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Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel Chapter 40

Chapter 40

It was Roger’s present, so Sophie would surely accept it.

While Sophie was thinking, Roger had placed the box in front of her.

Sophie did not overthink about it and reached out to open the box.

She was instantly drawn to the dazzling and attention–grabbing gown in the box.

Sophie was shocked to notice the edges of the dress were adorned with gold threads.

The dress’s hem was adorned with delicate diamonds, sparkling with dazzling brilliance.

She cried inside, ‘I would look gorgeous and become the focus if I wore this dress!‘

Seeing Sophie’s eyes light up, Roger smirked and asked, “Do you like it?”

Sophie nodded instinctively and replied, “Yes, I do. But… isn’t this too expensive?”

She thought. The dress Roger prepared was not cheaper than the one I chose.

‘After all, I can tell the top–notch design and materials.

‘I can’t identify a specific brand, but it feels like it is from a renowned designer

Roger said, “Don’t mind the price. Try it on.”

Sophie cried, “Now?” Her eyes were filled with surprise.

“Yeah. Try it on to see if it fits you,” Roger replied calmly.

Sophie thought, “That makes sense. Roger probably doesn’t know my size. If the dress doesn’t fit me, I can ask a tailor to customize it‘

Therefore, she replied, “Okay, I’ll try it now.”

As Sophie spoke, she returned to the bed, holding the dress. Then, she started undressing.

Roger’s pupils constricted, and he quickly turned around.

He thought, “This girl. She is getting bolder and bolder. Now she even takes off her clothes before

Soon, Sophie changed into the dress. As she zipped it up, the gown revealed her flawless curves.

Sophie subconsciously looked at herself in the mirror and was stunned by herself.


She cried, ‘Oh my god. The color of this dress suits me so well.

I’ve never had a dress that fits me so well in my life!

“This dress is even better than those high–end customized ones!

‘It is comparable to an exclusively designed gown!

‘What surprises me the most is that the size is exactly right for me. The chest and waist parts fit perfectly!”

Sophie asked, “Roger, how did you know

my size?”

She wondered, ‘How did Roger figure out my size since he is blind

Roger sat on the sofa and answered without looking at Sophie, “I don’t know your size, but the servants do. After all, they do your laundry.”

Sophie replied, “I see.” She murmured inside, ‘But even so, this dress suits me too perfectly.

‘Moreover, the design is incredibly innovative. Every detail on the dress flawlessly accentuates all my shining features.

Roger calmly took a sip of water and inadvertently glanced at Sophie.

Then, he was instantly attracted to Sophie.

He commented inside, ‘I asked the world’s number one designer to create that dress for her. Seeing it fit her so well, I realized my money was well spent.

‘She is already indescribably beautiful without putting on shoes and makeup.

‘I have to admit that Sophie is a natural beauty.

‘She looks a lot like her mother, who was once a renowned movie star.

Anyway, Sophie felt relieved because she had a gown now, and the crisis was resolved.

Noticing that it was about time, she began to prepare her makeup.

However, Sophie watched makeup tutorials on her phone for a long time but failed to decide on the right makeup style. When she lived with the Bourn family, she rarely went out, so makeup was not a necessity for her,

Seeing Sophie’s distressed look, Roger thought for a while and sent a message to Dillon.

The butler brought someone up in less than twenty minutes.


Chapter 40


Just as Sophie was wondering why the butler brought someone over, the butler smiled kindly and introduced, “Mrs. Sophie, Mr. Roger instructed Dillon to arrange for a professional makeup artist for you.”

Sophie looked at Roger nervously and asked, “What? A makeup artist?”

She thought, ‘Why did he ask a makeup artist over without a word with me?”

Seeing Roger enjoy his coffee and have no intention to speak, Sophie had no choice but to say to the artist. Thank you for coming over. My makeup counts on you now.”

The makeup artist grinned and said, “That’s what I’m here for, Mrs. Sophie. You’re so beautiful. There are plenty of makeup styles that would suit you perfectly.”

“Really?” Sophie murmured inside, That would be great. I have not yet chosen one style.

Then, Sophie sat in front of the mirror and let the makeup artist do her job.

Other than Sophie, everyone in the Nicholls family started to get busy. They changed their clothes and styled themselves. Everyone was waiting to make a splash at the banquet.

In the blink of an eye, the afternoon flew by.

