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Let’s Start All Over Again, Shall We? Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Irrefutable

Silence fell over the room as Sierra’s face reappeared on the screen before she turned and left. After a long pause, the room regained its calm.

Maggie, her eyes red and filled with disbelief and hurt, looked at Sierra standing at the edge of the crowd. She whispered, “Why?”

Olivia’s heart raced. She wanted to say something but was unsure of how to respond to this undeniable evidence.

Foolish! Sierra had been utterly foolish!

“Sierra, you need to explain yourself!” Master Cameron’s furious voice echoed through the room. His eyes filled with anger as he turned to face Sierra, barely containing his rage.

Feeling panicked, Sierra blurted out without thinking, “It wasn’t me… I don’t know what’s going on! It really

wasn’t me!”

Maggie pursed her lips, a hint of mockery flashing in her eyes. Such a defense was useless at a time like this. Sierra may have been ruthless and decisive, but her intellect was lacking. In the end, she was merely using the resources of the Camerons for her own benefit.

“Kneel!” Master Cameron shouted angrily.

Sierra, frightened, instinctively looked at Olivia and pleaded, “Mom… Mom…”

Olivia quickly stepped forward and said, “Dad, there might be a misunderstanding. Sierra, she…”

“Shut up! Indulging a child only spoils them. Look at the daughter you’ve raised! She’s been living too comfortably and now she has the nerve to do such a thing! Kneel! If you don’t, I’ll disown you from the family right now! You can forget about any protection from us!”

Master Cameron’s anger darkened his vision. He had considered many possibilities. He had thought it might be a plot by their family’s rivals, or a scheme by their enemies, or even that Maggie had become. suspicious and discovered the truth… However, he never expected it to be Sierra, this fool! He never expected it to be the pampered, ignorant daughter of the Camerons!

Olivia was harshly scolded and dared not plead any further. She could only pull Sierra and say, “Get on your knees and apologize to your grandfather.”

Sierra’s eyes welled up with tears. She was unwilling, but she could not give up her status in the family. She was not a naive, innocent lady untouched by the world. On the contrary, she had seen too many people around her who flattered and changed their attitudes on different occasions. Without money, she could not live the life she desired. She would be nothing.

After struggling for a moment, Sierra knelt in front of Master Cameron. She lowered her head and put on a tearful appearance. “I’m sorry, Grandpa… I know I was wrong. I was blinded by rage, so I didn’t think…

Upon hearing this, Master Cameron became even angrier. “Didn’t think what? Didn’t think you’d be caught, right?”

12:38 Thu, 16 May

Chapter 56 Irrefutable

maneuvering, while only Sierra, due to her youth, enjoyed a peaceful life.

“Bring me my cane!” Master Cameron sneered, revealing his true cold and twisted face.

Upon hearing this, Olivia immediately knelt and sobbed, “Dad, please spare her this time. Sierra is still young and ignor. I will teach her, I will definitely teach her well in the future!”

“Is everyone deaf? I said bring me my cane, can’t anyone understand?” Master Cameron’s eyes bulged as he angrily shouted at the servants nearby.

Soon, someone hurriedly ran to the study and returned with Master Cameron’s solid wood cane. “Master.”

Master Cameron took the cane and struck Sierra’s back harshly.



Sierra’s heart–wrenching scream and Olivia’s exclamation rang out simultaneously. Olivia quickly knelt and tried to grab Master Cameron’s cane.

“Dad, she’s your granddaughter. You love her the most

Before Olivia could finish her plea, Master Cameron kicked her. “Step aside!”

Olivia stumbled and fell to the ground. Meanwhile, Master Cameron’s cane came down hard on Sierra’s back.

“Mom… Mom!”

Tears streamed down Sierra’s face from the pain. The cane felt like a solid iron rod, causing her bones to ache and burn.

“How could we raise such a fool! How dare you tear up the document!”

Master Cameron spoke with fury, repeatedly striking Sierra with his cane.

He was truly enraged. In life, it was not the hardships and setbacks that one feared, but the foolishness of one’s descendants!

Foolishness was more detestable than incompetence, which was why he was especially furious!

By now, Sierra was lying on the ground, rolling around with her hands covering her head. When she saw that another blow was about to land on her, she lifted her head to brace for it before pushing it away.

Perhaps not expecting her to fight back, Master Cameron stumbled back and nearly fell.

With red–rimmed eyes, Sierra glared at him. “It’s just a meaningless document! What makes it so special? Am I less important to you than Maggie? You might as well kill me over a piece of paper!”

In the corner of a painting hanging on the wall, a hidden camera emitted a faint red light, recording everything that unfolded.

Sierra’s words further enraged Master Cameron. After he got up from the ground, he swung his cane and struck her again. “Idiot! How did we give birth to such a fool like you? Do you think it’s just a document?”

