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Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel Chapter 68

Chapter 68

‘What? She almost cries!

‘I only spoke a little louder just now. Does she have to complain like this?‘ Evelyn thought.

“Wesley! Don’t listen to her nonsense. I’m not angry. I’m just…” Evelyn tried to explain.

Coincidentally, Kenneth and Benjamin had also come downstairs.

The two of them had heard everything and Benjamin’s expression was a little ugly as he said, “Just what? It was just a little too loud and it was just a moment of desperation? Evelyn, we’ve really spoiled you too much in the past, to the point that you’re treating Sophie with such an attitude. You’ve really gone too far.”

The entire family was well aware of Evelyn’s fiery temper. They could indulge her in the past, but now that Sophie was back, they could not let Evelyn bully Sophie!

“I didn’t!” Evelyn said. She thought that she had only said one sentence loudly and hadn’t said anything overboard.

Kenneth did not want to listen to her explanation anymore. He said coldly, “Evelyn, you’ve lived in this family for twenty years after all. We won’t chase you away, but you have to know that we doted on you and indulged you before because we thought that you were our biological sister. But now, you have to recognize that Sophie is our biological sister. We can tolerate you for everything else, but we will never allow you to bully Sophie.”


Although it was cruel, Evelyn had to be aware of her status.

Evelyn was about to explode with anger.

Kenneth had never spoken so much to Evelyn before, but this time, for the sake of Sophie, Kenneth actually taught Evelyn a lesson with so many words!

It was to let Evelyn know her status!

Evelyn knew that she was no longer the real daughter of the Dawson family! She was just an adopted daughter, relying on them to make a living!

Evelyn’s status couldn’t be above Sophie’s!



Chapter 681

Previously, Evelyn was pampered only because she had the halo of a biological sister!

Now that this score belonged to Sophie, Evelyn’s halo was completely gone!

“Good, very good!” Evelyn had been arrogant for the past twenty years in the Dawson family. However, on the first day that Sophie returned, Evelyn realized that twenty years of feelings were worthless in front of blood ties!

Seeing that her brothers, who had once dotted on her, were now on Sophie’s side, Evelyn really wanted to strangle Sophie to death!

“Sophie, you’re amazing. It’s only been a day, but you’ve already made the entire family stand on your side. I can finally see through your minds. The love you gave me previously was fake! I hate you all!” Evelyn said.

After saying that, Evelyn pushed Benjamin away gloomily and went straight upstairs!

“You!” Benjamin looked at Evelyn angrily and wanted to stop her.

However, Kenneth pulled Benjamin back and said, “Let her be. She has to accept reality.”

Benjamin couldn’t help but sigh. “You’re right,” he said.

At that moment, Wesley looked at Sophie and said, “Sophie, Evelyn has been arrogant since she was young. Don’t mind her, but she is not a bad girl. She will be fine once she gets to know you better.”

Sophie could not help but take a deep breath. “I hope so,” she said meaningfully.

Evelyn’s personality was quite similar to Laura’s. Sophie did not have much hope that Evelyn would get better.

“Let’s go downstairs and eat,” Kenneth reminded Sophie calmly.

“That’s right. Let’s go downstairs and eat first,” Benjamin and Wesley also said.

With that, the three of them brought Sophie downstairs.

Downstairs, her parents, Lucas and Timothy were already seated. When she saw the four of them coming down, Bianca could not help but ask, “Where’s Evelyn?”

Chapter 68

Benjamin said helplessly, “She’s angry and went back to her room. I’ll send someone to send the food to her.”

Benjamin did not expose Evelyn for throwing a tantrum. Instead, he instructed the butler to deliver the food.

Knowing that her three brothers were still protective of Evelyn, Sophie did not argue further and sat down.

“Sophie, take a look. Do you like these dishes?” Bianca asked. She had already forgotten about Evelyn when she saw Sophie sitting down.

Sophie smiled and nodded. “I like all of them very much. However, these two dishes don’t seem to be made by the chef?”

