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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 58

Chapter 58

A part of me does not want Julie to die, I don’t want to be responsible for someone’s death who didn’t actually deserve it but the other part of me, the wolf part wants her gone even if that means death.

I feel no remorse but I know that what I did was

wrong. I don’t know how I am supposed to feel


I lie here with Colt. He is

behind me and has his arms

around me but I woke up

about thirty minutes ago

unable to sleep thinking

about everything that

happened. I can see morning

light already coming from

the windows.

What I did was instinct

but…I can’t allow myself to

use my power like that. Not while I am not thinking straight. I need to learn to

control it. But I have tried

over and over and it seems

impossible. Why am I not

able to learn? Even Warrick

seems perplexed by this.

“Are you okay?” Colt asks,

whispering in my ear.

“Mh, yes.” I turn my head

and k*ss him before he can

ask me again. I don’t feel like talking about this right now.

“Mh…” he moans.

His hands start rubbing my hips. I immediately can feel him. He has morning wood.

I smile and he smiles back

because he knows I notice. I

start moving my hips and backing up on him. My butt rubbing him.

Immediately he starts pulling my pants and

underwear down and then

he rubs himself in between

my closed legs and core.

“You are already wet.” He

groans out.

“That’s because I want you.”

My b*dy feels extra sensitive right now.

“Good.” He whispers in my ear and then his hands pull my hips back and he lowers himself just a bit. Then his

member enters me. It feels

like pure bliss. My insides burn for him to the point

where not even a few

minutes pass and I am about

to come.

“Don’t stop, Colt.” I moan.

“I’m not stopping, baby.”

I feel the pure pleasurable release that makes my eyes go up. When my pleasure subsides, Colt turns me over–doggy style–and

starts thrusting until soon he slams into me as he grunts

and moans.

One hand on my back and another on my hip moving

me back to meet him.

In no way am I about to

come since I just did but it still feels good.

“Do you like this?” I ask him.

“Yes!” He grunts. “F**k. It feels so good.” As he says this, he gives a few more abrupt thrusts and comes.

“Mh…that was so good.” I mutter spreading my b*dy

on the bed.

Colt crashes on the bed next

to me trying to catch his


He turns to me and at the

same time, I turn to him. He

smiles and then pulls me

into a hug where we stay for

a while talking.

Not once does he bring up anything of what happened

last night. We just enjoy each


I realize that we are late for

the meeting so we quickly take a shower and get ready.

Then we have a quick breakfast downstairs. I was surprised to see that Oliver’s

men were not there. As we walk to the war room, they aren’t anywhere.

We get to the war room and

see everyone there. Warrick,

the generals, Alpha Oliver,

and most of his men are


“There you are.” Warrick

says. “We already started

without you, you are late.”

“Sorry.” I say and

immediately stand next to


My eyes go to Alpha Oliver

who surprisingly has a

plastered smile on his face. It is a bit creepy because it

seems fake.

“Now where were we?”

“If I may…” Alpha Oliver interrupts. “Now that we are all here I have something very important to say.”

We all turn to him. He has

his hands behind his back

still smiling.

“I hate to be taken for a fool.

And I hate being thought of as not good enough even

more. You’ve…

underestimated me, Alpha

Warrick, and that I can’t

forgive.” He takes out what seems to be a black gas mask and puts it on. All of his

men–that now I notice

surround us–do the same.

“What are you up to!?”

Warrick shouts and with

speed, he rushes Oliver but suddenly Oliver has his

hands on a knife and it is

plunged deep inside

Warrick’s chest.

Before anyone else can

move, Oliver’s men throw

what seem to be gas

grenades on the floor.

Immediately my throat feels

like it burns.

I watch Warrick fall to the

ground motionless.

No! Dad!

“Cass! Go! Leave!” Colt says clutching at his throat.

Everyone who does not wear

a mask falls to the floor. I am

unable to make a sound

other than gasp for air. My

eyes start to sting and they


“This could have been so

much more different if you

would have seen the value in

our partnership.” Oliver’s

voice is muffled but we hear

him just fine. He walks in my direction as he says this.

“Bind, blindfold her, and

take her. She is too valuable

to just kill. Now let’s


before the whole pack is


“No…NO!” Colt shouts as

men try to prie me from him. I try to hold on to him but it is impossible. I feel so

weak. I am blindfolded

before I am pulled away.

“No! I scream but it is a

rough shout, my insides hurt

and it is hard to breathe.

The last thing I feel is

someone hitting me before everything goes black.

My eyes open to see

darkness but I can hear

people around me.

“I think she is awake.”

By the way I involuntary

move, I can feel that we are

in a vehicle.

“Good.” I hear Oliver’s voice.

I sit up with a jolt. “You son

of a bitch!” I scream and

throw myself forward but

only end up hitting

something. I am pulled back

and sat down.