Sierra covered her head and dodged, her arms and neck marked with red welts.

At one point, Master Cameron’s cane accidentally struck her on the head. Sierra felt disoriented and she heard a ringing in her ears.

What else could it be if not a document? It’s nothing more than that!” Sierra’s eyes turned red, burning with resentment and grievance.

Master Cameron was overwhelmed with anger. So, he swung his cane and struck her once again.

“You fool! Why don’t you just disappear? The Camerons don’t need a fool like you!”

It was not merely a document; it represented an opportunity and a valuable resource. Unfortunately, someone as foolish as Sierra could never comprehend it!

Perhaps due to extreme anger, Sierra fell to the ground this time. Bright red blood seeped from her hair, staining the carpet.

“Honey… Honey, Ronald, we have to stop this. Sierra will get seriously hurt if this continues!” Olivia hastily grabbed Ronald’s arm, her eyes also filled with tears.

Chapter 57 With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies

Ronald frowned. Despite his own anger, he couldn’t ignore the fact that his spoiled child was responsible- for this situation. He immediately stepped forward and said, “Dad, the most urgent task is to solve the problem. You should take care of your health. The Herschire Cultural Park project needs your leadership.”

Upon hearing this, Maggie’s eyes flashed with a hint of mockery.

Indeed, it was the man who had proposed to adopt her back then. His words were more direct thant Olivia’s.

Master Cameron vented his anger fiercely, and finally, his anger subsided a bit.

With Ronald’s help, he made his way to the sofa, panting heavily. He looked at Sierra, who was covered in blood on the ground, and felt annoyed.

“Dad, have some water.”

Ronald quickly poured a glass of water for him. After Master Cameron reluctantly took a sip, he looked at Maggie, whose eyes were red, with a complex expression.

“Maggic, Sierra was wrong in this matter. I can understand your feelings, but what your dad said is also correct. The Herschire Cultural Park project is the result of our entire family’s hard work. We can’t let this project be abandoned.”

བ ཚན དངན་རྫོབའ་ཚ་ཕ

Maggie’s eyelashes trembled slightly, pretending not to understand the deeper meaning behind Master Cameron’s words, and said self–deprecatingly, “I understand that. I just don’t understand why Sierra did this. Does she hate me that much?”


Sierra, in severe pain all over her body, heard this and gritted her teeth with hatred. She forced Maggie’s name out of her mouth, her voice extremely cold.

“Enough, Sierra!” Olivia reprimanded her in a low voice, and then said, “Take Sierra upstairs and call the doctor to check on her.”

the others, bowed deeply, and said Maggie gave a self–deprecating smile, looked at Olivia, Ronald, an sofily, “Dad, Mom, Grandpa, and Grandma, thank you for raising me all these years. I can’t repay your kindness in this life. But after all, I am not of your family’s blood. I don’t deserve to enjoy everything I ́have.”

Maggie’s words momentarily weighed heavily on everyone’s hearts.

Master Cameron was about to say something, but he heard Maggie say with tears in her eyes, ‘Originally, with my status, I would never have had such an opportunity, and I would never have been able to be involved in these projects. Now that I have seen and participated in them, I am satisfied. It’s time for me to leave and return to my own world.”

Her sincere words seemed to sever all ties with the Camerops.

“Maggie… Maggie, what are you talking about? Are you trying to break my heart?” Madam Cameron was a bit anxious.

Let’s Start All Over Again, Shall We?

Let’s Start All Over Again, Shall We?

Status: Ongoing Author:
Maggie’s previous life was like a joke. When she died, it was Nathael, the husband she had hated all her life, who avenged her and risked his life to save her! When she got a second chance to restart her life, Maggie vowed to make those who had hurt her people pay the price! As for the husband she had hated all her life, she just wants to patch thing up with him. Someone said, “Nathael is cruel and cunning.” “Nonsense! He is obviously brilliant and noble,”Maggie retorted in anger. Another one said, “Nathael is a psy cho. He will retaliate, forcing people to have their families destroyed.” Maggie sneered, “Bullsh*t! He has always been a man who doesn’t offend if no one offended him.” Some one else said, “Nathael is heartless. You will not live happily with him.” Maggie chuckled, “That’s ridiculous! He is full of sincerity and loves me deeply. He is the best man in the world.” Others said, “Although Nathael is good, he is not good at ‘that’. It is a pity that Maggie is still in her prime.” Maggie responded, “Well … ” She seemed unable to argue with this. That night, Maggie kissed Nathael comfortingly, saying, “It’s okay, Honey. I don’t mind.” “Really?” Nathael chuckled, a bit helpless. He turned over, pressed her under him, and kissed her fiercely. Later, the only sound left in the room was Maggie’s choking, begging for mercy.


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