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Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Daisy
“End us all!” I stammer, my heart pounding sickeningly in my chest. “You’re saying she’s here to kill us?”
“Maybe,” Caleb looks unsure. “It wouldn’t make sense for her to kill you now.” “Are you saying the time isn’t right?”
Caleb nods seriously. “That’s exactly what I’m saying, Queen Tanja wants an interesting battle, and that’s why she never ordered us to kill you. She wanted you to master your abilities first, so her being here makes little sense. But her aura is… terrifying. She is angry.”
He grimaces. “Probably about me joining your side? I was a pretty valuable member..”
“Caleb! Daisy!” A voice interrupts us. We both turn to see Sabrina rushing towards us, her face pale and drawn.
“Sabrina…” I say. “Why aren’t you fighting outside with the other?”
“Because I…” she takes a break to breathe. “I need to tell you something important.”
“And what is that?” I’ve never seen her this determined before. Sabrina is usually shy and quiet, but now she steps forward, her eyes blazing with urgency. “Alpha Xavier,” she begins, her voice choked with fear, “He is fighting the fourth strongest vampire, Julian. But things aren’t looking good! Xavier seems….tired somehow.”
I’m about to ask Sabrina more questions, but Caleb places a hand on my shoulder with a smile on his face. “We will look into it,” he glances down at me. “Let’s go.”
Without even waiting for my response, he pulls me out of the hotel room at a rapid speed.
It confuses the hell out of me.
“Caleb,” I say, “Wait, hold on. What’s the rush?”
“You don’t think that’s weird?” he looks back at me. “I know Sabrina is your friend, but how the hell does she know the name of the fourth strongest vampire?”
My eyes widen in realization, my heart pounding with a new surge of fear. “You’re right,” I admit, glancing back towards the room where Sabrina is. “How could she have known that?”
Caleb gives me a stern look. “I don’t know, but it’s something we should be concerned about. And that’s why we need to hurry.”
“But what if it’s a trap?”
“It could be, but she didn’t lie about Xavier’s whereabouts. I can sense him from here. Would you mind shape-shifting. though? You could fly over the area in your wolf form with me on your back.”
“F-fly?!” I shriek. “But I’ve never used my wings!”
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Chapter 60
Caleb grins. “Your wolf is larger now after becoming an Alpha, and you have wings-it’s time to use them.”
He gives me a gentle push forward. “No time like the present, Daisy.” 51%
My heart lurches in my chest. I can’t believe I’m really about to attempt this. But with a deep breath, I focus on my inner wolf, calling her forward. The transformation is quick and surprisingly painless, and in no time at all, I can feel the feathered weight of my wings on my back.
“Alright,” Caleb says, climbing onto my back without even asking for permission. “You ready?”
Am I ready? Not even close. But we don’t have time for me to stand here second-guessing myself. So I nod-or at least, give what I hope looks like a nod in wolf form-and take a running leap down the corridor.
We make it out of the hotel. I’m so large that I have to squeeze toy wings through the door, but then the wind hits my nose, and Sera makes her return. ‘Beautiful weather!’ she exclaims inside my head. ‘Are you ready to fly?’
‘Not really…”
She just laughs. “Well, too bad because we have an Alpha mate to save!” With a powerful lunge. I use my strong legs to fling us off the ground, shooting upwards toward the sky. I’m terrified since nothing happens at first, but then, I spread my wings and flap them against the chilly night air.
“Good job, Daisy!” Caleb yells over the wind. “Keep flapping your wings!” I can’t believe it-I’m flying!
“You’re doing great!’ Sera’s voice echoes in my head as we climb higher with all the stars twinkling above us.
“Just keep heading straight,” Caleb instructs from my back. His ghp on my white fur tightens, fingers buried deep as I focus on the magic within me to fly faster. “This is… incredible,” I look down at the grass below us, but my amazement disappears when I see my entire pack fighting the vampires. Yato is among them. “He is fighting the vampire twins,” Caleb tells me in a bitter tone Marcus and Leia are two sadistic and mighty foes.” A sigh leaves his lips. “Do you want me to help him? He isn’t going to win against them as he is now.”
Since I can’t talk in my wolf form. I’m hoping he will read my mind while I think my answer, “Are you saying Xavier and I can take on the fourth strongest vampire on
our own?”
“Julian?” Caleb laughs. “Hell yeah! You two will beat him in no time. The only thing that worries me is if the vampire queen decides to join the fight. Then you

