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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 75

Chapter 75


Pay! She will pay!

Those blank eyes stare at me

as they have been staring for

the last few hours. Not a

single blink…not one. But

what kind of blinks could a

severed head in the middle of a table give?

No one in the room eats.

They all just stare at me as if

I was crazy.

“I am getting tired of losing.”

I mutter. “WHAT?! What am

I to do?!” I scream. “Why

does she always have the upper hand?!”

Glass cups, ceramic plates, and all sorts of things that

you can find on a dining

table are thrown across the

room by me.

“She was right there! I had

her right in front of me so

many times!” I shout.

There is only silence by

everyone who watches. Even

Kaecy, especially Kaecy.

“You!” I point to a newly

recruited general. I figured

that the enemy has generals so why shouldn’t I? “Give me

an idea! What should our

next move be?!”

No answer. He nervously

opens his mouth but no

words come out.

“USELESS! Sienna is more

useful to me even when

dead!” I point at her

detached head in the middle

of the table.

It was sent to me and arrived

this morning. Courtesy of my demon ex–mate!

The man continues with his


“You don’t wish to speak?


I grab him by the throat and pin him to the table.

“Hold him!” I say to the

guards and they do not


I force him to open his

mouth and with the meat

knife on the table, I cut his

tongue out.

He shakes and screams until

I am done and let him go. he

falls to his knees


“Speak when I tell you to speak! Or deal with the consequences.” I throw the bloody tongue on the table.

“Alpha, I know that you are angry but taking it out on us

will not give you the results

you want.” One of them speaks.

“And you speak too much!

Are you a traitor?”

“No, Alpha.”

“Hold him down!” I shout.

My personal guards make

quick–to–follow orders. They

hold the defiant bastard

down on the table.

“Don’t talk when I tell you to and lose your tongue. Talk

too much when it is not your place and also lose your tongue!”

“Brother!” Kacey protests as I

hold the knife up.

He rarely ever interjects


I point the knife at him.

“You’d betray me too, wouldn’t you?”


I walk closer to him. “Maybe

I should pluck your other

eye out.”

Kaecy quickly looks down.

My attention goes to everyone in the room now.

“You all sacks of withered

balls! Pieces of shit, good for nothing! Not one of you can do what I ask you to do!”

None of the assassins I sent

ever came back.

The only one who ever did anything useful around here

was Sienna and now there

she lies…part of her anyway.

Sienna was not new to me.

She was someone I indulged in back when I was doing my training away from the pack. She is one I cause pain with to Casseope many times. I

knew she had a bit of an

infatuation with me and when I blinded myself and killed my father, I called her to help. I knew she delved into magic but I never knew

how useful she could be. She

also was the one who kept

me calm and in check. She kept me focused on the end goal. Now there is no one to stop me. I’ll take this whole

damn pack down with me

but I am okay with that as long as I get to have…kill…

Cass. Kill…

I am sitting back on my chair now feeling a bit calmer.

“She is starting to look unlike herself.” I mutter, looking at


“Yeah… being dead does

that.” Kaecy mutters.

Not to mention the smell is

starting to get to me.

“Take it.” I swat my hand at my guards. Bury it where I can’t smell it anymore.

I yawn. “Do any of you know any other witch?”

They all shake their heads.

“Witches are hard to come

by.” Kaecy says.

This I know.

F**king Cass had to kill her!

I never knew she had it in

her to kill like that. Not just

Sienna but also in the arena.

I watched the masked

woman kill a man and thought nothing of it but

now, knowing that it was her

all along…I never knew she

had it in her.

I slam my fists on the table.

Who the hell am I kidding!? I say I want to kill her but I

don’t! I want to f**k her!

Even after breaking our mate

bond I still want her like this!

I want to take her and make

her mine! Put her on a leash

and make her do my every bidding! Display her as the little slut she is but no one

gets to touch her except me.

When I get her that is what

I’ll do. I’ll have her n*ked

chained to my bed so I can

do whatever the hell I want

with her. As for my brother,

I’ll peal the skin of his b*dy and keep him alive long

enough to see me break MY


Kaecy’s POV

Mad…my brother has gotten mad, crazy. I don’t recognize him at all anymore.

What he has done to this

pack is unforgivable. He has

ruined us. Everyone is

scared. He has no limit to the

things that he does.

That witch used to keep him

in check but now I don’t

know what is going to

happen. The only time he has some semblance of

normalcy is when he deals with others who are not part

of our pack. Maybe it is just to keep face.

Alpha Oliver suddenly walks

Ezra lifts himself up. “So?!”

I stay quiet listening to the conversation, making myself invisible along with

everyone else.

“I told you I had a way with words. They will hear you.”

