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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 22

Ezra gets near to the window

which Colt starts to close.

“Don’t go, Cass! Just wait!

Let’s talk about this!”

“Go,” the Alpha says to Colt

as he tries to hold Ezra back.

“Go!” Colt says to the driver.

Dash sits in the front, next to

the driver. “Go! Now!”

“Cass!” Ezra shouts.

“Accept the rejection, Ezra!

Let’s be done with this!” I

shout before the car starts to


There is desperation in his eyes but I feel no sympathy. Maybe a few years ago I

would have, but not


Colt closes the window and

we start driving.

“Are you okay?” Colt asks.

“Yeah. I’m fine,” I say but I

stay quiet.

Dash turns around and looks

at me. “Curls, he’s a prick.

That man didn’t care until

someone else was interested in you. Otherwise, he would

have continued doing the same thing.”

I know he is right. I am trying my hardest not to feel

bad for the guy. And I will

choose not to.

“How long will it take us to get where we are going?”

“About an hour,” Colt says.

He rubs my back.

“How are those wounds?”

“Oh, I forgot about them.

They are not hurting.”

“Let me see.”

I turn around for him. He

lifts my shirt and takes the

gausses off.

“They are already almost

gone,” he says.

“Good,” I mutter but he doesn’t take his hand away.

Instead, he slowly moves his hand up my back. It is a gentle touch, warm and delicate. It feels good.

I close my eyes, feeling the

nice sensation.

“So many scars…” He


I give a hesitant pause.

“Mh, I was a…wild child, according to your mother.”

He takes in a deep breath as if he is readying himself for something. “Did any of these

where because of me?” He


I don’t want to hurt him, but I am not going to lie. “Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to, Colt.”

He knows that that answer

means yes. He closes his eyes

and nods.

He suddenly gets close and whispers in my ear. “Well, I

am going to love you until I can melt those scars away.”

My head turns and I stare at him. The intensity in his eyes makes my chest

squeeze with emotions that

are unknown to me.

His hand goes to my face

and he caresses me gently.

“Your skin is perfect either way but I am going to love you until you forget you have these at all.” He

whispers with his callous but

soft hand now possessively on my thigh.

“Goddamn! I can touch the

tension! You are not alone

here you know!” Dash


Feeling embarrassed, I

quickly straighten up and properly sit.

Colt grunts. “You are starting to get on my nerves, Dash.”

“It’s about time. I get on everyone’s nerves.” He turns

back around to look at Colt

and mutters, “I am surprised

you lasted this long.”

“You were always annoying, Dash. I just ignored you.”

“Godamn. For nine years?”

Dash says and then mutters.

“You have the patience of a

saint then.”

“Mh…” Colt turns back to me

giving me his attention

again. His hand lands on my knee, pulling me close to him. His large frame leans

into me. His other hand

holds my chin and pulls me to him, locking his lps with mine. A fiery kss that

screams desperation and longing.

He pulls back enough for me

to be aware of his hand

which has traveled up my

thigh. He takes in a breath

sucking it in through his


“I’ve been wanting to k*ss you for days and you

wouldn’t let me.” He

breathlessly whispers.

“You know why.” I remind

him also in a whisper.

“Yeah. But we are away from

him now. I want you.” His

hand caresses my outer

thigh, threatening to go up


“Yes but…”

One of his brows

immediately lifts. “But?”

“I’m here, dumbass! We are here!” Dash shouts looking


That was exactly what I was about to say. It’s like Colt

forgot that we were not


“For goddess sake! I will stop

this car, run out, and never

come back!” Dash says.

I giggle.

Colt takes a deep breath through his nostrils as if they

were flaring and then moves back but keeps his hand on

my shoulder, pulling me to

lean on his chest.

I love how he shows me how

much he wants me but at the

same time, it still scares me a

little. I thought I was done feeling like this but I guess I am not. And also, now that

we are away from all that drama with Ezra, I

remember something he

told me before.

I slowly pull away from him. I cross my legs and look out the window as I clear my


“So, what were those things

you had to tell me?” I ask.

“Mh?” He looks at me with confusion. “What things?”

“You had told me that there

were things that you needed

to tell me. That was back in

that weird animal room. Things about me?


Immediately he realizes

what I am talking about.

“Oh. Yes. But not yet.”

“Not yet? Why?”

“For one, we are not alone


“Oh, now you want to be

mindful.” Dash mocks as his

head shoots back to us.

“Shut up.” Colt’s face scrunches up and he narrows his eyes at Dash.

Dash turns back around

muttering under his breath.

“Okay, so then when?” I ask.

“How about we get to the city

and then we’ll figure that


I sigh. “Alright.”

Throughout the rest of the

ride, we all make small talk

until finally, we arrive at the


“Wow. They are even taller

than how they show on TV.” I say looking at the tall buildings.

