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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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The hot blazing Sunshine relentlessly, and the road shimmered in the heat of the midday sun. Erin ran as fast as she could, the length of her dress in her arm. Her brunette hair flowed freely behind her. Her heart palpitating widely, a flush rising to her cheeks even as she ran. She could see the pack house, large and tall, meters away from where she is.

Her wolf screamed at her to calm down and stop running but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to. The news she has is something that would change everything in her life. Erin grins as she remembers the news the pack doctor had given to her.

“Congratulations Luna, you are expecting.” Those five words change everything, it changes the course of life of


Erin reaches the pack house, she pauses in her stead, her right hand placed against her chest, willing herself to calm down. Sweat beads trickled down her forehead but she couldn’t be bothered, not at this time. Her

heartbeat slowly but surely returned to normal.

She swallows the pile in her throat, taking a step forward into the pack house. She pauses, eyebrows furrowed as

she looks around.

It’s crowded.

Yes, the pack house is always filled with people walking in and out of it but today, right now, it’s fuller than usual.

“Greetings Luna. We have good news” One of the pack members known to be Charlie voices out as soon as he

notices Erin.

She smiles warily at him, her gaze searching through the crowd in the house to find her husband and Alpha, Liam. He stood in the midst of a small crowd, a glass of champagne in his hand, a proud and happy smile laid on his lips. To his right stood the bane of Erin’s life. Melissa.

“Greetings Charlie, please hold that thought. I need to speak to the Alpha.” Erin squeak’s out, eyes on the man currently chuckling at some joke made by one of the men surrounding him.

She picks up the length of her dress, smiling and nodding to the pack members who greeted her as she made her way toward the Alpha.




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Chapter 1

023% 15:40

She couldn’t help but notice the happy atmosphere they all seemed to be emitting, everyone giggling, chuckling, and generally being happy. It would be even more of a happy occasion once she tells the Alpha she’s expecting.

She steps into the midst, glancing at the arm the alpha had circled Melissa’s waist.

“Luna, you’re around.” One of the pack members voices out, attracting the attention of the others. Erin smiles, eyes on the Alpha without wavering.

“Alpha, I need to” She didn’t get to finish her words.

“I’m pregnant.”

Erin’s heart stops for a second. Time seems to slow down as Melissa’s voice rings in her ear, echoing the same word. She’s frozen, feet deeply rooted in her place. Her eyes widen, lips parted slightly. Her stomach twists in an inexplicable manner.

“Y–you are?” She stutters, goosebumps rising to her skin as Melissa’s smile widens, she steps forward from the hold of the alpha and towards Erin. She brings her hand to her stomach, cradling her flat stomach in her hands, she glanced at her tummy and then looks back at Erin with the softest smile on her face.

“Pregnant. I’m pregnant and it’s the Alpha’s. The kingdom will finally have an heir.”

Erin glances at the Alpha whose eyes was on Melissa, a wide smile on his face as he steps forward, wrapping his arm around Melissa’s waist. Erin watches as Melissa melts into his hold, tilting her head up to look at the Alpha. They share a gaze, their eyes filled with a love Erin has never known.

A knot rises up Erin’s throat as she watches her mate stare lovingly at another. Suddenly her feet felt too heavy yet too light. Vision starting to blur.

“Won’t you congratulate the expecting mother? It’s a thing to celebrate. Finally, after four years, the kingdom will finally hear the cry of a baby, a newborn child. The heir to the throne.” Someone says from the crowd but Erin

couldn’t care who it was.

“Oh.” She whispers, gaze falling to the floor. She blinks back the tears threatening to fall, swallowing every bit of pain, ignoring the way her omega wailed. She looks up to see Melissa’s eyes on her.

“Congratulations Melissa.” Erin musters a smile as she congratulates the expecting mother.




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Chapter 1


*会团23% 15:40

you, Erin. It’s lovely to see how welcoming you are about this.” The Alpha speaks up after a beat. His smile didn’t seem to fall even for a second, instead, he stares at Melissa like she hung the stars in the sky.

“I-“Erin swallows, clenching the thick material of her dress.

“I need to speak to you, Alpha,” Erin mutters.

Liam furrows his eyebrows, he nuzzled his nose between Melissa’s neck, sighing softly as he scents her.

“Later, Today is for Melissa and I will only focus on her.” His voice comes out snarky and sharp. Erin’s eyes widen for the second time today, her usual scent of jasmine flowers and honeysuckle withers. She stared at Liam for a second, her omega whining from within at the blatant rejection of her mate.

