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Her Vengeful Rebirth (Calista) Chapter 61

Chapter 61 About To Puke Blood Soon

Calista’s expression immediately changed. If her back weren’t facing Sterling, he might have seen through

her now.

Kallum saw that she hesitated, so he boldly went close to her.

“Why? Not willing to?”

The guests around them noticed them and felt that Calista was playing too hard to get now. This land would probably go for close to 2 billion or more, and now Mr. Kallum only wanted a kiss how was that too much to ask for?

Indeed, not just anyone could afford a beauty they were unable to afford such an expensive kiss.

Calista was in a difficult position, so she emphasized her point again while pinching the hand that was holding hers very hard. “Then you make sure you take that land down!”

After that she inched forward with some hesitation, but finally locked her lips down on Kallum’s.

There was definitely some drug in her kiss! Even the lightest touch made Kallum’s soul quiver.

Kallum closed his eyes and held her tightly in his arms, pressing her head down and deepening the kiss before she could get away.

Their actions caused the entire auction hall to go silent immediately. Nobody recognized who Calista was, but they knew that this was the first time Kallum went so near a woman, and in public no less this was definitely an important woman to him.

Calista’s face started turning red, because everyone was looking at them and even the host stopped talking. Even if the skin on her face was very thick, it would have been burnt through from the staring by now.

Stuck in his embrace, she discreetly glared at Kallum and pinched his hand even harder than before, but Kallum continued as if he didn’t see or feel anything, and reluctantly let her go after he had finished tasting all the parts of her mouth.

He wasn’t satisfied yet, and even though he normally just did as he pleased, he also understood that there was a time for everything.

But then when he saw that Calista’s face was very red, and she was using her sparkling eyes to stare holes into his face, he felt his lower body tighten.

D*mn it, this girl was turning him on!

Kallum crossed his legs to hide his body’s reaction, but he kept a straight face and said, “Ok, since you’ve been so obedient, I’ll buy it for you and let you off for now. But tonight..you’ve got to take a bit more initiative, ok?”

These not so subtle words made the guests around them cough, while Calista looked down and tried to suppress the increasingly uncontrollable anger she felt and maintain a cold expression.

The host breathed a sigh of relief. Judging from the way Kallum behaved, he thought that he might lose control of himself and then…leave the room halfway or something. He was glad he controlled himself well.


Chapter 51 About To Puke Blood Soon

prepared to use this piece of land to make this young lady happy, then this land would likely go to Mr. Kallum.

As expected, Kallum raised his paddle and calmly said, “1.5 billion.”

Everyone gasped immediately. The Fairchilds were rich, but he didn’t have to wring them dry, right? Was it really ok to raise the bid by 500 million?

There were very few who were hold enough to fight with Kallum, so most others put down their paddles. with the exception of a middle aged man who clenched his teeth and shouted, “1.55 billion!”

Calista glanced at who it was and realized that was the man who got the land in her previous life and made terrible losses.

It was fairly normal to bury garbage in the ground, but the garbage that was buried in this land carried a lot of chemicals that were difficult to decompose, so the owner just held on to the land and never dug it up, and only dared to put it up for sale after ten years.

Kallum took this chance to stroke Calista’s face, and then put up his paddle. “2 billion.”

Quintus stood in shock behind Kallurn and stared- he didn’t seem the type who would do rash things for a pretty girl!

Even at 2 billion, the land was still profitable, but the profits were very low,

Every bid went up by 500 million! Everyone else was shocked by this display of wealth, and not even the host had imagined Kallum to throw money away like this. So those people who had put down their paddles earlier were not just afraid of the Fairchilds, but they literally didn’t have the money to afford fighting with him.

Kallum’s attitude was as if 2 billion wasn’t even money.

The middle aged man wanted to continue bidding, but after hearing Kallum’s bid, he decided against it and put his paddle down.

Sterling smiled coldly. It was his turn now.

He raised his paddle and shouted, “2.2 billion.”

Kallum looked as though he didn’t expect anybody to continue bidding. He glanced sideways and saw it was Sterling, and immediately frowned in disgust and shouted, “2.5 billion.”

