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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 16

16 She Got Married

The elderly woman in Keira’s arms was looking pale, with her arms hanging limply…

At the sight, Lewis wasted no time and strode toward


Though he appeared calm, he was filled with anxiety!

The elderly woman was the one person he was closest

to in this world…

Over the past few years, her health had been deteriorating. Their family doctor had even hinted to old Mrs. Horton that she might not make it through

the year…

He couldn’t lose her!

When Keira saw him approaching, she drew her own conclusions. However, it wasn’t the right time to discuss it. She quickly blurted out, “Granny just had a heart attack. She has used all her nitroglycerin pills and urgently needs medication”.

binetly pon the hors AL NOW!


16 She Got Married

After a pause, she added, “She’ll be okay once she gets

the medicine.”

Lewis nervously pressed his lips together.

He reached out to take the elderly woman from Keira and darted into the Horton family home without looking back.

Keira didn’t follow inside; her leg was still being held by Poppy.

Isla watched Lewis from behind with uncertainty. A strong feeling of unease stirred her. “Is that really old Mrs. Horton?

“How could old Mrs. Horton be with Keira?! That woman is the grandmother of Keira’s husband!”

Poppy released Keira and stood up, dusting off her clothes as she said, “Mr. Horton looks so worried. He’s probably afraid of causing a real disaster. If someone were to die here, the Horton family won’t look good when word gets out…”

She shot Keira a spiteful glare, “She’s banking on this to rush into the Horton house while carrying that


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< 16 She Got Married

decrepit old woman, isn’t she?”

Isla frowned.

It could be.

Keira’s punk husband couldn’t possibly be Lewis, right?

She was probably overthinking…

Just then, the front door of the Horton house opened, and Jake stepped out.

Isla’s eyes lit up as she said playfully, “Jake, you could have just waited for me at the parking lot. Why did you come all the way to the front door?”

Jake was clearly irritated.

Isla had texted him that she was almost there but carrying too many gifts and asked him to come pick her up. He waited in the parking lot for a long time, and when she didn’t show up, he came out to check.

His eyes fell on Keira, and he paused mid-step.

But in the next moment, his previous impatience melted away, replaced by a softness. He said gently to


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16 She Got Married

Isla, “Well, it’s your first visit. I was afraid you might get


Isla ran to him excitedly and grabbed his arm as if staking her claim. She cooed to him, “Jake, you’re so


Testing the waters, she asked, “Is old Mrs. Horton at home?”


“Has she been home all day? Did she go out at all?”

“Well, she has not been well for a while and has mostly been resting at home.”

Old Mrs. Horton lived on her own in a separate

courtyard and didn’t like being disturbed.

Jake’s words sounded casual, but Isla mistook them for

truth and was instantly relieved.

Jake unabashedly eyed Keira

He didn’t miss a single change in her expression, trying to find some hint of jealousy, envy, or resentment.


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16 She Got Married

But there was none. Not a trace.

A sullen look gradually cast over his face.

Keira was more worried about the old lady’s health and paid no attention to the couple’s display of affection.

At this point, she was reasonably sure that the “Grandson” she chatted with was Lewis.

She looked at the imposing gate, wondering if she would be stopped if she tried to enter now.

Suddenly, her view was obscured.

Jake stood in front of her, bluntly asking, “Keira, are you here to see me because you’ve had a change of


Keira was dumbfounded.

With a cold laugh, Jake spat out words filled with venom. “If you had given in, a phone call would have been enough. Who allowed you to come to the Horton house? Do you think you, an illegitimate daughter, even deserve to set foot here?”


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16 She Got Married

Keira pressed her lips together.

Jake softened at her stubbornness. “If you want to

have a look inside, I can…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Isla cut him off.

“Jake, you’ve misunderstood. Keira is waiting for her husband’s grandmother. The old lady just had a sudden

heart attack, and Mr. Horton rushed her inside for

emergency treatment…”

Jake was taken aback, “Husband?”

Isla chuckled. “Indeed, I didn’t get a chance to tell you.

Keira is married…

Jake’s eyes suddenly reddened as he gnashed his teeth. “Keira, who is he?!”

His response gave the impression of a man catching his partner cheating in the act.

Keira gave him a mocking look and said, “Jake, who my husband is has nothing to do with you.”

His voice spiked as he shouted back, “What do you


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16 She Got Married

mean it’s none of my business? I want to see who dares to marry you without my consent!”

Isla hastily replied, “From what I’ve heard from Keira’s mother, he’s just a street punk.”

Jake clenched his fists, not choosing his words as he spat out, “So, you decide to disgrace yourself? Fine! A bastard girl and a punk, you truly make a perfect match!”

Isla continued to fan the flames. “Keira must be pretty

resentful. That’s why she keeps pestering Mr. Horton…”

Keira shot back in a cold, mocking laugh. “Isla, for someone who considers herself a lady, it’s surprising that your mind is filled with such filthy thoughts. Can’t you think of anything else?”

A chill ran down Isla’s spine, and she clenched her fingers.

With a sigh, she said, “Keira, I understand that you are seeking revenge on me and Jake, but Mr. Horton is already married. You shouldn’t meddle in someone


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16 She Got Married

else’s marriage…”


Jake exploded when he heard this.

He had been waiting for Keira to call him these past few days and beg for his forgiveness. He was even willing to give her a second chance if she did so.

Turns out she has already moved on?!

He flew into a rage. “Now I understand why your husband’s grandmother had a heart attack at my doorstep. You were here to visit my uncle, weren’t you, Keira? How could you be so shameless?!”

He was steaming, seething with rage.

He pointed at Keira and told the door guard, “See that? Remember this face. Don’t let her step foot inside the Horton house!”

Isla lowered her gaze to hide the smirk playing at the corners of her lips.

After all, she still had some say in the entrance to the

Horton House…

Meanwhile, a butler from the Horton family emerged



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16 She Got Married

from the house.

His gaze swept over the crowd, finally landing on Keira, “Miss Keira, the master invites you in.”

Isla froze.

Jake looked up, dumbstruck.

On the other hand, Keira glanced at the door guard, a teasing smile playing on her lips. “So, can I go in now?”

The door guard glanced anxiously at Jake, then without hesitation, opened the door for Keira.

He did know who had the final say in the Horton


The Horton’s house was huge.

Inside the gate, a buggy was available to shuttle Keira directly to the main building’s entrance.

The butler said respectfully, ‘Madam is fine now. She and the master are waiting for you in the drawing



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16 She Got Married

Relieved, Keira got out of the buggy. She noticed the Olsen family’s BMW X7 parked not far away in the parking lot.

With Jake leading the way, Isla and Poppy strode menacingly toward Keira, meeting her just outside.

Poppy glared venomously at her. “Mr. Horton probably asked you to come pick up your grandmother here. After you do that, make sure you leave promptly. Don’t let a nasty creature like you smear the Horton house’s carpets!”

As they entered the drawing-room together, they saw old Mrs. Horton sitting upright on the head sofa.

The elderly lady glared at them, fuming. “Who are you calling a ‘nasty creature”?”

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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