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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 15

Chapter 15

He tried to mark me! I was seething with anger as I walked out of the main entrance to the mansion, it was already daybreak and I briskly strode out,ignoring all greetings and words directed to me.

Nova felt my rage too and joined me. We were both angry at the fact that someone that rejected and humiliated us tried to mark us without making any effort to apologise for what he did.I want him to apologize first or else he has no right to come back into our life!


‘Amara,a familiar voice rang out and I turned to come face to face with Eva. She was wearing a blood red off shoulder dress that trailed behind her as she walked.


I said,anger lacing my voice. It was not enough that I had to deal with Lucien trying to mark me today. Eva is in front of me again and I couldn’t do anything to her,even if I wanted to I couldn’t anymore as she has been pardoned by Lucien.

‘You’re lying about knowing anything about the blood creek‘ I said as I strode towards her.

‘I wish I was‘ she said chuckling and I glared at her murderously.

dout you had

‘Because Lucien trusts you doesn’t mean I do,i’ll kill you if I anything to do with my children’s disappearance‘ I shot out firmly and she smiled.

I walked away leaving her there,but I heard her footsteps behind me,she was following me.

‘I know I have done bad things in the past,but they’re my nephews, I wouldn’t harm them‘ she responded calmly.

It was probably the way she responded so calm that infuriated me,as if she knew. everything,as if she was better than everyone.

My bones cracked and my b*dy contorted as I shifted.

‘I don’t want to fight you‘ she said,unbelievably calm.

I growled and circled her.



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Chapter 15

‘I’ve always been stronger than you,you know that,’ she said, chuckling slightly.

I growled in anger as I pounced towards her.

‘Easy wolfie, I don’t want to fight you‘,she said firmly, my ears sticking right up and baring my teeth.

Good,she wasn’t smiling anymore. Her smile and her calm demeanour irked me,I can’t stand her. I growled again and she held up her hand in a fighting stance,her fingers crunched and grew longer,her wolf’s finger. I couldn’t do that. I had to turn completely,not half way.

Her eyes became blue and she moved a step backwards as I moved towards her.

‘You don’t want to do this sister‘

Sister!,how dare she call me sister?,she has no right to!! I jumped towards her and she quickly changed,realizing that I meant to fight with her.

We growled and rolled, scratching each other. Her wolf was way bigger than Nova,it had brown fur and blue eyes,like father.

At the thought of that,I didn’t know where the strength came from,but I pushed her to the ground,she fought back,but I scratched and bit her,multiple times.

She took father away from me!I remember that day vividly, how could I forget?.


‘Dad?‘ I yelled,excitement lacing my voice, I had finally found the answer to the puzzle he had given me the previous week.

‘Daddy?‘ I called out again as I walked quietly to his room.

There was still no response and I stopped,my heart racing as I suddenly felt like something was amiss.

I glanced around searching for a weapon of some sort. Everything seemed to be in place but there was a gnawing feeling at the back of my head. Something was very wrong, I felt it.

I inhaled deeply and picked a rake I saw standing by the corner. It was the only available weapon and I tiptoed to the room. I hadn’t seen my wolf yet and if





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Chapter 15


indeed there was danger, there was nothing I could do as I wasn’t even physically strong either. Still, I have to try,I thought as I kept walking.

My eyes popped out upon the sight in front of me.I gasped and the rake fell from my hand as I used my hands to cover my mouth.

My father was in a pool of his own blood and beside him was my sister!,she was cleaning the dagger with his cloth.

The dagger he got for her on her last birthday, she had stabbed him with. it,multiple times.

Amara” she said cooly as she got up and strode past me. I was utterly speechless. Eva just murdered our father and walked out like it was nothing.

‘Father!‘ I screamed suddenly,wishing it was a dream,wishing and hoping that I’d wake up from this horrible nightmare.

‘please. I burst into tears again and looked at the blood on my hands, my father’s blood,murdered by his own daughter.

He loved us, he never gave preferential treatment to either of us and now he was dead.


Eve’s growl broke my reverie as she began to run. She was already badly wounded but Nova was blinded with rage and I didn’t stop her as she ran to meet Eve,to finish what already began.

Nova ran wildly and excitedly. Nova’s excitement coursed through my veins and she howled, it reverberated through the forest and I thought I saw the trees shake.

I saw Eve hiding behind a tree,nked. She had changed and I could see the bruises all over her bdy and I felt proud. Nova did that,little nova! To the big bad Eve..

‘please.. she whimpered upon seeing me.

I growled in response.

‘don’t do this Amara. Please. I’m your sister!‘

She didn;t know that all these while?. Ha!,






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Chapter 15


I took a step forward and she retreated backwards, she was almost In tears and I growled which made her shiver.

‘Amara please..don’t…I swear to you I’m not that same Eve you once knew..

I moved a step backwards and she closed her eyes,she knew what I was about to do.

Instead I turned and walked away,I wasn’t like her, I would not become a monster because of someone like her. I would never succumb to that.

She would have opened her eyes by now and be glad I didn’t kill her.

Nova whimpered,she was sad too,but we aren’t murderers.

I strode gingerly forward and then began to run,surprisingly despite the fight I had with Eve,I was still at full strength.

I thought of my children as I ran. Rick had a huge appetite and that might pose ast a problem for them. What if he wasn’t eating well?.

Werewolves have a huge appetite but Rick’s own was ten times more than a normal wolf of his size.

Kai was a picky eater, I wonder how they’ll cope with his many demands.

I really do hope Lucien finds them soon,its the reason I’m in this damned community!. He better find them instead of trying to mark me.

The hairs on my n*eck rose as my ears stood straight against my head,I squinted my eyes as I moved slowly, trying to get a scent. Something felt wrong, I felt like I was being watched and my intuition told me to look back.

There were several wolves,I turned front to run as I couldn’t fight that many big wolves,but there were even more in front of me, I paced around to see several more wolves. I have been surrounded.

I didn’t recognize any of them and I growled,trying to show them that I wasn’t weak.

I still had a bit of a fight in me even though I knew I was fucked.there was no way I was going to survive an attack of rogue wolves.

Rogues!. They kidnapped my son!,I growled again,this time angrily.




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Chapter 15.

The wolf in the middle was the biggest,it was more bigger than any wolf I’d ever seen and it was black. It glared at me murderously and I growled at it.

Another bigger wolf there growled murderously at me and stepped forward to meet the black wolf,it looked and smelled very familiar. It circled me,perhaps sizing me or intimidating me. I wasn’t deterered and as it circled me,I circled it too. We were sizing each other up and I stopped suddenly,my eyes liting up as I recognized the smell, Kai.

This wolf had my children!. I growled and it went back. My ears flattened beside my head as I didn’t know what to expect.


Suddenly,they turned back and walked and I looked on in surprise,why didn’t they kill me?.

I made to walk too,to follow them and get my children when I felt it. There was something on my n*eck, I immediately changed and pulled it out,it was a syringe. It know that smell…..

‘Lucien.. I croaked out before everything faded into darkness.


The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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