Sterling was greatly angered by that look of disdain!

He narrowed his eyes and continued, “2.8 billion!”

An old man standing behind Sterling looked at him disapprovingly. 2.8 billion for this land would not yield any profit.

But Sterling was not worried about this. He had found out from Yelena that Benedict really wanted to buy a large piece of land to build a hospital and nursing home. So since Kallum had agreed to buy it for Calista, he wouldn’t give up. And as expected, Kallum continued to coolly raise the price, “3 billion.”

Everyone watching had a strange look on their faces. Kallum had said those few words as if they meant nothing, but they were like huge weights landing on their cars! They weren’t the ones bidding but they


12:31 Mon, 27 May MU

Chapter 61 About To Puke Blood Soon

started getting excited. There was nothing more exciting than watching people fight with huge amounts of money!

Sterling thought for a while, and then increased his bid!

“3.5 billion!”

The seller started to break out in a cold sweat. He was already more than happy to sell this land at 2 billion, but he didn’t expect the last two bidders standing to be people of such high standing, and the price had already gone way over his expectations.

But then he steadied himself – once the money got to him, he would disappear immediately! He had no wife nor children, and his parents were dead too. So even if this land went to Sterling, he wasn’t afraid of. Sterling being able to find him.

“4 billion.”

Kallum raised his bid by a lot each time, and Quintus could feel sweat dripping from his face. He wanted to say something but Kallum stopped him before he could. 4 billion was definitely a loss, but what did it


He looked at Calista and patted her hand, as if to tell her not to worry, the land was definitely ours – this expression made all the ladies in the room so jealous of Calista!

Sterling was used to being careful, but he was on fire today and so he ignored his assistant’s calls to stop. and added another 300 million!

“4.3 billion!”

An uproar went through the crowd this was definitely the closing bid!

Kallum only smiled coldly. “4.5 billion!”

4.5 billion!

Nobody dared to even breathe as they stared at Sterling. They felt that at this rate, even if the Wolfords wanted to go up against Kallum, they’d better calculate the cost first.

Sterling was now thinking again, and his assistant firmly said, “Stop increasing the bid! This land is not worth it!”

When he saw that Sterling hesitated at these words, Kallum snorted and said to Calista, “That’s why I say, at dog is a dog. He needs to be leashed even when he’s out for a walk.”

The implied meaning of those words sent blood rushing to Sterling’s head! He immediately pushed aside the assistant sent by Harvey and yelled, “4.8 billion!”

Everyone felt their heart was about to stop when they heard this figure.

Kallum frowned and was about to bid higher when Calista suddenly hugged him.

“Don’t bid anymore, it’s too expensive, I can’t accept this!”

Many people, including Sterling, thought Kallum would say that this wasn’t a lot of money to him, and as long as she wanted it, he would buy it for her. After all, many people saw how Kallum adored Calista from


12.31 Mon, 27 May Mu.

Chapter 61 About To Puke Blood Soon

the moment they stepped in. Besides, the Fairchilds could afford this amount.


But unexpectedly, Kallum hesitated for a moment, and then agreed, “I’ll stop then. I don’t think the land is worth this money either.”

Sterling nearly spat a mouthful of blood out!

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Her Vengeful Rebirth ( Calista ) Novel

Her Vengeful Rebirth ( Calista ) Novel

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Betrayed, Calista died a tragic death in utter despair. Despite her outstanding medical skills, she became a stepping stone for her villain of a sister, exploited by both her sister and stepmother until she outlived her usefulness. But she was now back. Having crawled back to the land of living from hell, she exacted revenge on her stepmother and sister. No longer her once timid and meek self, she was ruthless and domineering. Before her rebirth, the fiancé she had loved forever left her heartbroken by his indifference and hatred. Upon her rebirth, she threw their engagement ring onto the ground with a smile and called off the wedding. Unexpectedly, Kallum Fairchild walled her in and declared she was destined to be his. Will the lovers find their way back to each other?


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