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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 12

Colt’s POV.

I watch Cass leave the office.

My stomach turns when she

is near. I can’t believe this girl gives me butterflies when I see her. F**king


“That’s done but what are

you up to? And why?” My

father asks taking me out of

my thoughts.

“You know why, and also I

want to see how well can the

pack adapt to change.”

“Mh….and that girl? Are you

sure?” He asks.

I nod. “I want her close.


“Son, I don’t understand

your need for this woman. You are doing all this just to

have her close?”


“But you won’t tell me why she is so important to you.”

I stay quiet. I have told him almost everything but this, this I keep to myself.

Besides the damn butterflies

she keeps giving me, she has

something else that I am

interested in too.

“Hmh. You could have your pick of the pack.” he says.

“And I did pick. I want her.”

“Okay, but then what is the

need for all of this? You can

just take her if you want her. No need to play games or wait.”

“No. I want her to want me

too. I want a genuine bond. Not one based on her being forced and hating me for it.”

He shakes his head. “You are

to be Alpha, no she–wolf in

the pack would pass that opportunity. She won’t hate


I almost laugh because of

how much he doesn’t know

her. “Oh yes, she would. She

is different than all the other

women in the pack. She doesn’t like being told what to do.”

“That can be easily corrected.” he says.

“Why would I do that? I like

that about her. She has a will

of her own. A defiant little

minx who will not just follow the herd like a sheep.”

“Alright, fine. I don’t really

care if I am honest. All I care

about is you taking over. An Alpha is born, a Luna can

learn her duties.” He then

mutters. “Thank the goddess you are back. Your brother

was never cut out for this.”

“And I will succeed you…if I get what I want.” I say.

He nods. “You will get what

you want. Your mother won’t like it though. Not that girl.”

I couldn’t care less but I don’t

say it.

Mother has always had it in

for Cass but it is our fault.

Mine and my siblings. We targeted her over the years. She fought back and got in

trouble because of this.

I hope she can forgive me. I

know that I wasn’t as bad as

my brothers but I am not

without fault. I realize the part I played in this but I will never hurt her again. It takes a man with an ego to fall

hard into darkness to see the

value of a good woman. And I see it, Cass. I see you.

Dad puts a hand on my

shoulder, startling me from

my thoughts and I almost


“You are home, son. You are

safe. You don’t have to live in

fear anymore.”

Fear? Maybe not fear but

hatred is another thing. I

hate HIM. I hate them all.

Now that I am free, they will pay for these nine years of


I stare out of the window as I

think of her.

Cass… Casseopea…

That power she has will be

detrimental to HIM. I want

her, that is no lie. Even

before I knew of her power I

wanted her. The kindness

she showed us…I was blind to

her beauty all those years ago. To be honest, if it wasn’t for what I went through

these nine years, I would not be able to appreciate a

beauty like hers. She is a rare

kind of woman.

The moment I left that

torturing room, I knew I

wanted her but now that I know about her power, I

NEED her by my side. She

will be the one who turns the

tide. They will all pay.

“I’ll be back. Your mom

needs me.” Dad says looking

at his phone and walking


As Dad walks out, Kaecy

pops his head into the office

from the door.

“Hey, meet us in the game

room in a few minutes.” he


“For what?” I ask.

“Just come.”

I give him a nod. “Alright.”

As he leaves, I stand there looking out of the window.

Nothing has changed here.

It’s like everyone is stuck playing their parts. I need to change that. They need to be more aware of the enemy.

“Hey, what you up to?” Dash walks into the office taking me out of my thoughts. I

watch him sit on one of the

chairs and rest his feet on the

coffee table.

“You’re getting comfortable,‘

I mutter.

“Haven’t been this relaxed in

years,” he replies.

“I know what you mean


“Hey! Where is Cass?”

I narrow my eyes at him. “Why?”

“Just wanted to talk to her. Did you find her yesterday?”

“Yeah…I did.”

“Was she really angry?”

“She was…but I made

it…better.” I have to steer

clear of the thoughts that

want to surface.

“YOU made it better?”


He squints his eyes. “How?”

“You want sweet details of

our lovemaking?”

“Oh shut the hell up. You are lying. Curls wouldn’t have.” He says.

I laugh. “And you know her that well just by the time we spent down there together?”

“Yeah. I’m good at reading

people. And that’s a good girl.”

That makes me like her even


I let my thoughts win and

think about last night. How

her b*dy felt and reacted to

my touch. “Mh…”

Dash shifts uncomfortably in

his spot. “What are you

moaning about, f**ker?”


He squints his eyes. “What

did you do?”

“Nothing.” I say again.

“You know what? It doesn’t

matter. It’s not like she can’t

take care of herself. You f**k

with her, you are the one that is risking it.”

