Strange House 2023 (Strannyy Dom) Russian Movie Wiki, Story | Where to Watch Online?

Strannyy dom 2023 is a Russian Pyschological Horror film directed by Maks Maksimov starring Stanislav Bondarenko, Irina Bezryadnova, Irina Kobzeva, Vladimir Yaglych and Oksana Lesnaya. This film is produced by Pavel Chernenkov, Andrey Lipov and Maks Maksimov. Strannyy dom (In English: Strange House) is the film story of a couple who go on Vaction to remote country house. Here is Everything you wants to know about Russian film.

Strannyy Dom Russian Movie 2023 premiered at 46th Moscow International Film Festival on 22nd April 2023. It has received praised reviews for acting, performance, atmosphere and on screen presentation.

Strange House (Strannyy dom) Movie Story Line | Synopsis

After treating his wife for a mental disorder, the couple is resting in a country house. Every morning she wakes up to find that the house has moved to another location. The film story is about a couple who go on vacation to a remote country house to find out the house is haunted and moves to different location every morning. The Husband tries to calm her Wife down but her craziness escalates until she understands the true reasons for what’s happening there.

The girl is trying to get out of an ongoing nightmare. Irina Kobzeva and Vladimir Yaglych in a science-fiction thriller. Elena loses her parents in a car accident. Having a hard time experiencing the tragedy, the girl ends up in a psychiatric clinic. Lena’s husband believes that she will recover faster with him on vacation in a secluded country house, and takes her away. But every morning the girl finds herself in a new place, as if the house is constantly moving. Arthur explains her oddities as a consequence of inadequate treatment by the doctor, who is worried about Lena’s condition and constantly calls her.

Movie Name – Strannyy Dom (Russia) | Strange House (English)
Cast: Vladimir Yaglych , Irina Kobzeva , Stanislav Bondarenko , Irina Bezryadnova
Director: Max Maximov
Run Time – 1 Hour 20 Minutes
Genre – Sci-Fi, Thriller, Fantasy
Release Date – 6 April 2023

The Film is not available currently in USA or Canada audiences.

Where to Watch Strannyy Dom 2023 Russian Movie?
Strannyy Dom 2023 Russian Movie (Strange House) is currently available to watch in Russia and Streaming online on Russian Platforms. The Film is not released yet in other Countries like USA, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India

Can i Download Strange House 2023 Russian Movie in English, Hindi or Other Languages?
No, There isn’t any Platform to Download Strange House movie other than Russian Language.

Can i Watch Strange House 2023 Movie (Strannyy Dom movie) with English Subtitles?
The film Strannyy Dom or Strange House is available to stream in Russian Language without English Subtitles.

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