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The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Diana’s pov

Nathan?” I was stunned and shocked.

A low voice rushed into my ears. Nathan touched my hair and said, “I’m here, don’t be afraid.”

I blinked my eyes and a series of questions flooded into my mind.

How could he suddenly be here?

Why did he block the attack for me?

However, before I could ask, the monster turned one hand into a wolf’s claw and attacked Nathan.

I forgot all the questions at once and shouted loudly

“Be careful!”

I saw the color of Nathan’s eyes instantly change from amber to black.

When he turned around, the strong Alpha aura

instant, like seawater enveloped in a hurricane me from all directions in an

The monsters, who were grim and unaware of the pain at first, seemed to be paused and remained motionless.

As Nathan slowly stood up, the knees of those monsters seemed to be bent by something intangible, and finally forced to kneel on the cold concrete ground.

They still wanted to struggle to stand up, but all their efforts were in vain.

I saw Nathan reaching his hand behind him and calmly pulling out the knife that had

stabbed him in the back.

Then, a black shadow flashed before my eyes.

When I fixed my gaze, there was a red mark on the neck of each monster, where a sharp blade had cut open.

They opened their eyes, as if they couldn’t believe it. But in the end, they had to accept the fact and could only fall straight down, losing their vitality.

The only one still alive was now being stabbed by Nathan with a dagger against the most vulnerable neck.

At this moment, I truly witnessed how terrifying Nathan, the most powerful figure among all the packs was!

Even Victor was stunned and looked at the scene in astonishment.

Nathan looked down at the big guy, his voice as cold as ice.

“If you want to survive, tell me who sent you here!”

However, that big guy didn’t buy it.

He showed a ferocious smile, then collided with Nathan’s dagger and chose to commit suicide!

Blood spurted out. With a loud bang, he fell to the ground.

Nathan frowned and took a step back

After a moment, he threw the dagger away and walked towards me.

“Don’t be afraid,” he repeated the sentence again.

Carefully avoiding the wounds on my arm, he helped me up from the ground. “Those people are already dead. They won’t hurt you anymore, Nathan told me, with a slight smile on his lips.

But in my opinion, that smile was squeezed.

I frowned and wanted to ask him what was wrong

But just as my lips moved, Nathan collapsed in front of me without any warning!

His tall figure touched the ground, and soon a large patch of blood quickly seeped out from under him.

It was so red so red that it was heart-wrenching so red that it hurt my eyes!

I suddenly reacted and panicked, helping him up from the ground and leaning him against my arm.

I just realized that Nathan’s face turned pale and his body temperature was rapidly decreasing!

“Nathan… Nathan!” I couldn’t feel anything around me, just shouting his name. “Nathan, open your eyes and look at me!”

Nathan seemed to hear my voice and actually opened his eyes.

He lifted his arm as if to touch my face.

However, the next second, his arm weakly slid down.

In my hurried gaze, he closed his eyes.

In an instant, an unprecedented fear enveloped me.

I felt my hands and feet cold. All the hairs on my body stood up.

I didn’t know what reaction I should make. I just felt like my heart has been crushed.

I was painful…so painful…

It seemed that something important to me was sprouting and growing again in my body.

My brain was in a mess.

However, there was one thing I knew.

The cut was close to Nathan’s heart, even piercing his heart.

If I continued to feel lost like this, I might lose Nathan forever. No… I couldn’t let it happen!

i gently put down Nathan and quickly ran towards the car.

I forced myself to calm down and opened the carriage with trembling hands, taking out my medicine box.

“Victor” I cast a pleading gaze at Victor

Victor understood me and helped me lift Nathan up again.

Stopping the bleeding!

Stopping the bleeding was the priority!

I found my specially made hemostatic medicine from a pile of bottles, applied it onto Nathan’s wound, and quickly wrapped it with gauze.

The bleeding was temporarily stopped because of the medicine.

But it was far from enough.

I just checked and that dagger pierced a blood vessel in Nathan’s heart.

Only by immediately performing surgery could his life be saved!

“What, what’s happening here?”

The nurse on duty covered her mouth.

She looked at the unconscious man on Victor’s back in shock.

“Is this Alpha Nathan? What’s wrong with him?”

The nurse’s face showed obvious fear.

