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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 90

Chapter 90

Micah became so busy after coming back to the capital city, he returned to their room only after dinner

most of the nights.

Even if he came earlier at times, his mind would always be busy planning his next steps carefully even

while having his dinner.

However, he never forgot to make sure she took her medicines as per Nadia’s instructions.

He wouldn’t listen even when Abby continuously reassured him that she was fine now. “We can’t afford for you to fall sick at such a crucial moment.”

And when her mate put it like that, Abby could only do as she was told, so as not to add to his worries.

Only her heart wouldn’t calm down no matter what she did.

She knew how important their upcoming mating ceremony was and it plunged her into a constant

restless mode.

Not to mention the fact that all the arrangements should be overseen by herself because the ceremony was being conducted for herself.

It was a custom of this kingdom; the queen had to make arrangements for everything related to the


From her dress to what kind of flowers and decoration to be used in the great hall during the event, then the food to be served to the guests, who would come to bear witness to the event of herself claiming the position of the queen of this kingdom.

Everything, everything should be decided by Abby.

And if someone asked her, Abby would say ‘overwhelmed‘ wasn’t a word strong enough to describe her current mindset.

To make things worse, she still needed to learn a lot of things.



Like how to talk, laugh, and even breathe like a proper lady. And Abby could feel her head heating up just at the way her tutor would just frown at everything she did with no reprieve.

Just as she decided, Abby made arrangements to start her etiquette classes with the help of her personal maids since Micah was caught up with all his plans to handle the impending rogue attack along with all his other duties as the king of the werewolves.

Only she didn’t think her tutor would spend about a whole day just teaching her how to stand properly.

“You have to straighten both of your knees,” Sherianne, her tutor, said, her voice lacking emotion as she spoke like a machine. “Make sure to always keep your shoulders squared.”

After half a day of lesson, when Abby couldn’t keep her posture straight as she expected her to, her tutor made her stand still like a doll to teach her.

“Don’t let your gaze drop too low. If it helps, concentrate on the forehead of whoever stands before you instead of their eyes or face,” her tutor reminded her, lifting her chin a bit again when it almost dropped to her chest out of habit.

Abby knew she had to change a lot of things about her, but only after meeting Sherianne did she understand the real meaning of transformation.

If she succeeded in pulling off every trick her tutor taught her, Abby was sure she would become someone really different from her current self.

Only there were so many things to learn and remember. She couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with the thought she might do something to upset those already nitpicking elders.

Yet, this was just one of the few things she was suffering in the name of preparation for the ceremony.

She didn’t even want to get started on her appointment with the royal seamstress. She was a different creature from her tutor altogether.

While Sherianne had so many objections over her way of doing things, Ella, the royal seamstress, wouldn’t even say a single word to her during their whole session of deciding dresses for herself.

This time, Abby visited Ella in her room which was located in the north tower of the palace.


Chapter 90


“Lady Abby,” Ella greeted as she invited her and her maids into her room, where her assistant had already arranged everything required for their appointment.

“Lady Abby, Miss Ella prepared a variety of fabrics as per your preferences from the last time,” Mabel, Ella’s assistant, said as her superior got busy with her measuring tape.

Abby didn’t know what to make of her attitude yet again. She was neither hot, nor cold toward her. But then she wasn’t ignoring her completely either.

Only there weren’t any words.

Just like the first time they met, she took her measurements with this blank expression on her face.

She didn’t say anything even when Abby talked a lot about the few dresses she wanted Ella to prepare for her along with the o

for the ceremony.

It was always Mable who answered any of her queries while Ella remained aloof and indifferent throughout the three hours she spent there.

“Do you guys think Ella has something against me?” Abby couldn’t help but ask Alyssa and Reyna after they returned to the King’s tower.

But they didn’t go to the King’s room. Abby led them to the back garden, as she felt she needed to cool her head a little before her next appointment.

Abby had to go and meet with Sherianne after her appointment with Ella, where her tutor would oversee her preparation of the speech, which would basically cover what she should and shouldn’t say.

Abby couldn’t help but shiver at the thought of talking in front of all those people, who would be watching her with hawkeyes.

“No, Lady Abby. Miss Ella is just aloof, always focusing on completing her work alone. She is like that with everyone else as well,” Alyssa said, with a soft smile on her face.

But Abby didn’t think so. Blame her worry–wart–self, but the girl felt Ella was being extra distant.

However, she didn’t have extra time to dwell too much on Ella’s behavior toward her right now as she


Chapter 90

had to rush back to her next lesson with Sherianne.


It had already been more than a week since Abby got a proper chance to talk with Micah.

