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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 111

Chapter 111
“You can leave now,” Abby said, her voice not a decibel more than a whisper.
Even though she asked to sleep in a different room, and even managed to drag her feet until their bedroom without help, ignoring the way her every limb protested for exhausting the last bit of energy her body was running on, she feared her vulnerability would make an forced appearance if her mate said one more word of apology to her.
It was also for this reason she didn’t dare to let Micah apologize to her again after his first attempt, becasue she knew she would crumble if she were to hear his voice break with sadness one more time.
‘Give me a chance to make it up to you,’ he said, but she couldn’t ignore the fact that he couldn’t make good of all the oppurtunities he had to avoid hurting her this badly.
Moreover, Abby didn’t like the way she collapsed several times in the span of just twelve hours, be it when Micah insisted on proceeding to hold the ceremony earlier or when her mate didn’t think it was important enough for her to know what he was thinking, or what was making him restless and sleepless.
Her encounter with Arthur was the last straw for her to break down the way she did when Micah came searching
for her in that safe place.
He said she was not even suitable to stand beside Micah, let alone rule this kingdom as its queen and his
destined mate.
Now Micah’s actions made her nose dive in her insecurities again and the result was; she couldn’t even look at his face without feeling this inferiority that always prevented her from talking back to others when they bullied
All these thoughts whacked her brains, leaving her aching and once Alyssa reached for her, she immediately
melted down.
She let them take care of her as they fussed over her, trying to rub some heat into her cold body, which had long turned numb from overexhaustion.
Probably, if Micah insisted on refusing her request, she wouldn’t even be able to stop him, but she didn’t expect the regret that hit her as soon as the man finally turned back and left, after leaving a small order to her personal
Chapter 111
“Take good care of her,” Micah said, not letting too much emotion seep into his voice, but somehow, Abby could feel the amount of remorse her mate tried to conceal and this made her eyes moisten again.
Even then she stubbornly stood by her word and didn’t try to stop him, though she knew she wouldn’t get even a wink of sleep when he was not hugging her.
Only three hours later, Abby found herself still staring at the high chandelier above her head, unable to sleep, just like the few nights Micah couldn’t accompany her and the girl felt like beating herself up for acting so immaturely earlier.
“I should have forgiven him when he apologized,” she mumbled to herself as she couldn’t even cry anymore at her own stupidity.
Around an hour after he left, the adrenaline rush that made her act like a crazy woman finally evaporated into thin air and she was finally able to calm down a bit.
But with calm came clarity about what she actually did to herself and how she forgot what was important to her.
How did she even think shunning him away would solve her problems? She just didn’t know when to stop!
“You are plain stupid, that is why Arthur could always find faults with you…”
Abby couldn’t help but knock her head, but it only made her headache worse. She reached for the glass of water
on the bedside table and saw the tray of food Micah sent for her.
“Queen Abby, you didn’t eat anything all day, please have something to fill your stomach,” Alyssa and Reyna pleaded with her earlier, but she didn’t listen and now she was suffering.
Her stomach growled, but the food would have turned cold long back. But to her surprise, she saw a small pouch
of candied fruits on the table and she immediately on
them while sipping on the water from the glass.
With every piece that made its way down her throat, Abby could feel her heart becoming heavy for hurting Micah with her words and actions, just because she was hurt by him. Looking back, even she could tell the king didn’t do it intentionally.
Her reaction was a bit too over the top, given the way he took care of her from the moment they met.
He had always been thoughtful and patient enough when it came to her, but she couldn’t return the courtesy when he slipped up for the first time.
Chapter 111
Just because she was his mate, he had even angered so many people…
“He had done so much for me, yet I’m being an ungrateful brat, What if he gets tired of me…?
Thinking so much was never a good thing, and it was proved once again when Abby let her abandonment issue dominate her every other truth.
She couldn’t be blamed though, her own father and older sister abandoned her emotionally for a decade, not even pitying her for defeating death with war scars. Instead, they called her a monster, pointing at the huge burn scar that extended from the left side of her neck, down to her left shoulder, covering a huge portion
of her back.
It only needed a single one of their own reasons to abandon and abuse her, reasons she didn’t actively take part in, meanwhile, she was giving reasons to
Micah herself now.
“If he gets tired, he may think what his father and the others had been preaching
to him was indeed correct…”
Abby felt her throat become dry just at the possibility.
“Then he might send me away…”
Abby almost dropped the candy pouch when she stood up so abruptly, she was
surprised she didn’t trip over nothing.
She immediately tied the pouch back and clutched it to her heart. Alyssa and Reyna helped her change into a comfortable dress after wiping her face and hands with hot water earlier and she couldn’t be grateful enough to them. Because, if she were to run around in that grand ceremonial dress, even though it was a spare one, in search of her mate, it would be quite cumbersome. Yes, she didn’t want to wait until morning to talk to Micah, because she feared he wouldn’t have time for her once he was dragged away to investigate the captured rogues to dig information on Calpin.
If she apologized to him quickly, she might be able to evade any disaster that
may come her way, disasters like being abandoned by her own mate.
“Yes, apologize to him and make up with him,” Abby decided.
Chapter 111
She didn’t wait another second, because in less than an hour, the sun would hit
the horizon, and Micah would be
hoarded by his responsibilities again.
In order to achieve her goal of not alerting anyone, Abby moved as quietl
possible, because she was afraid
someone would stop her, saying it was dangerous to wander around with the
issue of rogues still heating up the entire palace.
“Now I can move freely,” Abby thought aloud, as she turned at the corner that
would lead her to the king’s study.
It was still dark in this corridor, but the lanterns along the walls were bright enough to at least illuminate her path.
However, when she was just a few steps away from the door to the study, where
she could see a few warriors
watching guard, someone closed her mouth from behind and dragged her away
in the opposite direction.
Because of lack of energy, she couldn’t put up a fight, but when she tried to bite
her attacker’s hand, that person knocked her out and everything went black.
Leaving Abby in someone else’s care when she was angry at himself didn’t sit well with Micah at all.
But he felt it was the right thing to let her calm down first, because she was too emotional to accept that even. someone like him could slip up sometimes.
He swore he would run to her side before the sun rose in the morning, but his
heart couldn’t calm down no
matter what.
He was afraid he would only see her tear filled face, that was contorted in hurt,
pain caused by him, the moment he closed his eyes. Because, even looking at
the reports made that image rerun in his e
Her silent sobs kept haunting him, and he spent the whole night pacing back and
forth in his study.
“What if she wouldn’t give me a chance to repent?”
No matter whom you took in her life, everyone only caused her endless
heartache. On the day he met her, he swore he would spare her even the slightest grievance, but he didn’t expect to cause only pain and harm to her.
Micah wouldn’t be able to live with it if his precious mate thought he was just like everyone else in her life. He wasn’t and he was going to prove it to her regardless of whatever it took.
He needed to make her understand that he was different from Ryan, her father
and Hanna, her older sister, or anyone else for that matter.
“I’ll make things straight with her,” Micah promised to himself. “I’ll do her right.”
If need be, he would apologize until her sweet heart gave into him, because he couldn’t stay away from her for. another minute.
These few hours already felt like hell, he didn’t want a repeat of it. He knew his mistake and he would correct it.

