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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 41

Chapter 41

“Lady Abby, do you want to go to the garden for a walk later?” Dax, the Royal Gamma, asked. happily, just short of skipping into the bedroom as he bounced toward Abby who just finished eating her first meal of the day.

The only person who Abby responded to positively was Dax. Of course, other than Alyssa ami Reyna.

While Nadia couldn’t visit her too often as she had many other things to deal with since she was the royal healer of the palace. She couldn’t be here everyday when Abby had almost recovered, at least, physically.

And Dax took the responsibility of cheering Abby up along with Alyssa and Reyna.

“The back garden is so beautiful today” Reyna supplied from the side as she gave Alyssa a look. “It was like a sea of golden hues with all those yellow flowers in full bloom.”

Reyna was standing behind Abby, so she didn’t notice how the maid winked at her fellow maid discreetly.

“Yes, my lady, it would be a perfect day to go for a picnic and bask in the morning sun,” Alyssa joined them as she said whatever that could back up Reyna’s words.

Dax geared up his goofiness when Alyssa and Reyna took his hint and cooperated with him. “Believe me, you don’t want to miss out on this. The view was spectacular. I wanted to stay there all day, but then I remembered you like those flowers as well. So here I am,” Dax chirped away with animated hands as he smiled broadly.

This had become their daily routine in the past few days.

One of the three would raise a topic and all three of them would talk about it excitedly, just to make Abby feel interested in something that would compel her to finally step out of this room

And their efforts weren’t completely in vain as Abby slowly started to invest in their conversations a little. Before she didn’t respond no matter what, but somewhere in the middle of the royal gamma bantering with the maids, they noticed her smiling.

Now, she was even engaging in conversations with them. It was a good thing indeed. But it was not enough.

Especially when they thought about the King. Abby still avoided talking about him. She would sink deeper into her own thoughts whenever they tried to plead on behalf of Micah.

Dax couldn’t sit still when he saw how miserable the King had been during this period of time. They had never seen him like this. He looked dispirited with each day that passed.

Now, they were desperate as it had been three weeks since Abby dared to step out of this room. while the King would not step inside, just to give her some space. He would always wait outside, standing beside the door all night. And it was heart wrenching to say the least.

They understood the importance of this space Micah was giving to her, but, if no one did anything.


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Chapter 41

there would be no progress whatsoever.


“Yes, my lady, the sun was not too bright today,” Alyssa said, sounding a bit more than enthusiastic. However, Abby didn’t say anything as if she didn’t listen to what they all three said.

When she didn’t respond to them after a few more minutes of persuasion, they could only give up.

Dax shared a look with the two maids as he bade them goodbye. “The King is waiting for me)‘ll take

my leave now,” he said to them before sliding his gaze once again toward Abby, who didn’t seem to catch his words.

Alyssa and Reyna could only nod at him, as if it was just another failed attempt of forcing Abby from crossing the door and leave these four walls even for a couple of minutes.

The two maids sighed when they remembered all the times Dax tried to bring up King Micah, where he would explain how the King had been suffering along with his mate after Alyssa dared to reveal that it was actually Micah who had been sending flowers for her everyday.

“I have never seen him act like he had no life in his eyes. He regrets scaring you that night, I’m sure of it.” Dax said two days back, when he brought the nutritious potions from Nadia.

Nadia was instructed by Micah to prepare some herbal potions to help Abby hasten her recovery, and Dax took the responsibility of sending them to Abby in person.

“It’s obvious from the way he keeps waiting to meet you and makes sure you are alright all the time,” Dax continued even though he didn’t receive any response from her yet again.

It was as if Abby would fall into a trance the moment she heard Micah’s name, and the maids and the royal gamma couldn’t help but feel helpless everytime she chose to avoid talking about Micah.

However, she didn’t show any extreme reactions like trembling from head to toe just at the mention of the King’s name anymore, so that could be considered as some progress.

Thinking to this point, Dax had this smile on his face when he walked toward Micah, who was waiting in the study room.

Dax didn’t lie when he said the King was waiting for him, only he didn’t say it was because he was waiting for an update on Abby.

“She ate well this morning, and she looks a bit happier than yesterday,” Dax said, smiling from ear to ear, as if he accomplished some secret mission.

Hearing him, Micah felt a bit relieved.

“Lady Abby, would you like to take a nap?” Alyssa asked her as she handed Abby a small platter of fruit pieces when she saw that Abby looked a little bored as if she couldn’t think of what to do.

But the maid didn’t get any response from her, which was a little odd. She didn’t even look at the fruit platter which was literally in her face right now.

Alyssa looked at Reyna, who looked confused as well.


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Chapter 11

Abby almost reverted back to how she had been the first time they met her, she had been smiling more frequently and also talking about everything with them.

