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Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook Chapter 4

Mitchel stopped and looked at Raegan’s slender fingers grasping his shirt.

His eyes darkened.

“Why?” Raegan lowered her eyes and lied, “I… I don’t like hospitals.

There’s something about them that scares me.” She was so scared of being
caught in that lie that she couldn’t look him in the


Now, she didn’t know if he believed her or not.

When he didn’t say anything, she added softly, “I have already taken some

I’l be fine once I take some rest.” Mitchel looked down.

From his perspective, he could only see half of her beautiful face.

Her face was so small, and her long curly eyelashes shook as she kept her eyes

Perhaps the fever made her flush, making her look so fragile at the moment.
Mitchel’s heart melted against his will.

Without thinking twice, he made a U-turn and opened the door of the apartment.
He then took Raegan straight to the bedroom.

Raegan breathed a sigh of relief.

She had been so nervous just now that she got all sweaty.

Even her hair was wet.

All she wanted to do now was take a cool shower and go to bed.

“I will be fine alone.

You can leave now.” She was clearly driving him away.

This place was all new to Mitchel.

After all, he had been used to living in @ mansion all his life.

“Okay, ” Mitchel uttered, but he didn’t move an inch.

He just took off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt slowly.

Seeing this, Raegan’s heart did a flip.

He scared her half to death.

She widened her eyes and shouted, “What are you doing? Don’t take your
clothes offt What are you up to?” She couldn’t wrap

her head around why Mitchel wanted to sleep with her now that she was sick.
Did his dick do the thinking for him? How mean could he be? Mitchel froze and
stared at her without blinking.

Raegan’s heart was beating fast.

She couldn’t stand being stared at like this.

His eyes were different from others she had ever seen.

They were filled with lust.

It was as if they could see through every piece of clothing on her.

Raegan suddenly felt hot again.

Biting the insides of her lips, she fanned herself and muttered, “I’m not feeling
well now.” She was telling him now wasn’t the time

for them to have sex.

Besides, she had told him she wanted to divorce.

What was the point of having sex when this facade would be called off soon?
Mitchel still didn’t utter a word.

His expression was somber as he continued to stare at her with his eyes
beaming with desire.

The next second, he pressed both hands on the bed, leaned over, and whispered
in her ear, “Raegan, I’m not an animal.” His soft tone dripped with lust,
contradicting what he just said. Mitchel stared at her blushed face before grinning
mischievously and going into the bathroom. Once left alone, Raegan slapped her
burning cheeks. It was all Mitchel’s fault. He always had a way of making her blush.

Gosh! Minutes passed before Mitchel stepped out of the bathroom.
He turned to look at her and revealed that the bath was ready. What? When did
he become so considerate? Raegan was a little surprised. Raegan was a neat
freak. She was all sticky now, so she wanted to get soaked up in the bathtub right
away. She stood up. The sudden movement immediately made her head spin.
She leaned backward and almost lost her balance. Fortunately, Mitchel caught
her just in time and picked her up. He took her straight to the bathroom. His scent
made Raegan’s heart beat faster. She was so nervous that she stammered,
“Put… Put me down.” At her request, he put her into the bathtub gently. He then
sat on the edge of it and reached out to undress her. He moved so skillfully like
he had done this many times before.

His cold fingertips brushed her skin, making her tremble with each touch. Raegan
grabbed her collar and blushed uncontrollably. She then said shyly, “I can
undress myself. Just leave!” “What’s the issue?” Mitchel asked, studying her
nervous expression. “It’s not the first time I’m doing this.” Heat rushed to her ears
at this time. She could feel them turning red. Whenever they had sex, Mitchel
made it a point of duty to take her to the bathtub and clean her up carefully. Now
as long as she thought of Mitchel and the bathtub, Raegan couldn’t bear to look
straight at him. Raegan shook off the amorous scene that popped up in her mind.
After taking a deep breath, she said, “I’d like to be left alone. Leave, please.”
Seeing that she was serious, Mitchel raised his hands and turned around. The
door of the bathroom was soon slammed shut. After giving herself a good soak in
the bathtub, Raegan felt much better. She walked out wearing only a bathrobe.
To her surprise, Mitchel was still in the room.

She did her best to ignore him.

Just as she raised the quilt to lie on the bed, Mitchel grabbed her waist and
dragged her back into the bathroom.