With his priorities set, Micah dashed
out of his study as soon as somen
light seeped
the the room through
the opened window, indicating the sun was about to rise. The content is on Novelxo.org! Read the latest chapter there!
“Little one?” He called out from outside of the door the moment he reached her
room, but he didn’t get any
response from inside which prompted him to push the door open himself.
However, the room was empty, not even her personal maids could be seen.
“What the hell is happening here?” He growled, making the people that stood guard outside their room tremble
in fear. “Where is your queen and her maids?”
Even though Micah panicked a little at first, the thought that the girl might have
gone on a walk made him ask
them the second question, only the answer he got was something he didn’t hope
to hear at this moment.
No one knew where Abby was and the personal maids that came running a few
minutes later didn’t have a positive answer to him either.
“Queen Abby said she wanted to be alone last night,” Alyssa reported and real
panic hit Micah hard.
He frantically searched all over the palace, with assistance from the few guards,
but to no avail.
“This is nuts!!” He roared and the aura that emanated from him screamed danger, making them all cower in fear.
“Get the royal beta and royal gamma here.”
He couldn’t believe Abby was abducted right in his palace, where he thought was
the safest for her, and this made him go crazy.
Chapter 111
He seeked the mate bond between them, and the amount of relief he felt when
he realized it was still intact was incomparable.
It took him less than fifteen minutes
to assemble every warrior, both elite and the second ranked warriors, front of the palace, as he prepared to
march into the capital city to scour for her.
No matter how hard they tried, they
wouldn’t have gone far from them palace since they heeded to act with caution while evading the royal warriors that patrolled the city.
However, just before he could dispatch the soldiers, Arthur, his father and the
former king, rushed over to block him.
“What are you even thinking, neglecting your responsibilities again for a useless woman like her?”

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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