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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Recently, the guards at the borders had been continuously reporting about the frequent attacks by the rogues.

The frequency of the attacks had escalated by so many fold than usual, it gave rise to a constant headache at the back of the King’s mind.

Rogues were shifters that either left their packs on their own to lead an independent life, or shifters who had lost everyone related to them. Only in rare cases, it would be shifters who were banished from packs or abandoned by their close ones.

And, they would be hard to control as they wouldn’t have an alpha that could keep them in check. They would do as they please and mostly wander alone.

It was rare for them to form groups and attack a well protected place like the capital city of this kingdom, which would be literally swarmed by the royal warriors, even though it was surrounded by a dense forest.

So, here was Micah, discussing the anomaly of this situation with Alan first thing this morning.

“It didn’t seem to be that simple,” Alan said, looking thoughtful. “There is something fishy about this whole situation.”

“Even though they seem to be like a bunch of random attacks, I’m sure they were following at certain pattern,” Micah said, as he pointed out the places the rogues tried to breach in the past few days.

These places seemed to have something in common that they were currently unable to connect with the attacks.

“But we still have to figure that out,” Alan felt a little frustrated.

At first glance, these attacks did seem random, but the frequency at which they were happening was too strange to be dismissed as simple attacks for food or necessities.

They were missing something really important and that might be proven to be fatal if they didn’t solve this as soon as possible and the attacks were really preplanned.

“If we waste our time trying to figure out why they were attacking us, we may lose more than we could afford,” Alan said, determination glinting in his eyes.

“What do you suggest, Alan?” Micah asked Alan, even though he looked like he knew the answer to his own question.

“Let’s increase security around the borders and fight them,” Alan replied, certainty evident in hist voice. “Let’s not give them a chance to catch us off guard next time.”

“Be on it,” Micah permitted him, as he picked up the next report to look at.

Alan nodded to Micah as he picked up his things to leave for the training ground. “I’ll dispatch a few groups of warriors first. After observing the situation a little, we can come up with our next


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Chapter 42

step,” he said as he gathered the reports he had to look through.

Just then, they heard a rhythmic knock on the door, before the other person opened the door from

the outside to let himself in.

And Dax entered the King’s study room with a bounce to his step.

Alan, who was about to remind Micah about his next appointment, saw Dax entering the rooth and stopped in his tracks, suspecting what he did this time.

This chatterbox of a royal gamma had been on a self assigned mission where he swore to help Abby fight her fear toward Micah.

And every time he returned after paying her a visit, it would be a long monologue on his part, where he would report the progress he achieved in that so–called mission.

He took this so seriously, Alan swore Micah could clearly picture everything that had happened. whenever Dax visited Abby.

His narrations would always be very vivid. He would even go as far as mimicking Abby’s actions, like her smile or the way she furrowed her forehead and so on, just so Micah could feel a bit better, knowing Abby was doing just fine.

Alan never thought there would come a day, where Micah would eagerly wait to listen to Dax’s endless ramblings. After all the King loved his peace of mind very much.

“Yo, Alan. It’s a good day,” Dax skipped to Alan as he patted the royal beta on his shoulder. The royal gamma was sporting his go to wide smile as he didn’t bother to wait for Alan to respond to his own greeting as he continued to walk toward the King.

“King Micah, do you know why it’s a good day today?” Dax bowed to Micah to show his courtesy before continuing to indulge in his goofy behavior. He was just short of wiggling his eyebrows at


It seemed like he still remembered his own place, and knew the King was only tolerating his behavior for his mate.

Alan couldn’t help but shake his head at the antics of this royal gamma, who looked like a puppy wagging its tail at its master for treats after pulling off some really excellent feat.

“Did she smile wider than yesterday?” Alan couldn’t help but jab from behind as he raised his eyebrows at the royal gamma. “Or did she say three more words than you expected?”

Dax couldn’t blame Alan when his silly reports over Abby’s reports didn’t sum up to nothing more than his two questions just now..

“That’s a given when the person trying to soften her up was someone like me,” Dax said, his voice full of smugness. “If we had to rely on you, we could forget about any progress whatsoever.”

Dax threw back at Alan before proceeding to smile broadly at the King as he didn’t bother to with the royal beta anymore.


“She ate well this morning, and she looks a bit happier than yesterday,” Dax said, smiling from ear



Chapter 42

to ear, as if he accomplished some secret mission.

Hearing the royal gamma, Micah immediately felt relieved as he looked a bit more relaxed than earlier.

“Is it anything different from what I said?” Alan couldn’t help but point out in retaliation to Dax’s words earlier.

Only the royal gamma still didn’t feel the need to bother about Alan’s jabs as he continued to recite what he wanted to report. “I’m pretty much sure she is all ready to forget about that incident.”

