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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel Chapter 68

68 Meeting

Isla also received a call from the police station.

As a witness who saw the whole incident, when she discovered that Rebecca’s brother was no ordinary person, she cooperated with the police to provide her statement and didn’t dare to lie.

She was more than happy to oblige, so she happily agreed.

By testifying for Rebecca, she could make Frankie indebted to her again…

Just as she was feeling triumphant, her phone suddenly rang again. She glanced at the caller ID. Her face darkened. It was Finley Hill!

While she wanted to hang up, she didn’t dare to. Finally, she reluctantly picked up, “What?”

“Dear niece, you have to help me! If I can’t pay back the money this time, I’ll be beaten to death!” Finley

Hill’s voice made Isla frown and irritated.

She clenched her fist. “How much?”

“Five million.”




68 Meeting

“How much?!” Isla’s voice suddenly rose, feeling like

she must have heard him wrong.

Although the Olsen family was wealthy and gave her an allowance of 150,000 every month since middle school, Olsen’s current cash deposit was only a few million. Along with the company’s working capital, it didn’t even reach twenty million.

She thought that the two million from last time would keep Finley Hill occupied for a while, but it had only been a few days, and Finley Hill needed five million


However, Finley Hill wasn’t at all intimidated. “Can you afford it or not? If you can’t, they’ll kill me, then I’ll

have to talk to Keira.”

Isla’s pupils contracted.

“You have two days. If the money isn’t in my account by then, don’t blame me for revealing your and Keira’s origins. After all, one’s life is the most important, right?”

After leaving these words, Finley Hill hung up. The infuriated Isla threw her cell phone to the ground.

Cho took a doan hranth

10 37



68 Meeting

To come up with such a large sum of five million, she could only ask her family for help.

Thinking of this, Isla began to hesitate and falter.

Although Keira didn’t expose her for stealing Dr. South’s emails, Mrs. Olsen seemed to have guessed something. Starting from yesterday, she wasn’t in a good mood toward Isla.

Isla frowned and went to Mrs. Olsen’s room.

As she got close, she heard Mrs. Olsen asking, “Where is Poppy Hill? She seemed to have disappeared for a few days.”

Taylor answered, “Who cares what she’s doing? Maybe she went back to her brother’s place. She’d better not come back at all. I get annoyed every time I see her.”

Outside, Isla’s eyes flickered

She collected her emotions, walked in with red eyes,

and choked out, “Mom, Dad.”

Mrs. Olsen got up to comfort her but hesitated and sat

back down on the sofa.

Taylor frowned and asked, “Isla, did you upset your


10 32


68 Meeting

Isla began to cry. “Mom, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have framed Keira. I was just jealous of the attention you gave her.”

Her tears seemed genuine. “Mom, Keira is so capable now. She’s Dr. South and can arrange hospital rooms for you, but I am not as good as her. I am a bit scared that your love for her will surpass your love for me… When I was studying with her, classmates teased me, saying that my parents were getting a divorce and you were buying clothes and food for her. They also said that you didn’t want me anymore and wanted her as a daughter… That’s why I was always more concerned

about her…”

Mrs. Olsen’s expression softened visibly. She stepped toward Isla and sighed. “How can you be so

narrow-minded? Moreover, Keira kept her distance

because she was aware of this. She hasn’t come home

in years. She’s not trying to take me away from you, and I won’t love her more than you either! Stop thinking too much from now on!”

Isla sobbed. “Really?”

Mrs. Olsen chuckled. “You’re all grown up. How can I lie to you?”



68 Meeting

Isla chuckled through her tears. “Then tell me you love

me the most.”

Mrs. Olsen said in resignation. “Okay, I love you the


Isla’s smile grew more genuine, but then she heard Mrs. Olsen mention something else. “You should stop seeing Keira as your imagined enemy!”

Her smile faltered, and a shadow crossed her eyes.

Isla lowered her head. “I won’t anymore. I’m sorry for

what I did.”

After placating Mrs. Olsen, Isla finally spoke up. “Mom, I’m going to buy a wedding ring with Jake today. I thought I should buy a gift for him as well.”

Mrs. Olsen nodded in approval. “Good. We shouldn’t take advantage of him.”

Isla, who had a job now, had a monthly living expense of 300,000.

She lived at home and didn’t usually spend too much


Mrs. Olsen assumed that Isla would have accumulated

millions in her private coffers and hence didn’t



68 Meeting

perceive any subtext in Isla’s words.

Isla’s expression froze momentarily. She gritted her teeth and decided to be candid. “After I got together with Jake, my expenses have increased somewhat… I’m a bit short of cash now…”

Only then did Mrs. Olsen understand. “I still have over three hundred thousand here. I’ll transfer it to you


Isla choked on her words. “Only over three hundred thousand?”

Mrs. Olsen sighed, “Yes, I lent my money to Keira. She wanted to buy some stocks…”

Before Isla could express her dissatisfaction, Taylor got in first. “Buying stocks? The stock market is doing so badly now. Who would join at this time? It’s utter nonsense! What if we lose that money?”

But Mrs. Olsen waved him off. “She said a friend gave her a tip, so we won’t lose money. Besides, even if we lose money, just consider it as a gift for her. Over the years, she has brought billions of profits to the company. Giving her over ten million isn’t enough to

thank her.”

10.32 — ||


Taylor frowned, clearly not satisfied.

But Isla felt a surge of anxiety, realizing that she couldn’t get her hands on five million in a short time…

She walked downstairs in a daze and got in Jake

Horton’s car.

Jake seemed rather lively. “Isla, my father was very happy to hear that you saved Mr. Allen’s sister. He transferred some money this morning and asked me to buy some nice jewelry for you as a gift from him!”

Isla’s eyes flickered with guilt. “Let’s go to the police station first. They need me to make a record for Mr.

Allen’s sister’s case.”

Jake smiled. “Sure, I’ll drop you off.”

When they arrived, they ran into Frankie Allen in the parking lot.

Seeing Isla, Frankie understood why she was there. Thinking of her coming here to testify, his resentmen toward her lessened. “Miss Olsen, thank you for

making this trip.”

Isla smiled, “No problem.”

The three of them exchanged greetings and were



68 Meeting

about to enter the police station when they ran into Keira, who was coming out.

Keira was the first to arrive at the police station.

She recounted again the events of that day from start to end, confirmed that the statement was accurate, and signed and sealed the statement. She then headed


The police officer who saw her out was still speaking to her. “Miss Olsen, you decided on the spot to save someone. We’ve decided to commend you orally. We are preparing to issue a public announcement.”



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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Novel by Mr Yan

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Keira Olsen got married, but she didn’t know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She’s an illegitimate daughter who can’t be recognized. She’s been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He’s the child of destiny, standing high and mighty. The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: “My dear wife, can we not divorce?” Everyone was confused.


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