But she had been very silent after they mentioned going for a picnic this morning.

Didn’t she like those flowers? Why was she like this?

They didn’t have an answer to these questions, however, Abby chose this moment to drop a bomb that almost made them explode with joy.

“Do you know where King Mical is? I want to see him,” Abby said in a soft voice as she looked back and forth between her two personal maids.

Reyna almost jumped when she heard Abby. “Lady Abby, did I hear correctly?” She almost screamed in happiness which nearly frightened Abby.

Alyssa immediately chided Reyna for her inappropriate behaviour when she saw Abby’s flustered expression. Then she turned to Abby and explained Reyna’s reaction. “She is just happy that you are finally willing to step out of here and meet the King”

The two girls took turns expressing their happiness over Abby’s decision as they fussed over Abby to dress her up for the occasion.

“Just a simple dress would do,” Abby frowned when Reyna brought out an evening gown

embellished in sparkly stones. It was one of the party dresses Ella, the royal seamstress, sent to her a few days back.

Reyna smiled sheepishly as she apologised for being hyper joyed.

Abby could only smile at her childlike innocence.

In no time, Abby was all set to go out and meet Micah. Alyssa and Reyna were smiling from ear to ear as they ushered Abby out of the door.

“Let’s go, my lady, I just got news where King Micah is now,” Alyssa said, cutting the mind link from

a warrior.

However, just as they opened the door to leave, Abby came face to face with a man she had never seen before.

Abby was startled for a moment, as she almost stumbled back on her foot when she saw this visitor. of hers sporting a steely gaze in his sharp eyes.

“Sir,” Alyssa and Reyna bowed when they recognized the man, prompting Abby to pay him her respects as well.

Abby bowed her head a little as she stared at him with confusion.

It was none other than Arthur, the former king and Micah’s father, as he stood with his hands behind his back, looking at Abby from head to toe.

“I believe we haven’t met yet. I am Arthur, Micah’s father,” Arthur

aid, introducing himself to a frozen Abby, who went completely still at his words, making himself frown.

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Chapter 41

Alyssa and Reyna looked at each other for the hundredth time as they followed behind this small entourage Arthur brought with him.

They wanted to walk along with Abby to lessen her tension but somehow, they found themselves walking in the far end of this group of people while Abby could be seen walking a step behind the former king.

Her shoulders were hunched and it was obvious she was uncomfortable with this whole turn of


She had mustered up enough courage to finally meet Micah, but Sir Arthur beat them to it when he decided to have a conversation with Abby in person.

They couldn’t help but worry about Abby as they could see that she had a difficult past.

On the other hand, Abby could only suppress her urge to turn back around with every step she took as she followed Arthur with barely erect posture.

Everything about Arthur gave off an intimidating air, be it his words or his gaze, even his gait was daunting as he moved forward with determined steps.

“How are you now?” Arthur asked Abby as he walked, staring ahead.

“I- i am fine, n- now,” Abby stuttered as she uttered her answer.

She was clearly terrified of this situation as she didn’t know where to keep her hands. She felt anxious to her core and the urge to bite her nails was overwhelming, a habit of hers whenever she

felt out of sorts.

Only her fear of looking even more unpresentable than she was already feeling was stopping her from giving into her urge.

Meanwhile, Arthur couldn’t help but frown at her timid behaviour.

He had been observing her from earlier, from the very moment he introduced himself to her.

She went still the second she learned who he was and her eyes shook with terror. Her maids had to prompt her to do the things she needed to follow when faced with a situation. She clearly lacked a proper upbringing.

And the way her fingers kept twitching by her sides was a clear sign she was easily scared.

Arthur couldn’t help but feel some displeasure at the way she carried herself. And then he was reminded of another thing.

‘Did she really refuse to meet Micah after that night?‘

He heard the guards gossiping about this, when he asked them, they said Abby didn’t let Micah enter his own room for the past three weeks.

He just dismissed their words as some exaggerated version of what actually happened. But looking

16:14 Fr, B. Mar

Chapter 41



at Abby right now, he felt otherwise.

What kind of shifter would need space from their own mate? And that too because he killed someone who wanted to harm herself by severing his head? Not a hundred or more, but for a single death?

She was too weak and fainthearted if she couldn’t handle seeing a single guard dying in cold blood. Moreover, why would she distance herself from her own mate?

This type of mentality didn’t suit a sovereign, who was supposed to rule a kingdom. Not to mention, by his son’s side as a queen. His son was ruling the largest kingdom, the werewolves kingdom, in this realm.

Battles and deaths were daily occurrences for him.

If his queen couldn’t help him have his thoughts together and instead needed himself to cajole her, Micah wouldn’t be able to rule the werewolves efficiently.

Who he needed was an equal in everything, not a burden.



His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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