I calmed down and told her in a commanding tone, “Notify the duty doctors in each ward to go to the emergency room. Alpha Nathan needs to receive a surgery now!”

The nurse looked at me in a daze.

I yelled, “Go now!!!

The nurse finally reacted and ran away quickly.

At the same time, someone brought a transfer bed.

Victor and I placed Nathan flat on the bed. And the medical staff immediately pushed

him to the emergency room.

I didn’t stop for a second, turned around and walked towards the dressing room.

Victor grabbed me.

“Don’t you follow them over?

I shook my head and said, “I will, but not as Diana.”

Victor’s pupils trembled slightly, “Are you going to…”

“I will personally perform this surgery as Healer.”

“Diana, there’s a risk of being discovered,” Victor looked at me disapprovingly and advised, “There are many capable doctors in the hospital. You could definitely trust them.”

“No.” decisively denied Victor, “You don’t understand how serious Nathan’s injury

tis fatal! No one in the entire hospital can save him except me.

“Is it that no one can save him, or are you worried about handing him over to someone else? Are you still in love with him?” Victor roared low, his eyes turning red.

My brain froze for a moment

My brain froze for a moment.

But it was clearly not the time to discuss this issue.

Delaying for one extra second would put Nathan’s life in greater danger.

Taking a deep breath, I said to Victor, “Alpha of Dark Moon pack could not die in Blade Moon pack’s hospital, let alone die to save the sister of Blade Moon pack’s Alpha. Do you understand?”

Victor released me.

I turned my head and ran towards the dressing room.

In the shortest time, I changed into surgical clothes and hurriedly rushed to the operating room.

All the equipment was ready, and the doctors on duty from various departments had

rushed over.

But compared with regular surgeries, each of them had a much more serious. expression on their face.

Who was lying here was not an ordinary person, but an Alpha, Alpha of the strongest.


If there was any problem with him, it was definitely not something that could be explained as a surgical accident.

Everyone here was actually taking enormous risks.


I had no doubt that some people have developed a mentality of retreat.

I looked at everyone and raised my volume–

“I know what you are worried about. I assure you that regardless of the result of this surgery, it is my responsibility. You do not need to take any risks.”

The doctors looked at each other face to face, seemingly hesitant, but at least their eyes were no longer as flustered as they had just been.

“Let’s start,” I said.

The headlights in the operating room lit up. And the anesthesiologist began injecting

anesthesia into Nathan.

I took the surgical knife from the assistant doctor and cut open the wound behind Nathan’s back. Soon, I followed the flesh and found the ruptured blood vessel.

The efficacy of my medicine has already passed. The blood started to flow out again. The doctor closest to me only took a glance, then suddenly took a step back and almost knocked over the monitor.

The doctor next to him promptly helped him to stand firm.

“Is, is this surgery necessary?” His voice was trembling, “The blood vessel is almost broken. There’s no way to repair it!

“It not broken completely. What are you panicking about?”

I didn’t look up and continued the vascular anastomosis surgery.

Time passed by.

It took about five hours from late night until dawn. I finally reconnected Nathan’s almost broken blood vessel.

Blood began to flow again, and Nathan’s heart rate gradually approached normal frequency.

I heard everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Someone said that this was the most. perfectly repaired blood vessel he had ever seen.

The doctor who assisted me asked, “Healer, are you suturing now?”

I stared at the monitor and shook my head, “It’s not the time yet.” –

It was not the time to confirm if the surgery succeeded or not!!

Almost as I finished speaking, the monitor suddenly emitted a loud alarm! Nathan’s electrocardiogram turned into a straight line.

That was… a sign of sudden cardiac arrest!

Everyone showed a frightened expression and looked at Nathan lying on the operating table in shock.

Nathan’s body began to undergo changes.

A silver light enveloped him!

When the silver light disappeared, a huge and beautiful wolf with shiny black fur appeared on the operating table.

But at this moment, the black wolf’s eyes were tightly closed, motionless, not as majestic as on the battlefield.

It was… Nathan’s wolf.

A female doctor screamed loudly-

“Ah! Alpha Nathan is dead! He turned into a wolf! He must have died!”

The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn

The Luna Is Gone by Angelique Quinn

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