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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 38

I sit in the cold in the darkness of night looking up at the sky. My head rests on the pole. I can’t lie down

because the chains are not

long enough so I sit, resting with the pole as a pillow.

I didn’t count how many

whips I got but it was a good


It’s been a few hours since

I’ve been here. And just like I said to myself, the pain goes away. It hurts but it is


I hear the whimpers of the

poor souls who have been

tortured here and are

prisoners. That breaks my


Suddenly, a blanket is

thrown over me.

“Your punishment is over,”

Poppy says as a guard

unlocks my shackles. “Be

careful with her. Don’t hurt

her,” she says to the guards.

I look up and notice that it is not random guards at all. It is

Garret, and Victor who

stands behind him but he

can’t seem to look me in the

eyes. They each grab one of

my arms and carefully carry

me back to the house.

They take me to my room and as they open the door, Lotus walks out of my


“In the tub. I have a warm

bath running for her,” she

tells them.

They do as she says and

leave the room.

I rest my head on my knees,

closing my eyes. The warm

water does make things


“There there. It’s over now.”

Lotus gently pours water on

my body washing away the blood and the dirt. “Let’s get you cleaned up so you can


“Alexis…I don’t know his real

name but, he is alive. He is also being treated for his wounds.” Poppy says.

I am angry and I really want to say that I don’t care but I do. I am glad he is alive. But I am still so angry at him.

“The other man…the one

that is your mate, he is also alive. He is in the infirmary

also being treated.”

Ezra…why is he always making things worse?

After they clean me up, they lie me in bed facing down and tend to my wounds. I’ll heal within a few days. I

would have been almost

completely healed by tomorrow if it had been a

normal whip that was used

on me but this one had silver

so it will take a bit more time

and it will definitely leave


I am thankful when I am

finally left alone to sleep. It

seems like morning comes

too fast. I did not wake up

once during the night. I was

so tired.

Luckily, most of the day I am not disturbed.

The next day mid afternoon,

I am taken to Warrick’s

office. I am feeling much

better and my wounds are

halfway closed.

When I walk into Warrick’s

office I am surprised to see not just him but Ezra too.

And he looks different than

the last time I saw him. He

still has a bit of swollenness

on his face but almost looks

completely healed and he is

well dressed in a suit.

“Oh…it’s you,” I say not hiding my disdain for him.

“That’s how you treat your

mate?” Warrick asks.

“He’s not my mate. I rejected him a long time ago. Why am I here?”

I show no fear and I certainly

am about to speak my mind

on anything he has to say. I am no longer afraid of this


“You are here because I

demanded it.”

“Well, I am here. Now what!” I am snappy and he notices.

He narrows his eyes at me

but then looks at Ezra who I

have been ignoring all this

time and who just stares at

“Ezra here has willingly asked to join me. He is willing to give all the information of his pack away

in order to stay here with you. Go ahead, speak, boy.”

Ezra takes in a deep breath. “Cass, I was wrong. I need

you. I need you more than anything. Please forgive me.”

“Forgive you? Why? Just

because you say you are

sorry? And then you are

willing to betray your family

like this?”

“I know I f**ked up. I was stupid. I regret it. I regret it all,” he says.

Now thinking…I haven’t had any pain of betrayal since being back in his pack.

“Please, just give me a chance to talk. To make things


“I honestly feel no genuine

remorse from you. You are just angry because your

brother f**ked me.”

I swear these words coming out of my mouth almost

don’t feel like they are mine.

He growls at me. His fist

closes and his body shakes in


“Bingo,” I say with


Behind him, Warrick is completely enjoying the

show. He is smiling but

doesn’t right out laugh.

“So you did it on purpose.

He is using you! He is the one that brought you here! He seduced you and lied. He doesn’t really want you!” Ezra speaks.

“I know what I know. Actions

speak louder than words and

I know where Colt stands

when it comes to me.”

He loves me, I know this.

felt his love. So this man

can’t convince me otherwise.

“Believe what you want, Ezra. I don’t really give a shit. I reject you ten times

over. You can go choke on a

dick for all I care.”

Ezra looks shocked and I

almost want to laugh. I like

this version of me. The one

that doesn’t give a shit.

“He is your mate. Do you not

feel the bond?” Warrick

finally talks.