-What makes you think so?” Alan raised his brows at Dax.

“I just know it. If my guess is correct, she would agree to meet with the King today or tomorrow,” Dax said, feeling proud of himself for completing this self assigned mission.

Dax really had a good feeling about this. Abby wasn’t that scared of Micah anymore.

Before, he had to watch his words carefully, afraid Abby would cower away the moment Micah was brought up.

However, in the past three days, he noticed her paying extra attention whenever he said something about Micah. That was how he came to that conclusion.

“So, my king, don’t you think I deserve some appreciation for my hard work?” Dax asked Micah as he rubbed his hands in anticipation.

Alan couldn’t help but shake his head at the royal gamma’s shamelessness. “Didn’t you say you just wanted to help? Why are you asking for rewards now?” Alan pointed out while the royal gamma ignored him as if he couldn’t hear a thing he said.

“I- i am fine, n- now,” Abby stuttered as she uttered her answer to Arthur’s question where he asked her how she was feeling now.

The former king couldn’t help but frown at her flustered self. It was a simple question and he only asked it out of politeness. Her reaction was so out of place, as if he had just asked her to sacrifice her life.

What was she frightened about here?

But then, he dismissed it as her being nervous over meeting himself for the first time, even though he thought it still shouldn’t rattle her so much.

“So you are the daughter of the beta of your pack?” Arthur asked her as he recalled this piece of information about her.

“Yes, Sir, Abby answered him without stuttering this time, but her voice almost broke, uttering the

word ‘sir.”

Arthur turned to her and looked at her once again. She didn’t look like she came from an affluent family of a pack at all.

60% #

Chapter 42

The Beta of a pack would be the second most powerful person in their territory, so obviously, he would be well off as well.

But when one looked at Abby’s simple style, they wouldn’t be able to associate herself with a wealthy family at all.

“Abby, can you tell me about your life in your pack?” Arthur asked the girl when he thought about something. “Since you are the daughter of the beta, surely you would have handled some tasks that could help your pack, right?”

Her rank was quite high, so she should have been trained by her father well. This was what Arthur had in mind when he asked her this question.

If she went through that training, she would be able to get a grip over her responsibilities as a queen by Micah’s side quickly as well.

However, Arthur could only stop walking when he couldn’t feel Abby following himself anymore.

And when he turned around, he saw her fidgeting a little. “You were not interested in the pack things?”

Arthur frowned when Abby didn’t answer this question of him as well. She just nodded her head in denial and the former king couldn’t help but notice how her fingers clutched her dress tightly.

Was he that intimidating?

Following that, no matter what he asked, Abby’s answers would either be really short or just a shake of her head.

The former king couldn’t help but feel impatient with her timid behavior. He couldn’t understand. this girl at all.

“What about your father and sister?” Arthur finally asked when the girl wouldn’t say anything about other things. She would at least talk about her family, right?

However, Abby stiffened even more when Arthur brought up Ryan and Hanna. She started biting her nails as she fidgeted from one foot to another.

What was with this situation? This didn’t fall in line with a prospective queen’s behavior at all. Why was she getting anxious over every single thing he asked?

Only then he remembered the guards talking about how she refused to meet Micah after that night.

How would she rule a kingdom being so weak herself?

Meanwhile, Abby couldn’t control her trembling heart anymore as she kept biting her nails even


“Can you stop being so anxious?” Arthur couldn’t help but chide, as he pointed a finger at her shuffling feet.

And the reaction he got from Abby left him speechless completely.

Chapter 42

“I- I’m sorry.” Abby apologized immediately, feeling even more anxious.

Is not

She looked like she would cry her eyes out if he said one more thing to her. And he was completely wrong. Abby really felt like crying when he pried about her life in the pack.

She didn’t want to relive the details of her miserable life back in her pack, let alone tell anyone here how her own father had treated her so poorly all her life.

And when he felt impatient with herself, her habit of apologizing made an appearance again.

“I’m sorry,” Abby repeated while biting her nails again.

This left Arthur speechless as he couldn’t help but think how different Micah and his mate were from each other.

Micah said to himself that a king wouldn’t say sorry so easily and he wouldn’t apologize for something he didn’t do. But here was Abby, his destined mate, apologizing so easily for even little things.

He didn’t like her at all. She didn’t have character and wasn’t suitable to be Micah’s mate, more precisely, the future queen of this kingdom.

“I don’t think you are capable enough to take the responsibility of the future queen of this kingdom,” Arthur said bluntly when he thought about all the things he observed in her. Coupled with what he heard from others, his opinion of hers only worsened as he couldn’t help but frown

even more.

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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