He looks up thinking. “Do you really believe she is-

“Yeah. Let’s not talk about that here.” I quickly say.

Dad is not stupid. He knows there is more to the story. I don’t think he has anyone

watching us but you never

know. I rather be careful.

“It’s crazy though. When we weren’t looking-”

“I know. Now stop.”

“Fine, fine…” He leans his

head back but then bobs it

back up again. “Hey, that

sister of yours is a b*tch.”

“Yeah…I know.”

“She treats people like they

are the dirt under her shoe and she thinks she is a jewel that walks upon this earth.”

“Yeah…she took after my


“Oh…damn. That’s sad.”

“My whole family is sad. A sad excuse for an Alpha family.” I mutter.

“Aint that a bit harsh?”

“No, but I’m not going to lie, I was part of the problem too. I used to be just like all

of them. Entitled. Thought

that I was better than others.

If I can take anything good from what happened to

me…us, it is that it opened my eyes.”

He nods. “Yeah. I am not the

same person I was before I got there either.”

“It changed us all.” I whisper.

“Speaking of all, aren’t these two f**kers supposed to leave any minute now?”

I nod. “Yeah. We should go see them off.”

We get up and head out to

the front of the house.

Quinn and Petter are getting

ready to head home to their packs.

“There you two are. Come to be sappy and say your goodbyes?” Quin asks.

Dash gives him a soft punch

on the shoulder. “Don’t start

with that shit man. Emotions

are normal.”

“You homo sapien,” Quin


Dash’s face crinkles


“Well yeah. I don’t want to be

offensive to Petter here so I

add the “sapien” part.” Quin explains.

“F**ker! I don’t pitch for the same team!” Petter shouts.

Dash, Quin, and I laugh.

“Little b*tchass,” Petter

mutters under his breath.

Dash sighs. “I’m going to

miss you guys.”

“Yeah. We’ve been through a

lot together.” Peter says.

“Again, you guys are-” We interrupt Quinn before he

can finish the sentence.

“Shut up!” We all say at the same time making him laugh.

I put a hand on each of their

shoulders. “Take care. You

guys are like my brothers.” I

lean in. “And remember

what I said.”

Quin nods. “Yeah. We won’t tell anyone. You know you

can trust us.”

I nod. I know they won’t say anything. This benefits us all.

I watch them get in the car

and leave.

I nod at her. “It’s good to be


She giggles and I am

confused because I have not

given her cause for it.

“I remember when you used to practice in the fields. But you’ve changed. You look

much different now.” She


“Ah, Bryn’s friend?” I ask.

She nods with a smile. “You

remember me!”

I don’t remember her at all.

All I remember was my sister having a tiny girl follow her

“I’m really going to miss

them.” Dash mumbles.

“I know. Me too.”

“Well, I’m off to cause some

mischief with the ladies of the pack.” He walks away laughing and all I can do is

shake my head.

I walk back inside only to be

stopped by someone.

“Hi, Alpha. I am so glad you are back.”

The girl that stands in front of me has blond wavy hair and green eyes. She looks just a bit familiar.


“Colt, there you are.” Mother

walks down the stairs.

The girl gives me a nod and rushes away.

“We haven’t had some time

together my dear boy.” She cups my face with her hands and pulls me down, then

k*sses me on the cheek.

“Sorry. Dad has been

occupying my time.” I tell


I am really glad to see them all but if I am honest, I

almost feel numb to them.

There is no happiness in me

that comes from seeing

them. I don’t know why

but…it is like I don’t have any


“I know. I just had a word with him. You just got home. He can’t work you like this without you getting some good rest. I won’t have it.”

She pulls me into a hug and

for the first time, I feel her frailness. Or maybe it’s

because I have grown. I am

much bigger than when I was last here.

“I am going to have the

cooks cook your favorite

meals all week.”

She gives me a big smile and

heads off to the kitchen.

Even seeing her smile and

watching how happy she was didn’t do anything to make me feel.

I sigh and decide to head to

the game room.

“Let’s see what they want.”

To my surprise, as I walk through the hall, the one I

encounter is Cass. She stands

in front of the billiard room

doors which is what we call

the game room.

I stand here for a few

seconds watching her. She is

unaware that she is being

watched by me.

Thoughts of last night invade my mind again as it has been happening all day and last night after I came back. This girl has no idea of the power she can hold over any man. Underneath that bitterness she holds, there is

beauty, inside and out.

I am also taken by the fact

that I somehow feel. When I

am with her, when I think

about her…I don’t feel numb

anymore. I feel warmth…like

I am alive. I haven’t felt like

that in a long time. This girl is special in so many ways but mostly…she is special to

This girl deserves a good life. A good mate. I am going to

make her mine.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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