The chef knew how to set up a plate, but the two plates in front of her had obviously not been set up before.

Seeing that Sophie had discovered it, Bianca immediately smiled and said, “I made them. Your brothers like them very much. I always make them for your brothers. I want you to try them too.” Moreover, it also made up for Bianca’s regret.

For twenty years, Sophie had never tasted Bianca’s cooking. Just thinking about it made Bianca sad.

Sophie was also a little flattered. She had indeed never eaten her biological mother’s


“It must be delicious.” Sophie smiled, touched. She immediately picked up her fork and took a bite impatiently.

As expected, Sophie’s eyes lit up when she tasted it. “It’s really delicious. I like it!” Sophie


Seeing that Sophie and her sons had the same taste, Bianca was indescribably happy. “You really like it! That’s good, that’s good…”

Bianca was indescribably excited after hearing Sophie’s words. It turned out that the tastes of a family were really the same.


Chapter 68

Previously, all her sons loved to eat it, except for Evelyn. Bianca even felt sad for a while.

However, Sophie liked to eat it so much that made Bianca feel touched.

“If you like it, then eat more. In the future, when you’re at home, Mommy will cook delicious food for you every day, okay?” Bianca looked at Sophie kindly.

Bianca’s gentle words made Sophie feel touched and she almost cried.

Thinking that she had said something wrong, Bianca hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong? Why are your eyes red?”

Sophie could not help but shake her head. She quickly suppressed the urge to cry and said with a bitter smile, “No. I just feel like I’m dreaming now… Wheri I was young, I had always imagined that I would be very happy if I could eat with my parents and eat the food cooked by my mother. I didn’t expect that my dream would come true. I feel so happy. I’m afraid it’s

a dream.”

Unexpectedly, Sophie had returned to her biological parents more than half a month after leaving the Bourn family. This was simply a dream as if it was deliberately arranged by God.

Sophie’s words were like a knife, making Bianca’s heart ache to the extreme. “Oh my dear, how can this be a dream? You’re really home now. Mommy will make delicious food for you every day from now on, okay? I must make up for all the time we’ve missed,” Bianca


Bianca’s voice was a little choked up. Even the Dawson family’s sons felt touched.

Marcus suppressed his sadness and sighed. “I’ll make it up to you. Sophie, tell us what you want to eat and do in the future. We will try our best to make you happy.”

Feeling her family’s love, Sophie nodded and said, “Okay. Thank you, Dad.”

Marcus nodded. He felt that Sophie was a good child who knew how to be grateful.

Sophie continued to eat. She tasted Bianca’s dishes and kept praising them.

Because Sophie was here, the atmosphere of the meal was different.



Chapter 69

‘In the past, Evelyn was always picky with her food and would often not eat some of the dishes. But Sophie is different. I feel so happy today,‘ Bianca thought.

Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel by Veronica Winifred

Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel by Veronica Winifred

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
Falling For My “Disabled” Wife by Veronica Winifred” Sophie Bourn finally managed to escape from the Bourn family. However, she never expected that it would be in the way of a marriage as a stand-in bride. It was all because Laura, the biological daughter of her foster parents, did not want to marry a blind man. Therefore, Sophie’s foster mother forced her to leave the Bourn family and take Laura’s place. To outsiders, Sophie seemed like a disabled girl who could only live in a wheelchair, but little did they know that Sophie was skilled in medicine and had long since cured her legs.Roger Nicholls was a pampered and privileged young man from a wealthy family, yet he was “blind.” At the arrangement of his family, he was forced to marry Miss Bourn, who was also disabled. After they got married, Sophie gradually found out that her “blind” husband was a bit strange. He couldn’t see anything but would ask her to close the door when she showered. When she got hurt, he would help her immediately. Could it all be a coincidence? It wasn’t until one day, when Sophie was almost killed and he came to her rescue, that Sophie realized he wasn’t actually blind.


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