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Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn Chapter 19

Chapter 19
Could it really be that James had come?
Sophie carefully surveyed her surroundings, only to discover she was locked in a pitch-dark room, with only the faint moonlight seeping through from outside.
From her vantage point, she could clearly see the entirety of the outside space. This was an abandoned construction site!
“Mmm! Mmm!”
Sophie tried to scream for help, but her mouth was already gagged with duct tape.
D a m n it! Who would want to kidnap her?
Sophie desperately tried to break free from the ropes, but the nylon ropes were not as forgiving as hemp, making it impossible to break free.
Calm down, Sophie, you need to calm down.
Taking a deep breath, Sophie carefully observed her surroundings. She felt like she had been hearing a ‘beeping’ sound ever since she was brought here.
Suddenly, alarms went off in her head.
It’s a bomb!
Sophie immediately flattened her body and crawled towards the door of the room.
Once she crawled out of the hollowed room, she was in the corridor of the abandoned building. It seemed, she was about 15 stories above ground level.
Sophie banged her head against a nearby pillar, hoping James and the others could hear the noise.
Soon, Sophie heard the ‘tap tap’ of footsteps. The sound made Sophie pause. It didn’t sound like the noise of men’s dress shoes but rather like high heels.
Sophie looked up and saw Nichole walking towards her.
Nichole’s expression was dark. She had just gotten out of the car and entered the abandoned building when she caught a glimpse of Sophie upstairs.
If Sophie were dead, the position of Mrs. Burke would be vacant.
If Sophie were dead, there would be no obstacles between her and James.
Nichole walked towards Sophie, pretending to push her down the building.
Sophie sensed something was off but couldn’t pinpoint what it was exactly.
Nearby, James also made his way up: “Sophie!”
Hearing James’ voice, Nichole immediately crouched down and started removing the tape from Sophie’s mouth. “Sophie, are you okay? I’ll get you free now.”
Sophie observed the worried expression on Nichole’s face, retaining a shadow of doubt in her heart. She hoped her feelings were mistaken.
Chapter 19
“How did you get up here?” James saw Nichole had also come up and frowned. “Didn’t I tell you to stay in
the car?”
“I was worried about Sophie, so I thought I’d come up too.”
Nichole sounded slightly aggrieved.
Sophie said, “There’s a bomb here, what about Colby and Adler? Tell them to run!”
“Let’s go.”
James carried Sophie and shouted to Colby and Adler, who were still looking around for Sophie, “We’ve found Sophie! Let’s get out of here!”
Hearing James’ voice, Colby and Adler exchanged a look and quickly descended the stairs.
“What about Ryan?” Adler asked.
“Leave him,” said Colby coldly.
Adler shook his head. It was Ryan’s own fault for getting on Colby’s bad side this time.
Behind James, Nichole followed. Her heart was bitter as she watched Sophie in James’ arms.
Suddenly, Nichole screamed. James turned back to see that one of her high heels had broken.
“Mr. Burke, I’m sorry, I think I sprained my ankle.”
Seeing this, Sophie simply said, “Put me down, I’m alright.”
“Are you sure?”

Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

Revenge is Best Served… After Reborn

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
What do you do when your husband betrays you for another woman and leaves you to face death on a cold, sterile surgery table? Just when all hope seems lost, fate steps in, granting you a miraculous second chance at life. Now buckle up, because it’s payback time and you’re on a relentless mission to exact a deliciously sweet revenge on the ones who shattered your world and stirred a fire within you like never before.


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