“Yes! Finally some good


This Oliver got the other packs to meet up? He must be good. All these other packs never wanted to get

involved with our feud all

these years. So to get them to meet with us is a rare thing.

But I’m sure that if these other packs knew how crazy

Ezra was, they would not

give him the time of day.

“We need them to join us.”

“Well, I got you the meeting but getting them to join us will be a bit more tricky. No

one wants to go against the


“Don’t f**king mention their

name!” Ezra shouts.

Oliver holds a hand up.

Unlike us, he has no fear of talking to Ezra.

“If we had had Zao right now as an ally, this would all be

much easier but alas, he is


“Don’t remind me…and she

was there! How did he not

know that he had her!”

“Maybe he did?”

“Then he was a traitor all this


“Even so, he would have still

been useful. You need to

learn to not give in to your

emotions so much. Learn to

use people to your advantage even if they piss you off.” Oliver says.

Ezra pays him no mind and continues to speak. “And how the f**k did she end up with him? I couldn’t even get to her and I was trying.”

“No idea but now we have to

focus on the task at hand.”

“Yeah…getting all these packs

to join us.” Ezra says.

“Yes but…”


“All these years they have stayed away. They won’t be

easily persuaded in fact…..I

really doubt they will join



“So then what?”

“Do not fret. There is always

a way. There is no way that

we will be able to defeat the

Dark Fang Pack without their help. They will help whether they know it or not.”

Ezra growls at the mention of the enemy pack. “Maybe seeing that you and I have an alliance will help with that and they will follow suit.”

“I don’t even have a pack right now.” Oliver says.

“But you have all these rogues with you? So that might be enough. How did you end up with so many rogues anyway?”

“I paid for them. Dipped into the family fortune. But that

is not what we should use as

a focus. We need to put

emphasis on the river packs

they attacked and took

control of.”

“Yeah… you are right. That

will be what undoes them.”

“Then leave it to me. I am a

good talker and if I can’t get you these alliances, I have plan B already good to go.” Oliver says.

The way he says this makes

me think that this man is

very smart. He has been playing games maybe even playing both sides. I don’t

like him one bit.

“And what do you want?”

Ezra asks. “You are doing all

of this but never told me

what you want in return?”

“I want my pack back.” He replies.

“The pack that you left?” Ezra


“If I would have stayed, they

would have killed me. I knew

my pack members would be

safe because these people

like to recycle and reuse

their prisoners of war. It

would have been a waste for

them to have killed all of my


“I see. So you have given thought to all of this.”


There is much more to this

man than he leads on. I have

a bad feeling about him.

As their talk leaves the room,

we all feel like we can

suddenly breathe once again with my brother out of the

room. We all look at each

other but do not say a single thing.

As the day progresses, the night finally arrives. I leave

my room and head to the

game room, just as I do almost every night.

There are only three more people here. The poor man

who got his tongue cut out

today sits in a corner with his brother who protested and almost got his tongue chopped off too.

Christoph, the man who was my father’s beta, sits here as well, drinking. He learned to play the game quickly when

Ezra took over. He did not

once protest when he got

removed as beta or

interfered with any of Ezra’s

decisions. He has kept

himself invisible from Ezra’s


Suddenly, someone who does not belong here walks in. Matilda, the old cook. She walks in with the pretense of handing out pastries that

were left over at dinner.

Something she tends to do

and did even before Ezra

took over. She would walk

around the pack house

handing them away but this

time, there is an ulterior

motive to it.

“Here you go, young Alpha.”

“Thank you. Did the grain

you use come from the outside of the pack?” I ask.

“No, but I will be using it tomorrow morning for the morning pastries.”

I nod. “I see.”

“Then you should probably tell your cooks to use blueberries. It seems they

are in bloom this season.”

Cristoph mentions.

“They have not been in season here.” She says.

“But they will be…and our

pack will benefit from it,

especially with so many.”

“I see.” She says, pensive.

“Also…” The guard that

soothes his brother starts

speaking. “…make sure to throw the rotten apples away. There is one in particular

that is at the root of it and

seems to help all the other apples rot.”

“Is this apple newly arrived?”

She asks.


“I see. Very well. Thank you

for your suggestions.”

Sugestions…code talk. Only

those who are not being

watched can deliver

messages so she fits the bill


We all almost got caught

meeting once so now our

meetings are like this. We

don’t talk to each other

unless it is by hiding what we are trying to say in a normal

chitchat. It is still a risk but

no way we are all going to sit back and let Ezra do what he

wants. We contemplated

killing him with poison in

his food once but Ezra has a

taster. It was the witch’s idea.

She was a smart one. It’s a

good thing she is gone but

she was the one who kept

Ezra on a leash.

Now Ezra is out of control

and I am not sure anyone will be able to hold his crazy


Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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