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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 11

Colt nuzzles my nose slightly.

“He should know better than to mistreat his goddess–given mate. What he is doing to you, is unforgivable.” He says in a soft voice.


“Yeah?” He whispers. His warm breath tickles my l*ps.

I just called his name

because I was nervous and

now I don’t know what to

say. But it did stall him just a


“What–what are you doing?”

I ask him.

He smiles. A real smile. I

haven’t seen him really

smile. “Kissing you.” He whispers.

He knows that is not what I

meant but before I can say anything else to distract him, his l*ps touch mine and I lose all my senses. All I can think about is how soft and warm

his l*ps are. They feel

amazing on mine. I

completely give in. I can’t

fight it. I don’t want to fight

His bdy crashes on me. It is warm and encompasses my whole smaller bdy. I feel him completely. I have never felt a man’s b*dy like this. Warm, firm, and soft at the

same time. His hand caresses

my shoulder and slides

down until it cups my bare breast. All manner of

feelings rise inside of me and my bdy starts to burn. His lps start to travel to my neck and the ksses stun me. It

feels so good that I don’t

want to move because I don’t

want the k*sses to end.

His hands then start

traveling down. He caresses

my waist and it is fire. My

insides turn to mush and I

feel wetness between my legs. His hands now keep going down and when I

realize what he is about to do, I snap out of it.

I close my legs and slightly push his shoulder away.

“Stop.” I whisper.

He backs up and looks at me.

I shake my head. “No more.”

He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and nods.

I sit up while he backs away and I quickly cover myself.

“I already saw everything.”

He gives me a cheeky smile.

“Shut up.” I say shyly.

I can’t even look at him in

the eyes.

I glance at him and he stares. Doesn’t say a thing.

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Just…stare at me.”

“Isn’t that something people

do when they enjoy what

they see?” He looks me up

and down again.

“Colt…what happened to

you?” I ask ignoring what he just said.

“Hmh?” He asks.

“What happened to you? You…you’ve changed. And don’t you have a mate? What happened to Skye…did she

not…” I don’t want to finish

that sentence. I don’t want to

hurt him.

“I don’t have a mate

anymore.” He says.

This makes me sad for him.

“I’m sorry.”

He puts a hand up telling me

that he doesn’t want to talk

about it.

I nod. “We don’t have to talk

about that but you do have

to tell me, why did you wait so long to tell your father

that you were alive? We were in the cells for a few days and you were tortured. Why wait?”

He sighs and nods. “I didn’t

know where I was until I

learned your name…look, I will tell you everything. But

not now. It’s not the place

and time.” He gets up and holds his hand out for me.

It takes me a few seconds of

staring at it but I take it and he pulls me up only to be pulled in close to him. He grabs my chin and lifts it up

while his other hand holds

me in a hug.

“I’ll be gentle now and

patient but, you’ll be mine.

He softly says and then k*sses

It is quick but he leaves me with my head spinning.

“Go back home. Don’t stay

out here too long.” He says

leaving me in a stupified


I am shocked at how he can

just k*ss me in that way and say something like that. That

I’ll be his? He has to be

joking, right? I am sure this guy is going to be the Alpha of this pack. Why would he ever want…no, he doesn’t want me like that. He just wants my b*dy. That’s it. He

wants to use me and when he is done with me, he will

just throw me away.

How am I supposed to think

differently when this is all I have known from this pack?

I am so stupid because, for a few seconds there, I really

thought he was being


Dumb idiot!

I hate that I let him touch

me like that. My eyes widen

and I gasp remembering something.

“Oh, Shit! Ezra! He must

have felt that!” I start

running back home but then

suddenly stop. “What am I

doing? Why should I even

care? He has done worse so,

why should I be concerned? In fact…good. Now he gets a taste of his own medicine.”

Taking my time now, I stride my way back home with a


That night I slept well but I woke up a few times with dreams of Colt k*ssing me. I felt stupid.

Lauren and I start our day

and head to the fields behind

the pack house to begin our


“You stayed up late last

night.” Lauren says.

“Yeah, it’s cause Niles

is-well…not bothering me


She smiles. “I am glad that


don’t have to feel like

you need to watch your back

anymore. At least not from


I also smile and nod.

“Also, it’s good you didn’t come home early ‘cause I was horny! And James really let me have it!”

“Eww! What is wrong with

you?! You don’t have to tell

me these things!”

