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The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn Chapter 49

Chapter 49

Diana’s pov

Nathan’s voice was like a hot iron burning in my heart.

I lifted my head and looked at him incredulously, wanting to ask if he was crazy. He didn’t say anything and turned around to leave the office.

My gaze slowly fell on the diamond ring, and memories kept flashing through my mind.

I have seen this diamond ring before.

In the past, I foolishly thought this was a surprise that Nathan bought for me. But when I tried to put it on, Nathan got so angry at me!

He really treasured this diamond ring.

But now, he gave it to me.

Nathan… Did he really want to be with me forever?

My mind was in a complete mess.

I wanted to smash this diamond ring onto Nathan’s back.

But in the end, I didn’t know what was wrong with myself. After a long thought, I carefully placed the it in the drawer.

Nathan kept his word.

For the next week, every morning I received a bouquet of fresh flowers on time: Trachelium caeruleum, Lewisia cotyledon, camellia, violet… and red roses.

Each bouquet of flowers was full of love and deep affection.

I thought if I were a seventeen–year–old girl, or if I were to go back three years, I would happily accept these flowers and sink into Nathan’s romance.

Unfortunately, I have already experienced too many things.

Therefore, even though the flowers were warm and beautiful, their destination was always the trash can outside my office.

Nathan also often came to see me.

He seemed to have forgotten that his original intention of staying in the hospital was to accompany Avia,

He kept appearing in front of me, trying to date me with various excuses.

But every time, I refused him with a cold face.

He wanted to pursue me and make me fall in love with him again. But what could he do if I didn’t give him this opportunity?

1 admitted that sometimes I also wavered.

My only wish for a long time was to make Nathan fall in love with me.

Now that my wish has come true, why should I refuse?

But the pain I have suffered would quickly wake me up.

No… I could never compromise.

I couldn’t let myself become a humble woman in love.

I began to devote myself wholeheartedly to research. Except for using Healer’s. identity to monitor Avia, I spent all my time in the hospital studying viruses. With fewer and fewer opportunities to see Nathan, my mood seemed to have returned to a calm state.

Gradually, I also made some progress in the virus.

One day, I left the hospital late at night, ready to drive home.

I spent more than ten hours in the research room today. My shoulders, back, and eyes all felt sore.

I dragged my tired body to open the car door. Suddenly, a slight chill hit me from


My wolf instantly became sharp.

It seemed to feel danger approaching.

I turned my head and saw that there was no one in the empty garage.

I frowned.

Was it because I overthought?

However, almost as soon as I let go of my guard, I suddenly received a heavy blow on the back!

Intense pain instantly spread throughout my body.

My body plummeted forward and I collapsed on the steering wheel.

I struggled to support my upper body and was about to stand up when a hand came from behind me, grabbing my hair and dragging me backwards!

I was forced to follow him back a few steps.

A silver light flashed before my eyes. I instinctively squinted, but my brain quickly realized that it was a dagger.

If this dagger slipped over my neck, I would definitely die.

In an instant, I suddenly regained my senses.

I grabbed the man’s arm, flipped it over and broke free from the man’s hand.

After distancing myself from the man, I saw his face clearly.

His body was huge, almost half taller than me, covered in muscles.

A ferocious scar extended from his forehead to his left cheek, making his aiready fierce face even more terrifying.

In his eyes, I saw an undisguised killing intent!

“Who are you? Why did you want to kill me?” I forced myself to calm down and asked, but I secretly estimated how much my chances would be if I had to fight this big guy.

The strong man was clearly well–trained. It was not difficult to see that he was at professional assassin.

But after all, I had Alpha Aura. If I were to deal with him alone, there shouldn’t be any problem.

However, at this moment, more people rushed in from all directions, surrounding

Each of them was no different from the strong man, with a huge physique, well–developed muscles. And they all had a weapon in their hands, obviously intending to kill me.

Someone… wanted to buy my life!

I suddenly widened my eyes and saw those assassins rushing towards me!

These people were so strong as if they were drugged. My attacks fallen on them were like a fallen leaf on a vast lake, making no ripples, and they were unscathed!

I was shocked!

Couldn’t these people feel the pain?

Helpless, I could only turn my attack into evasion!

Dodge, dodge, dodge!

However, soon I felt powerless.

If it continued, even if I was not killed, I would be exhausted!

Just as I was about to turn into a wolf and escape for the last time, suddenly a familiar shout rang in my ear.


I barely lifted my head and saw Victor rushing towards me from the garage exit in a daze!

“Another one!” I heard someone shouting, “Kill him too!”


Those fanatics rushed forward again.

Victor was the most brave and skilled warrior in Blade Moon Pack besides Marc.

In an instant, he knocked down several strong men.

Lcooperated with him and knocked down the rest of them.

After a fierce battle, Victor and I both breathed a sigh of relief.

Victor nervously examined my wound, his eyebrows almost twisted together. “Your injury…” His voice trembled slightly.

I shook my head and smiled weakly, “It’s okay, it’s just superficial. I’ll get better soon. Let’s leave here first.”

Victor nodded and helped me walk towards the car.

Something creepy happened at this moment

The assassins who had already fallen into a coma and were supposed to die opened their eyes again.

Their shattered bones were making a loud noise. Their bodies were rapidly recovering!

Then, they launched another attack on me and Victor!

I was shocked and my cognition was greatly impacted.


The word suddenly popped into my mind.

If they were not monsters, why couldn’t I kill them at all?

Although Victor tried his best to protect me, but the enemies were so many. Soon, Victor and I were separated under continuous attacks!

The silver blade once again left a wound on my arm and blood gushed out. I felt waves of darkness before my eyes.

Finally, my strength was exhausted and I couldn’t hold on anymore. My body fell down and I knelt down on one knee.

I covered the wound on my arm and panted, trying to cheer myself up.

At that moment, I heard Victor’s voice suddenly become distorted, almost a desperate cry.

He was calling my name!

I suddenly looked up and saw a silver knife striking towards my forehead!

I wanted to hide, but my body couldn’t exert any strength. I could only watch as the knife got closer and closer to me!

Zap –

The sound of a sharp blade piercing into flesh rang in my ear. My eyes were covered in a blood red hue.

I stared ahead and met Nathan’s amber pupils.

The sharp blade that should have pierced into my head was stuck in Nathan’s back, closest to… the heart!

The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn

The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn

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