Between her lessons and preparation for the ceremony, she started to feel this lonely feeling creep into her heart whenever she found time to rest her mind for a couple of minutes.

It was beyond overwhelming for her when so many important tasks were shoved into her face so suddenly.

It got too much whenever she let her mind wander too far and the thoughts of doing so much on her own started to plague her heart.

Even though she knew Micah couldn’t do too much to help her with the preparation, because it was a custom for the queen to prepare everything on her own for the ceremony, she still couldn’t help but crave his time.

And time was what Micah didn’t have enough with everything that was going on.

Micah had been so busy, always spending his days planning and planning until he started skipping his dinner every other day.

Even when Abby tried to convince him to have his dinner, he would only have a few bites before returning to his work and meetings.

Abby also couldn’t force him too much, when she knew it would only make Micah feel bad if he realized she was feeling a little ignored.

‘Ignored‘ would be a word too strong, but Abby didn’t know how to describe this lonely feeling that kept creeping back into her heart whenever she thought Micah was too busy right now.

He wouldn’t even return to their room sometimes, making her sleep alone.

On such nights, Abby would find herself giving into her fears as she would stay awake until too late and the next day, Sherianne wouldn’t miss to chew her head out, always noticing the unusual redness in her


Chapter 90

eyes from lack of sleep.


“Lady Abby, how could you deprive yourself of sleep? Did you not look into the mirror after such a sleepless night?” Sherianne demanded the second time she noticed her lethargic eyes. “See, is this how

a queen should look while greeting her subjects for the first time?”

Abby could only smile at her sheepishly, when she didn’t have a proper answer to defend herself.

“I know all of this could get a little overwhelming, but try not to let it get to you. You should be your best self for the ceremony, if not more,” Sherianne could only encourage her.

But only Abby knew how hard it was to follow her advice.

Abby remembered how she could only nod to everything Sherianne said.

Abby’s thoughts were interrupted when Alyssa came to her. “Lady Abby, you said you wanted to go to the kitchen.”

Alyssa was reminding her of this because Abby asked them to gather all the cooks in the kitchen this evening.

It seemed it was time she had to go and get busy with her arrangements yet again.

She needed to finalize the dishes that were supposed to be served to the people that came to witness their king and queen getting crowned.

Abby couldn’t believe that she actually had to decide on three entirely different menus for the occasion.

One for the royals and the councilors, second for the distinguished guests and the third for the commoners and omegas.

She had to brush up on her knowledge on the history of this kingdom a little, coupled with the famous delicacies from all the nine packs, to pick the suitable dishes and desserts.

And the struggle while deciding every particular dish was real.

At last, she decided on a few dishes by hook or crook and now she was going to the kitchen to test if the


Chapter 90

dishes she set went along with one another.


She could only pray that, at least, this one thing would be done and dealt with today, so that she could focus on what flowers she wanted for the ceremony later.

She still didn’t decide on what theme she wanted the great hall to be decorated either.

God help her, all these preparations would be the death of her!

“Lady Abby, this is not going to do it,” Sherianne said, shaking her head as disappointment marred her features.

She held a paper between her thumb and index finger of her left hand, while she flicked it with the other. She pulled her lips into her mouth and then let out a long sigh, reading it once again.

Abby had been trying to come up with her speech for the last two hours but nothing she wrote could gain anything remotely similar to a nod of approval from her ever demanding tutor.

No matter what she wrote, Sherianne would just say it was lacking something.

The first couple of times, it was about the feel. In her opinion, Abby’s words were too bland with no emotion.

“Your speech lacks sincerity, Lady Abby,” her tutor pointed out at last.

“It’s hard,” Abby said, as for what was hard, she didn’t specify.

“Okay, how about you return for the day and sleep on it tonight. Maybe you will be able to find it easy tomorrow.”

Abby didn’t know what Sherianne understood from her words, but she was grateful that she didn’t criticize her too harshly like she did about everything else.

After bowing to her as a parting greeting, Sherianne left for the day.


Chapter 90

Abby took a deep breath and then stuffed the papers that contained her speech in her sleeve as she

stood up to leave as well.

“Lady Abby, back to the room?” Alyssa ran to her, seeing her come out of the tutoring hall after


However, her master wasn’t in the mood to respond, so she could only follow her silently.

The girl was so down, she didn’t realize she walked toward the back garden once again.

But then, this was nice, too. She could let the cool air here refresh herself.

With this thought, she settled on a bench far back as she tried to relax her racing mind, even for one second, before she closed her eyes.

“We meet again,” a voice reached her ears a couple of minutes later.

Abby turned back swiftly and found Ezgar walking toward her.

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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