She starts laughing.

“It’s not funny. Keep it to

yourself self you perverted


She laughs so loud that even birds get startled and fly away from the trees.

“I need to talk to you!” Ezra suddenly comes out of the house enraged.

Lauren looks at me scared

but I smile and nod at her to go ahead.

“Are you sure?” She mouths

out and I nod again.

“What the hell did you do!?”

He points at my face once he

is close.

“Oh, you didn’t like the taste of your own medicine?”

His eyes flare. “Who? Who

the hell was it?”

“Did you cry?” I ask him.


“Did you teared up when

you felt it?”

“NO!” He shouts.

“It hurt though.” I try not to

smile but it is really hard.

His jaw clenches and he

grinds his teeth.

“Gosh, I remember the first

time I felt it. I almost felt like

I would die. Not anymore though. I am too used to it. Sucks for you though…cause you are not used to it at all.”

The first time I felt like I was

dying and I wished it at the

moment. I am sure it was the

same for him. And to think

that this was just a k*ss.

“You are telling me right now

who it was?!” He says.

“Am I?”

“YES!” He shouts.

I look around at the people walking around us. “Be careful now. If you scream

too loud, people might start



He snarls. “Do you really believe that anyone would think that you and I are mates?” He smirks. “They’d

sooner believe that I am

mated to the damn old cook

than your sorry ass. No one

wants you and I sure as hell

don’t either.”

I smile. “Well, someone

clearly does want me.”

His face changes from a

smug expression to one of a

crazed person.

I’ve never felt this kind of

power before. It feels like I

have complete power over him…and I like it.

As I smile, I glance at the house and see Colt staring out the window. He has a cup

of what I assume is coffee

and sips on it watching me

and Ezra.

I choke under his gaze.

“Gotta get to work. Bye!” I

turn round without a second

thought and almost run back

to the fields leaving Ezra

with his anger.

“What was that about?”

Lauren asks.

I smile. “Nothing. Don’t


“Oh, I worry alright. Cass, you are not an angel. I know that most of the time you get in trouble is not really your fault but you have a temper, sweety. And that gets you in

trouble all the time.”

“It’s okay, Lauren. I promise I am fine.”

Humming, I start watering the fields and gardens of

vegetables. I don’t think I

have ever felt this content


Not even thirty minutes in,

Lauren and I are



I turn to see Molly. One of the stuck–up Gamma girls.

She stares at me almost like

she has a bad taste in her

mouth after saying my


“Yeah?” I ask.

“The Alpha wants to see


“EH! Me?!”

“Yes.” She says and walks



“G–Go!” Lauren says.


“Just go! It’s the Alpha.”

Lauren says.

I nod and quickly follow the


What the hell did I do now?

She goes up the stairs that

lead to the kitchen and then

she strides inside and heads

to the dining room. Many stare at me as I walk past the table and follow Molly.

I have been inside the pack house many times but only a handful of times past the dining room.

This place is decorated in a fancy way. I have no other way of describing it because I am not a fancy person and

I have no taste in these

things whatsoever.

Molly continues down a hall and then stops in front of a door that leads to the Alpha’s

office where she knocks.

“Come in.” The Alpha says.

She walks in and there are a

few other Omega workers in

here as well which confuses

me. The Alph stands behind his desk and Colt stands next
to him. I immediately feel his eyes on me but for the

life of me, I will not look at


“Perfect. Take a seat.” The

Alpha says to me.

I am a bit scared here. I have

never been treated like this

in here. I have only been

here a handful of times

before for punishment.

I do as he says and sit.

“As I was saying. We want to try something different. My son here believes that

everyone should have a

choice when it comes to the

work they wish to do.

“This is all Colt’s idea and I

have to be honest, I don’t

agree with these methods

but-” He stops talking and

looks at us. “He wants to

integrate the Omegas with some of the work that the

Gammas do. You will all be

working in the pack house

from now on and we will see

how this turns out.”

Damn it. Why? Why all of a sudden they are shaking things up? And why me?

This is bad for me. I am SO going to get in trouble. Uh! And does this mean that I

will have to see Ezra more?

My eyes accidentally go to

Colt and that was a bad idea. My thoughts go back to last night as he intently stares at me.

Shit. I will also have to see him too.

“Molly here will assign you to your new roles. Please follow her.”

The girl Molly turns and walks out. She clearly hates this job.

I sigh and follow her along with the rest.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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