“What are you doing? Why do you want to go to bed with your hair wet?” With
that, he unwrapped the small towel around her

head, picked up the hair dryer, and got to work.

Raegan’s mind was a mess as she stared at their reflection in the mirror.

She noticed that his hair was also wet, but that only made him look more

The familiar smell kept wafting into her nose, making her heart beat fast.
Mitchel’s care was torture for her now. She was afraid of falling for him even
more. She might decide not to divorce anymore. Once her hair was all dry, she
looked at his face through the mirror and thanked him softly. Mitchel remained
standing behind her. Their bodies were almost touching. With one hand on the
washstand, Mitchel stared at her reflection in the mirror. The corners of his eyes
slanted as he asked, “Is that all the thanks I’m gonna get?” Raegan gasped
softly. The air in her lungs went in the wrong direction at this moment. She
gawked at him with her eyes many sizes wider. Usually, she would allow him
have his way whenever he did something for her, but she couldn’t do that now.
Their marriage was about to end! Through the mirror, Mitchel could see how her
eyes became misty and her nose became pink. These changes aroused him for
some reason.

Suddenly, he got a bit upset. He pinched her chin and warned angrily, “Never
look at other men like that. Do you hear me?” Raegan’s eyebrows knitted in
confusion. What was he on about? His eyes darkened further as he added,
“There are many animals out there. Many men are not as nice as I am. Got it?”
Weird! Raegan thought, not understanding how any man could act impulsively if
they saw her looking like this.

She froze like a deer in headlights when she noticed that he was moving closer.
When an alarm bell rang in her head, she quickly turned her face away. Mitchel roughly held her shoulders and pressed her against the washstand. He
commanded, “Don’t move.” Their lips almost met and their eyes were intertwined.
Raegan thought he was going to kiss her.
Her heart was racing, and even her eyelids trembled with anxiety.

But Mitchel didn’t do anything crazy.

He just kissed her forehead as if he was leaving his imprint on her.

Afterward, he pinched her cheeks and said in a hoarse voice, “This is your
punishment.” He sounded so serious.

His statement made her short of words.

What a nonsense! Raegan rolled her eyes with annoyance and self-

Why did she let his tenderness take her breath away? How could she forget her
decision so easily? She should get a grip!

Suddenly, Mitchel’s phone rang, bringing her back to reality.

She left quietly to make room for him.

At the same time, Mitchel answered the phone and went to the balcony.

He chatted on the phone for a while before hanging up and walking back to the

By this time, Raegan had already wrapped herself up in bed.

She knew he was about to leave, but she didn’t try to stop him.

“Close the door behind you, ” she said before he could utter a word.


Sleep tight.” After saying that, Mitchel picked up his coat, walked to the door, and
turned to glance at her before walking out.

It wasn’t until she heard the door lock that Raegan inched her head from
underneath the quilt.

There was a turbulence in her heart at this time.

Soon, she felt so bitter.

Everyone knew that Lauren was the only woman that Mitchel loved.

Did she stand a chance against that impressive woman? Would the baby change
anything? Not a chance.

Thinking of this, Raegan tore up the pregnancy test result in a fit of rage.

She felt lucky that she hadn’t told him about her pregnancy yet.

After all, breaking the news would have only earned her more humiliation.

Back in the hospital, Mitchel stood in front of the window that overlooked the
beautiful night sky.

The moonlight accentuated his straight features, making him look extremely

“Mitchel, ” Lauren called out as she lay on the bed nearby.

She was in a dark purple silky nightgown, which gave off her figure.

Mitchel snapped out of his deep thoughts and turned to her.

“How are you feeling now?” “I’m better now.

I’m sorry to have bothered you again, ” Lauren said guiltily.

“Jocelyn was making a fuss over nothing.” Her face twisted pitifully as she spoke.
It was as if she was reminding Mitchel how special she was to him.

“Not a big deal.” With no expression on his face, Mitchel asked lightly, “You
hungry? I can ask Matteo to get you whatever you’d

like to eat.” “No, thanks.” Lauren asked in a soft voice, “Where were you before?
Did I interrupt something?” “Not at all, ” Mitchel

replied calmly.

He took a look at his watch and said, “It’s late now.

Go to sleep.” “I’m so scared, Mitchel.” Lauren suddenly wrapped her hands
around Mitchel’s waist from behind and sobbed with


She buried her face into his back.

“Stay with me, please.

Just for tonight, okay?”

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

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