Neuphony, A Smartwatch for Brain Review, Book a Session | Shark Tank India 2


Neuphony is the Smartwatch for your Brain. You can Track your Stress, Focus, Attentions and even Mood. Neuphony – A Wearable Wireless EEG Headband will unlock the True Potential of your Brain through their Technology. It helps to Train your Brain using Scientific Meditations. You can Book a Session to get an experience before Purchase or Buy … Read more

Tipayi Wooden Balance Bike for Kids, Price, Review, How to Assemble | Shark Tank India 2


Tipayi is India’s First Wooden Balance Bike for Growing Kids. Custom-built from premium and child-friendly materials. The design focus is on correct riding posture, ergonomics and ease-of-use. Tipayi Founder Prem Kale Asks for a Funding on Sony TV’s Shark Tank India Season 2 reality show. 22 Year Old Pune Boy Prem Kale Quits School to … Read more

Shark Tank India 2: MidNight Angels by PC Clothing Brand’s Story Touched Hearts


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Ubreathe Air Purifier Review [Plant Based], Prices | Shark Tank India 2


Ubreathe Natural Air Purifier improves the Air Quality of Your Place and let your Breath Fresh Air with their natural and sustainable Solutions to tackle Indoor Pollution. Ubreathe is the World’s First Plant Based Smart Air Purifier. Founders of Natural Plant based Air Purifier Appeared on Shark Tank India 2 and wins heart by their unique and much … Read more

WOL3D Printer, Pens, Scanner Review – 3D Printing on Shark Tank India 2


WOL3D is India’s Fastest Growing 3D Printing Company. They Offers High Quality 3D Printers and much more in 3D Printing. They have expertise in Manufacturing with Innovation in Architecture, Engineering, Medical Sectors. WOL3D Founders came to Shark Tank India Season 2 to get Funding from the Sharks. Their Business of 3D Printing Technology liked by … Read more

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Subhag Healthtech Pvt Ltd invented World’s First Home IUI Kit. Subhag Healthtech founders came on Shark Tank India Season 2 and revealed their Business Idea to the Sharks. Subhag Solving 80 Million Infertile Couples’ problem at Home in Privacy and Convenience. V-Conceive Kit is their Trademark Product which is Do It Yourself Home Insemination Kit. … Read more

A2 Motivation Arvind Arora on Shark Tank India 2 Episode [28th February 2023] for Conker App


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