“Do you see the tallest one over there?” Colt points to a building that stands taller than all the others. “That’s where we are staying.”

After a few minutes of traffic,

we stop right in front of it.

Colt gets out and holds a

hand to me. I take it and he

takes me inside. It is the

fanciest place I have ever

seen in my life.

“We are staying here?” I whisper to Colt.

He smiles. “Yes.”

A pack member, whom I recognize, walks over to us

from the front desks where

there are lines of people

waiting to be tended to.

“Alpha, the rooms are all

taken care of. Here are the

keys.” He says handing Colt a

few white cards.

“Thank you.” He looks at me.

“Come on.”

He leads me to the left of the

building where we go inside an elevator. I walk in but my b*dy is stiff.

‘Are you okay?” Colt asks while Dash starts laughing at

“I’ve never rode one of

these,” I say.

The thing starts moving and I feel like I am going to fall. I

hold onto Colt with both

hands while my knees start to bend as they feel weak.

Colt holds me close, so I don’t fall while they now

both laugh though I do not

find it so amusing.

When the elevator stops, I

hurry on out.

“Here we are.” Dash says.

“We have the whole floor.”

“The whole floor? All these


“Yes. Many of the rooms will be used by the pack members and the empty ones will remain empty. Colt is an Alpha and soon will be the Alpha of a pack. He has to be protected at all costs.”

“It’s like…mafia bosses,” I say.

“What does your pretty little

head know about the mafia?”

Dash asks, looking amused.

“Only what I have seen on


They both laugh.

“Laugh it up all you want but

I am sure it’s not


“Okay okay. Colt says. He looks at Dash. “I’ll send you a text when we are ready to

leave,” Colt says to Dash.

Dash turns around and

waves. “Alright, but let me nap a bit first.”

Colt takes my hand and

walks us to the end of the

hall where he opens a door

revealing a huge room.

“Geez,” I whisper.

It is an open living room with a glimmering

chandelier in the middle.

The floors are white marble

and the walls are white too.

The fancy–looking sofas are

a cream color and there is gold color stuff around the

room to accentuate it. At the

end of the room, the wall is a

giant window that overlooks

the city. There is a fancy

“Oh…wow. But I thought the

city was not part of our


“It’s not. The city is a free

area. It is unclaimable

territory. So many packs can

own buildings next to each


“Even the Dark Fang Pack?” I


He gives me a serious look. “Yes. Even them and they do own some buildings around here. But most packs come

here for business only. So don’t worry.”

I stand in front of the

window looking out at the city. It is amazing how

different it can look when

you are looking at it from


“Is that why you are here


He nods. “Yeah.”

I turn around and face him.

“Okay. Time for that talk.”

He acts like he is confused

but he knows exactly what am talking about. He walks close to me and takes my

hand then twirls me around.

“Let’s dance first.” He lets me

go, then he claps twice.

“Music.” He says and

suddenly, music starts

playing. He claps twice again. “Something slow.” He says

and a slow song comes on.

“Is that like an Alexa?”

“Yep. Now come here.” He pulls me into his arms and

stars swaying.

He twirls me around and we

dance around the room.

I love it. I have never danced

so freely before. Usually, it is only in my room by myself.

I love how sweet he is but I

have not forgotten how he is avoiding my question.

Taking deep breaths, I come back to the subject. “Colt, you said you would tell me.”

He twirls me around over

and over. I start to feel dizzy

and when we stop, we are suddenly in the bedroom.

He pulls me back and I effortlessly fall on the bed with him on top of me.

I laugh. “Colt!”

“Those are skills. Bet you

didn’t even notice how we

got here.” He says and


“You can be so silly,” I say.

He smiles, then looks into my eyes and moves hair strands from my face.

“Tell you what. Let’s spend today doing anything you want out in the city. Then

tomorrow, we can have a

serious conversation about


“You promise?”

“I promise. I am not

avoiding it. I just want to

have a normal day with you.“

I slowly nod looking at his l*ps.

“Kiss me first,” I whisper. I

have no idea how the hell I

have the balls to say that to

him but I do.

“Oh! Now you are


I laugh but I feel


“Well, don’t mind if I

comply,” he whispers.

His l*ps touch mine. I swear I almost feel an electric jolt go through us. I put my hands behind his head pulling him

close and deepening the k*ss.

His hands go to my thighs

where he lifts them up and

wraps my legs around his


“I don’t want to go too far” I whisper.

He nods as he k*sses me.


I feel his hips move into

mine. Grinding my private

parts with his and it feels so good.

It is so good that I moan.

“I like that.”

“Mh, like what?” I ask when I

part my l*ps from his just a bit but then crash them back

on his.

“When you moan like that, it

makes me want to do

everything to you,” he says in

between k*sses. “But I’ll

always stop when you want

me to.” He k*sses me again. “Just let me know what is too much for you because if you

let me, I will take you completely.”

The thought of his words

makes my insides ake for


Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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