Oh, it would be worse now that she’s pregnant. She decides to try again.

“Alpha, I just need a”

“I said later! What can’t you understand?” Liam growls, eyes changing from his usual calm brown orbs to yellow in an instant. Erin gasps just as her gaze flickers back to a smugly smirking Mellisa who pushes her body even more to the hold of the Alpha, using her lavender scent to soothe the Alpha.

Erin shrinks into herself, suddenly conscious of the eyes of the pack members in the house who had all gone

quiet from hearing the Alpha’s voice.

“Excuse me.” She mutters, Turning, and walks out of there with no second thought. She hurries up the staircase, the voices of the pack members blending in the background.

Erin harshly wipes the tears that trickled down her cheeks, her honey suckle and jasmine scent already turned bitter, running to the one place she can feel a little better. The verandah.

She pushes the door open, taking a step into the small space, her tears flowing as freely as they would like considering no one was here to see it. Her omega wailed from within, the ache in her heart showing once again as she sobs loudly, bringing her hand up to her face to clean the tears harshly.

Erin cradles her flat tummy in her hand, wondering just when she would be able to have a party like this. One




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Chapter 1

*023% 15:40

celebrating the news of her pregnancy, after all, she is the Luna of the Blue Moon kingdom. It’s been four years! Four years of battling with barrenness. Erin has tried everything in the books to get pregnant but nothing has worked. Liam got himself a mistress a few months after their official pack ceremony. Erin left to dust but it was okay, Melissa was never allowed to carry the Alpha’s heir. She wasn’t supposed to be the one with his child, the future alpha of the kingdom but four years has passed since their ceremony. Four years since Erin got mated to Liam and still no pup. Of course, the rules would bend. The law would change and now Melissa stood beside Erin’s mate, his arm wrapped around her waist, a soft smile on her lips as she stared at the Alpha. Erin has once

again been left in the dust.

“Are you sad?” The familiar voice of Melissa had Erin jumping out of her reverie. She hurriedly wipes the tracks of tears on her cheeks, turning to see Melissa standing by the balcony door, arms folded gently against her black

suede dress.

“No, why should I be?” Erin shoots back, lips palmed into a thin line on seeing the amused expression Melissa


Melissa takes a step forward, mustering the most genuine smile she could, she peeks over Erin’s shoulder to see the railings of the balcony.

“It’s okay to be sad, after all, You’re the Luna but I’m the one carrying the heir of the kingdom. I’m the one carrying the pride of the alpha.” Melissa says.

“Don’t forget who you are speaking to, Melissa,” Erin utters, voice dripping with a firmness she’s always tried to uphold. Melissa tilts her head sideways and then rolls her eyes.

“You might be the Luna but you’re only there for decoration. Everyone knows the real Luna. The one who gives the kingdom an heir is the Luna.” She gloats. Erin clenched her hands into a fist, knowing she has to be the level- headed one. She shuts her eyes close for some seconds then opens them again. This time, Melissa stood much

closer than she was.

“Excuse me, Melissa.” She tries to walk away but Melissa actively blocks her from leaving. She clicks her tongue to the bridge of her mouth, Tsk, Tsk. A smirk formed around her lips as she eyes Erin distastefully.

“You’re pathetic.” Melissa spits.

Erin freezes in her place, eyes wide and unbelieving.

“Only someone as pathetic as you would live such an unfulfilling and disgrace of a life. You can’t do anything to help Liam. You’re useless as a Luna and even more useless as a mate which is why Liam ran into my arms the





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Chapter 1


023% 15:40

minute he could. You can barely run a meter in your wolf before passing out. How are you even expected to lead the kingdom beside the Alpha with how weak and useless you are? You spend the entire day gathering the pups around and trying to teach them shits they are taught in school. A Luna should be assertive, strong, brave. fearless, beautiful, commanding, and most of all fruitful. Unfortunately, you’re none of the things I just mentioned. You’re weak, deplorable, and barren. You can’t give the kingdom the only thing you were literally made to do.” A mocking smile lay on Melissa’s lips. She crosses her arm over her chest.

Erin bites her lower lip so hard it almost drew blood. It stings and that too severely. Being ridiculed and made fun of this way stings in the most painful way. Erin swallows the lump in her throat, the blunt claw of her nails digging sharp into the flesh of her palms.