“Oh, I feel it I just refuse it. I will not let this feeling rule me. All my life I thought that the mate bond was a gift but

it is not. It is a way to force

you to want someone even if that someone is a complete narcissistic, abusive ashole. I refuse to put those pink

shades on that blind me

from seeing all that is wrong in someone because of a

mate bond. I will be the one

to choose who I want to be

with and that person is not you, Ezra.”

Ezra is pissed.

“I came all this way for you. I was willing to go into the enemy territory to get to you.” As he says this, I cross my arms and stare at my nails showing him how little

I care.

“I am sorry. I am sorry for what I did to you but I will

follow you wherever you go.

I want you. You are my

mate.” He pleads.

“You know, that’s called obsession. It’s not healthy.” I

say. “And you really thought that I would just forgive you just like that? That I would just accept you just because you are my mate?”

“Please…Cass. I give up everything for you.”

I stare at him. He looks

so…pathetic to me. What he is doing is nothing to be

proud of. He is betraying his family.



“Enough,” Warrick says. “I’m

bored with this. Try again later. Our arrangement still

stands whether she accepts

you or not. Now leave us but remember, you are still a

prisoner here until I say it


Ezra hesitates but he walks

out and as he does, he stares

at me without even blinking but I look away, ignoring


As the door closes behind

me, Warrick goes around his

desk and sits on the edge of it looking like he has

something to say.

“What now?” I ask him with


“That mouth of yours is becoming daring. Watch the

way you talk to me.”

“Why? What will you

you do?

Punish me again?”


TO ME, GIRL!” he shouts.

“OR WHAT?!” I shout back at


He rushes me and pins me

against the wall. “Or I’ll just

have to make do with two

sons instead!”

“Do it! Kill me! DO IT!” I


He stares at me with sudden

wonder and shock. His face

backs away as he examines my face.

“I was…wrong…you are not like your mother.” He lets me go, backing away. “Now I

know why we are so at odds.

You are like me.”

“No! I am not like you!”

“Yes, you are. That WILL and

stubbornness are your

mothers but that anger

inside of you and that

defiant side is all me.”

He seems almost proud but I

loathe the idea.

“I am not like you. I will

never be like you. You

are…cruel and a horrible


“I wasn’t always like this.

Circumstances turned me

this way. Maybe someday, you will see things

differently, my way.”

He swats his hand at me as

he goes back to his desk. “Go. I am tired of you.”

“Where is Colt?!” I ask.

He swats his hands again at

me as if I was an annoying

insect. “He is wherever

Garret took him and you are

not allowed to see him

anyway. NOW LEAVE! I

won’t say it again!”

I roll my eyes and turn


“I am not like you!” I shout

before I walk out of the

doors but he doesn’t


I slam the door behind me

and stomp through the hall

all the way to the war room

where I know Garret should

be right now. Serge walks behind me trying to keep up but doesn’t say a single thing. We never really talk much


open the two big doors, slamming them on the walls.

“Where is Colt!” I shout at

the room full of men.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Garret raises his voice.

“I am going to see him and

damn anyone who gets in my way. Where is he?!”

I am ready to raise some hell today.

“Are you crazy? If father-”

“Does it look like I give a

damn what he does to me?!

If you don’t tell me then I will go through every single room in this house. I’ll break

every door that stands in my way! I’ll definitely give dear old Dad something to punish

me for!”

To say that I have shocked

the life out of everyone in

the room is an


Garret takes me by the arm

and pulls me to the side away from everyone.

“I am not telling you shit!” he


“TELL ME!” My angry voice

echoes this time as if there

was a huge empty room.

“Second floor on the right. The room that is guarded with two men.” Garret says

and suddenly his eyes almost

burst out of his sockets. “I…I


I smile with satisfaction.

“Oh look at that. My powers work perfectly fine after all.”

I am super surprised but I am trying not to show it.

It seems that they work

better when I am a bit out of

control. I know I have to

learn to control them

because this can be

dangerous especially when I

am angry.

“Aren’t you going to do anything?” Garret asks Serge

who is behind me.

“I am tasked with her

protection and nothing more,” he says.

“Thanks. I won’t tell anyone

if you don’t.”

I walk out feeling smaugh with a cocky stride and a big

smile on my face as they

watch me.

Dear Daddy, you wanted me

to learn how to use my

powers? Well, I am. Be

careful with what you sow,

you might not like what you r*ap.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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