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The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Don’t Go Running Around During This Time

Almost simultaneously, the red sports car appeared at the bend, seemingly accelerating.

Everyone held their breath, watching in astonishment as the red car

inched closer to the Bugatti, then overtook it and crossed the finish


Although the Bugatti followed. closely behind, crossing the line as well, anyone with eyes could see that the red car was a full car length ahead.

After a few moments, the other racers arrived one by one, leaving the crowd utterly dumbfounded.



Chapter 33: Don’t Go Running A….

On the other side, Isabella returned

the car to Tristan, who handed her a

bank card.

“There’s 500,000 in there, your prize money for today.”

Isabella accepted it without

hesitation. She knew that for these

amateur races, the prize money

wasn’t that high. Tristan had likely

added to it, but she really needed the


“Thank you.”

Tristan patted her shoulder, giving at roguish grin.

“We’re good buddies, no need for

such formalities. Come on, I’ll give

you a ride back.”

As luck would have it, Cecilia

witnessed this scene, instantly seeing




Chapter 33: Don’t Go Running A…

She knew Isabella was no good. Just yesterday, she was with the second brother at the old mansion, and

today she was cozying up to another


Beside her, Adrian’s face was lined. with frustration. The driver today was someone he had specially invited from abroad, costing several million just for this one race. And he had bet 30 million on the guy, now all lost!

If he wasn’t mistaken, the person walking away with Tristan just now seemed to be Isabella. d.

That wretched woman again!

Isabella had no idea the Bugatti belonged to Adrian, much less that he was currently cursing her in his mind.

Sitting in Tristan’s car, she leisurely



Chapter 33: Don’t Go Running A…

took out her phone. At that moment,

a call came through.

It was Alexander.

“You’ll administer father’s second injection. Don’t go running around during this time. I’ll send someone to pick you up when it’s time.”

Even through the phone, Isabella could sense the hint of coldness in

his words.

He was clearly the one asking for a favor, yet he still put on a high and mighty air. Isabella wasn’t going to play along. She promptly hung up.

Soon, Alexander’s second call came in.

“Isabella, you dare hang up on me?”

“I’m sorry, my phone only has 90% battery left.”

With those words, Isabella hung up



Chapter 33: Don’t Go Running A…

again and turned off her phone.

“Stop the car!”

Hearing the command from the

back seat, Sebastian hurriedly hit the brakes and turned to see his boss’s dark expression.

No one had ever dared to hang up on him, let alone twice in a row!

If Isabella were standing here right now, he would personally tear her


He had already been stewing in anger after losing the bet to Ethan. Now, with Isabella provoking him further, his chest felt like it

contained a ticking time bomb,

ready to explode at any moment.

The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor by Jasmine Joy

The Brilliant Mrs. Windsor by Jasmine Joy

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
In a delightful twist of fate, Lady Isabella found herself inadvertently ensnared by Riverdale’s most powerful magnate, Alexander Windsor. Rumors swirled, predicting her doom, yet she effortlessly transformed into the cherished wife he seemingly couldn’t bear to part with for even a moment, as if wishing to keep her in his pocket or tethered to his side at all times. Isabella Sterling quirked a l*p, “A mere two billion, I shall return it then…” The man leaned in, his charm palpable, “And how do you propose to repay? With your heart, or something more tangible?” Since taking residence at The Windsor, Mr. Alexander’s incurable condition miraculously improved. He ate well, worked tirelessly, his demeanor blooming like spring peaches, heart swelling with joy, capable of sleeping soundly for three days straight without a care. Until one day, someone unwittingly stumbled upon the lady’s secrets. The top hacker shaking the core of Caloria was her! The financial tycoon whose name echoed around the globe was her! The prodigious healer with the golden touch was her, her, and again her… The elite ladies of high society wept, their makeup smeared, as they faced a fearsome rival. “You go first, I’ll retreat!” In Riverdale, where a mere stomp of Mr. Alexander’s foot could cause a tremor, he famously said, “A king does not live off his wife, unless she is overwhelmingly beautiful!”


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