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will lose. Hard.”
I swallow thickly at that. ‘Well, let’s hope she doesn’t join the fight…”.
“Or you call me if that happens.”
Call you?’ I ask, but before I can question him further, he leaps off my back and
plunges towards the ground.
‘Caleb!’ I cry out in alarm, but he merely grins and waves me off.
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10:56 Fri, May 17
Chapter 60
“Focus on Xavier and Julian! he yells as he dives downward. “I will handle Marcus and Leia with Yato. After we are done beating them up, we will join you
With one last look at Caleb’s rapidly descending figure, I turn my attention back ahead. From the sky, it’s easy to spot Xavier and the vampire, Julian, who is holding his own against him. It worries me that Xavier seems to be struggling. ‘He isn’t only fighting against Julian. He is also trying hard not to lose himself to his vampiric side, Sera says in a sad voice. It must be hard keeping himself in control in a battle, but letting go isn’t an option.”
I know exactly why it isn’t an option. Xavier told me his vampiric side is crazy bloodthirsty and that he wouldn’t be able to control it if he let it free.
And that’s his greatest fear: forgetting who he is and becoming an even worse monster than the vampires we are fighting here tonight.
Taking in a shaky breath, I attack Julian from the sky, swooping down from the
heavens like a giant hawk with my claws extended. Julian is caught off guard and
leaps back just in time to avoid my dive.
As soon as I land on the ground, Xavier’s large wolf form comes up beside me. His shining black fur is the total opposite of my white and pink coat. ‘You’re late, he says through the mind-link, and I can hear the exhaustion in his
“Better late than never, I respond, trying to mask the worry that creeps into my mental voice. “Ready to take down Julian?”
“With you? Always.”
I can’t help but feel a rush of warmth at his words, but there’s no time to dwell on
it. We’re in the middle of a battle, and Julian is circling us like a shark smelling
blood in the water.
“Sera,’ I mentally command my wolf, “we need to be stronger and faster than
we’ve ever been before.
“You got it, boss, she replies with a fiery determination that fills every fiber of my
We charge at Julian simultaneously, Xavier from the left and me from the right. Julian, caught in the middle, tries to step back, but it’s too late. Xavier’s powerful jaws clamp down on his arm, drawing blood. At the same time, I take flight once again and come crashing down on him from above.
The vampire cries out as my wings slam down into his body with a force he didn’t expect. For a moment, it seems like we have gained the upper hand.
But it doesn’t last for long.
He lunges at Xavier, knocking him aside as if he was only a cub Xavier yelps in pain before being thrown into a nearby tree with a jarring thud.
‘All right, that’s it! I growl to myself and to Sera. ‘No more playing nice. Now it’s
personal. “Finally!” she replies in my head, her voice brimming with pure bloodlust. I’ve
been waiting for you to say that, Daisy. Can we use our light magic and burn him
to a crisp? Can we, can we can we?!”
Seems like the perfect time, I say, grinning internally as I feel the surge of power coursing through my body. I lift my wings, and the air begins to shimmer as 1 quickly form ball made of pure light, ready to be thrown at Julian. Just as I’m about to sling it, Julian leaps toward Xavier again. 3/5 Ads by Pubfuture Get the App. Get All of XM XM DOWNLOAD HOW ΧΟ III 10:56 Fri, May 17 Chapter 60 But this time, Xavier is prepared. He jumps back onto his paws and snarls, sinking his teeth into Julian’s leg 51% +5 Julian screams in pain and tries to shake Xavier off, but he holds on, growling fiercely. I take the opportunity to launch my light ball towards Julian. It hits him square in the chest and explodes with a bright flash, forcing him to let go of Xavier. Roaring in agony, Julian tries to get back on his feet, but he’s visibly weakened. His skin reveals burns from where my light magic struck him, and blood pours from the bite wound on his leg. “You fcking whore!” he yells at me. “How dare you?!”
Julian looks ready to attack me, but Caleb and Yato must have finished their fight
because they suddenly appear beside me. Caleb stands protectively in front of me, his red eyes glinting dangerously under the silver moonlight. “Play nice, Julian,” he warns, his voice deceptively calm. “Or we’ll all play rough.” Julian stumbles to his feet, wobbling slightly before he steadies himself. His eyes dart between Caleb, Yato, and me, sizing up his odds.
“Why the hell are you fighting with the vampires?!” Julian yells at Caleb. “You’re a fcking traitor!” Caleb shrugs. “Vampire women just aren’t as sxy
“What?!” Julian hisses. “Either way, it won’t matter. I will just kill all three of you!”
He gives a scornful laugh that doesn’t quite mask the desperation in his voice. “Three?” Caleb corrects with a wicked grin, “You seem to be forgetting someone.” On cue, Xavier lunges from where he had been crouching behind Julian. He
leaps with a fierce snarl that echoes around us This time, instead of biting him, Xavier uses his forepaws to knock Julian off balance before rearing back and
slamming into him full force. Julian crashes back onto the ground with a thud that shakes the earth beneath us.
“We have been taking it easy on you,” Xavier growls menacingly as he stands over Julian. “But now we’re done playing.”
His green eyes flash with raw fury as he calls down flames from the sky to burn Julian alive. He screams as the flames engulf him. His once proud and monstrous form is now nothing more than writhing charred flesh falling to the earth, his screams slowly dying out. He has no strength left to fight. But even as we stand over Julian, watching the flames do their destructive dance, I can’t help but feel a shiver of unease. Our victory feels hollow, empty
somehow. Like it’s just a prelude to something worse. Sera seems to pick up my thoughts. “What’s wrong?”
I look at her in response, my mind failing to find words for the dread that is
pooling deep within me. But before she can press further, laughter breaks the silence.
A cool, feminine voice speaks up, applauding sarcastically. “Impressive,” she
says, clapping her hands mockingly, “You’ve managed to defeat most of my
army. But unfortunately for you, they will all be resurrected once I dispose of you.”
I know who the voice belongs to without asking, and Caleb confirms it by saying she is here. With fear in my heart, I follow the sound of the voice and stop breathing. She has long black hair, yellow eyes, and a white dress that hugs her slender body. The vampire queen is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in the flesh, but
her smile is all wrong. It’s a smile that could drop you to your knees, a sunile
laced with an icy promise of death.
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Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance by Veliciah

Mated To My Sister’s Alpha Fiance by Veliciah

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: , ,
My name is Daisy Andersson, and I don’t have a wolf. My family thought I would awaken once I turned eighteen, but I’m twenty-one years old and still useless. Because of this, I’m treated like a slave. My mother didn’t even pay for my education while my sisters are seen as a blessing. Isabella and Lina are both beautiful and powerful. Isabella is even so perfect that she is arranged to marry the Alpha of another pack-the billionaire Xavier Reeves. But when I meet Xavier Reeves for the first time, I realize he is my fated mate.


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