“Don’t hurt yourself. You’ll

cost less.” Oliver says.


He doesn’t say anything.

“Why? Why did you do this? Was this your plan all along?”

“No. It was something I came

up with in the middle of the night right after your father

told me that the deal with

him was over. He didn’t

know that Alpha Ezra had

sent a proposition to me a while ago.”

“You are working for him? Is that where you are taking


“Well I wasn’t going to take

his proposal but now I think

I will…and then I’ll kill him

too. But no, I am not taking you to him. The man would

kill you and that is just a

waste. Someone else would

pay great money for you.”

“What? Who?”

“Honestly, I would have kept you for myself but you are far too dangerous and I can’t

just make you want me. I can’t control you.” He sighs. “Go to sleep now. It will take us a few hours to get there.”

“Wait! What happened to

everyone? Did you hurt


“They just took a little nap.”

“But…you killed my father.”

“That I did. I plunged a silver

poisoned knife into his

chest, now shush.”

Before I can argue, I feel a prick on my n*ck and then I

am unconscious again.

I wake up to a bumpy ride but soon the car stops. I am

taken out and all I can see is

a bit of the grovel. They drag

me and soon the ground is a muddy mess.

“Where are we?!”

I start to hear the scattered

voices of people and all manner of noises. I hear the clinging of swords and money. People laughing and having conversations. I can see people’s feet as we walk.

It almost feels like a market

or something like that.

After a few minutes, I finally

see old dirty wood planks

instead of dirt and then hear

a man’s voice. “Welcome.

Didn’t think I’d see you again

if I am honest.”

The man has a strong accent.

It sounds like a Chinese

accent if I am not mistaken.

“Alpha Zao. I found your

place very interesting last

time I was here.”

Zao? Where have I heard

that before? I think it was

Oliver himself who

mentioned this name.

“This is her.” Oliver pulls me

close to him and then takes

my blindfold off.

A bald Asian man stands in

front of me in a green

Chinese robe. He is not old,

maybe in his thirties but has

scars everywhere.

“A yes…when you told us you were coming and had this

little special present for us,

we had something special

made for her.”

“Hardly a present. I expect payment.”

“In full. The man says and

throws a bag on the table in

front of us.”

“You are selling me!” I look at Oliver but he quickly averts his eyes from me. Not

because he feels guilty but it

seems that he is afraid.

“Need money for rogue mercenaries now that I did

what I did.” He looks at Zao. “She can’t control her power but it is still dangerous, best to keep her blindfolded.” Oliver says.

“I told you. I have something specially made for her.” The bald man paces around me

and Oliver as if he was

examining me. “I have heard of this gift. It is old and comes from royal blood. You will make an exquisite

addition to my collection.”

I laugh like a maniac cause

he really did make me laugh. “You are getting ripped off

here. I will be much more

trouble than I am worth.

Trust me…you can’t tame


Zao chuckles. “Tame you?

No, I am known for

breaking, not taming.”

Two men suddenly take me from Oliver. They are swift and even though I thrash around and do everything that I can to get myself out of my restraints, the two men

hold me down on the table.

Two other men come and

hold my legs down.

“LET ME GO!” I scream shaking my head from side

to side. Another man comes from the top and holds my head in place. “LET ME

GOOO!” I scream as the man

makes the mistake of looking

into my eyes. He

immediately moves back and releases my head but that does nothing since four other men are holding me.

My dumb ass should have

commanded to kill the men

holding me but I was not thinking.

“Hold her head but don’t look into her eyes, you idiot.”

Oliver mutters. He leans on a

wooden beam and watches.

The man shakes his head

and holds my head again

Zao walks from the end of

the room and ceremoniously holds up an iron half–mask. Like the ones they use on

mascarades. It is a sliver in color and beautifully

detailed and embroidered.

But it is thick. It is half an

inch of metal thickness but it

is much more thicker

around the eye area.

“Made just for you.” Zao says admiring the mask. “I had

my men rake their heads on

what would work for

someone with your power. Something that would not allow you to use your power on others but would still

allow you to see. This is what they came up with. It is thick enough that when people look into your eyes, all they

will see is darkness. You

won’t be able to use your

power on them but it will

allow you to see.”

As if I would keep that on.

Zao brings the mask close

and puts it on me. “Perfect.

Fits like a glove. The thing is actually heavy.

I thrash a bit and it falls off.

Dumb ass.

Zao smiles as if it didn’t faze

him. “Bring the bolts.”


“Bolts? What do you mean

bolts?” I ask.

He doesn’t answer. One of

his men walks up to me with

four metal thick bolts.

Another man walks close

with an electric screwdriver.

“What are you doing?! What are you doing!?!” I scream as Zao puts the mask back on.

“Well, shit…this is not what I was expecting.” Oliver


Zao holds the mask over me

with a smile. “Relax, this will only hurt a lot.”

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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