who cheated on me with my friend.In my defense, I had nine glasses of wine, my career as a social media influencer imploded in my face, and the Mean Girl at my high school reunion got into my head.I scanned the crowd, looking for an escape, and my eyes landed on him, Damian Black, my best friend’s stepbrother. He was the hottest guy back in high school, and like most girls, I had a huge crush on him.l asked him for a favor, to be my pretend boyfriend for the night. To my surprise, he agreed, but then he said, ‘I’m gonna collect. A favor for a favor. ‘Of course, I agreed, except the word of our relationship spread like wildfire in real life and on social media. I was ready to publicly apologize and set the record straight right away, but then Damian was ready to collect his favor. He asked me to take the role of his girlfriend and move in with him. I had to abide by our deal, and it was all for a show. What could possibly go wrong?


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