Sophie did not expect the makeup artist to work on her face for more than an hour and apply so many products.

She thought to herself, ‘Fortunately, it turns out great.

“When I look at myself in the mirror, I almost can’t recognize myself.

To Sophie’s surprise, the makeup artist had not finished her job. She dedicated another two hours. to craft a hairstyle for Sophie. Not only that, she carefully matched the shoes and bags to complement Sophie’s look. Not–satisfied with the available handbag, she ordered a new one from a specialty store online and arranged for it to be delivered to the house.

When Sophie finished her styling, she realized Roger was gone.

Sophie asked confusedly, “What? Where is Mr. Roger?”

The makeup artist replied, “Mr. Roger changed his clothes half an hour ago and went downstairs. He said he would wait for you there.

“Is that so?” Sophie did not notice things around her when she was on her styling.

At this moment, the makeup artist put on the last earring for Sophie and said to the mirror, “Done!


Sophie glanced up and exclaimed inside, ‘No wonder she is a professional. The makeup artist’s

delicate work has me shining from head to toe.

She murmured, “Isn’t this too much?” She thought, I’m not the star of the birthday banquet.”

The makeup artist replied, “Why do you say that? The Nicholls family is hosting today’s birthday banquet. As the host’s daughter–in–law, there’s nothing wrong with you dressing up.

Sophie thought about it and agreed. “That makes sense. Thank you so much for everything.”

The makeup artist replied happily, “Mrs. Sophie, I appreciate your kindness. Let me help you. downstairs.”

Sophie smiled and nodded, replying. “Thank you.”

Despite being a woman, the makeup artist was drawn to Sophie’s smile.

The artist cried inside, ‘Oh my god! Sophie is so beautiful!

‘She looks like a fairy with that makeup!

This is my most satisfactory masterpiece this year!”

Almost everyone had arrived downstairs.

Norman and Roger sat silently on the sofa, sipping their coffee, with Daisy patiently seated beside Roger, waiting.

Humphrey was responsible for organizing everything for the birthday banquet, so Rebecca followed him to the banquet early, leaving Ronald and Emily with the others. The two of them were sitting at the side and on their phones.

Jasmine got impatient from waiting. If Damian and Thomas returned home and prepared early, she would have left long ago.

“Grandpa, sorry to keep you waiting.” Thomas’s voice suddenly rang out.

Jasmine immediately raised her head and looked at her son. When she saw her son dressed so handsomely, she smiled and cried, “Oh my, why is my son dressed so elegantly today? He’s remarkably debonair!”

Thomas felt awkward about his mother’s compliment and responded, “Mom, I’m not a child anymore. I don’t need exaggerated praise. You should admire Dad more. He looks fantastic today.

Jasmine looked at Damian and realized he was in a decent new suit. Damian looked greater than ever before. Jasmine said, “Yeah, Thomas, your dad looks much more handsome. That suit suits


Damian was happy with Jasmine’s compliment. He looked like he enjoyed it.


Chapter 40

Seeing her husband and son here, Jasmine suggested, “Norman, everyone is here. Let’s go.”

Norman opened her eyes calmly. At this moment, Roger slowly replied, “Sophie hasn’t here yet. Let’s wait a little longer.”

Roger’s words shocked Jasmine. She asked, “Why are we waiting for her? Isn’t she not going to the banquet because of her legs?”

Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel by Veronica Winifred

Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel by Veronica Winifred

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
Falling For My “Disabled” Wife by Veronica Winifred” Sophie Bourn finally managed to escape from the Bourn family. However, she never expected that it would be in the way of a marriage as a stand-in bride. It was all because Laura, the biological daughter of her foster parents, did not want to marry a blind man. Therefore, Sophie’s foster mother forced her to leave the Bourn family and take Laura’s place. To outsiders, Sophie seemed like a disabled girl who could only live in a wheelchair, but little did they know that Sophie was skilled in medicine and had long since cured her legs.Roger Nicholls was a pampered and privileged young man from a wealthy family, yet he was “blind.” At the arrangement of his family, he was forced to marry Miss Bourn, who was also disabled. After they got married, Sophie gradually found out that her “blind” husband was a bit strange. He couldn’t see anything but would ask her to close the door when she showered. When she got hurt, he would help her immediately. Could it all be a coincidence? It wasn’t until one day, when Sophie was almost killed and he came to her rescue, that Sophie realized he wasn’t actually blind.


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