“I’m pregnant.” Erin blurts out before she could filter her brain. Melissa stares at her pointedly as though she couldn’t believe her. Her gaze dropped to Erin’s stomach.

Erin brings her hand to cover her flat stomach, furthermore proving to Melissa that she’s truly pregnant. A gasp escapes Melissa’s lips, eyes wide, lips parted slightly as she looks at Erin.

“You’re pregnant.” She mutters like some revelation. Erin sighs, bringing her hand up to the bridge of her nose” and massaging it gently.

“Today is about you, just like the Alpha mentioned downstairs. Leave me alone, Melissa.” Erin grits out, stepping aside to walk past the blondie only to be held back in place. Melissa’s hand holding Enn’s wrist

“Where do you think you’re going to? Do you want to tell Liam you’re expecting a pup? You want to

“Yes! So what? Liam is my mate! My husband! My Alpha. Don’t forget your place. Melissa, you’re still below me.” Erin snaps, eyes red with fury at Melissa’s attempt of dismissing her again

Melissa scoffs, letting go of Erin’s wrist. “Below you? Are you delusional?” She asks

“Your mate spends his hours with me. He spends the minute with me. He spends his seconds with me. I might as well be his mate than you-” she suddenly pauses, eyes accessing Erin.

“Come to think of it, how am I sure you didn’t let some random alpha knotyou and get you knocked up seeing as the alpha never spends his time with you? Where would he have found the chance to be with you?” She asks,

this is low even for Melissa.

‘Melissa..” Erin grits out…




Emergency calls only

Chapter 1


023% 15:40

“I’m sure that pup isn’t the alpha’s. I’m certain you’ve let another into your bed at night. Is that it? You were so desperate for validation, so desperate to be the one to give the kingdom an heir, you let another man, another alpha crawl into your bed. You let another knot you till you-”


Melissa cradles her face with her hand, chest heaving deeply after being hit across the cheeks. She snaps her head back at the lady before her, eyes red with anger.

“How dare you?” She grits out just as Erin realizes what she just did. Melissa’s face burned with anger, eyes darkened, her wolf almost emerging.

“How dare you lay your filthy hands on me.” She growls, grabbing Erin by the shoulders harshly, her nails digging

into Erin’s skin.

Erin squeaks out, immediately placing her hand on Melissa’s strong ones thrown over her shoulder.

“Let me go!” She says, struggling to get the other woman’s hand off her but her hold seemed unshakable. In moments like this, Erin hates her wolf, she hates being lesser than the rest of them, she hates not having the strength the rest of them possess and she’s just stuck being a decoration for a Luna.

“You know, I was going to take it easy on you. I was going to let you go easily and let it be but you’ve crossed all boundaries.” Melissa’s eyes darken even more, her wolf slowly taking over as she stares at Erin sickeningly. The voices from downstairs crept into the fearful moment Erin was having.

The party is still going on.

“W–what are you doing?” Erin stutters as Melissa begins to crowd her space, pushing her back more till she had

no space to move to.

“What I should’ve done a long long time ago but finally got the courage to do.” She says, comering Erin against the balcony railing. Erin looks behind her and sees nothing, a shiver running down her spine as she contemplates screaming for help but then again, there is a party happening. No one would hear her.

“This is very easy, with this, you’re out of our lives! The Alpha isn’t stuck with you anymore. He would be with me and our pup. No one would even know, it would be an accident. Luna got so depressed and jealous because she couldn’t bare a child. She took her life. Isn’t that perfect?” She asks, a wicked glint shining in her eyes.

“Get away from me,” Erin tells, pushing Melissa off her space. She runs but doesn’t get that far as Melissa’s hand



15/03 A 31/03/2024



23% 15:40

Chapter 1

circles her wrist, pulling her back again.

“You’re not leaving here unscarred! You had the guts, the audacity to raise your hand against me-” She sneers.

“I promise you will pay for it.” Erin manages to push her off for the second time. It’s always been bantering and provocation with Melissa but never had Erin thought it would lead up to this.

“Let go of me!” She growls, struggling to Melissa off of her just as Melissa drags her near the balcony railings. Erin’s heartbeat spiked to a hundred, tears gathering at the corner of her eyes as she struggles against Melissa.

Melissa is one of the strongest female wolves in the kingdom. With the fear in her heart, the mating bond would be exuding the level of fear Erin was feeling. Any alpha and mate would be rushing to see what is causing his mate so much fright but not Liam. He simply doesn’t care.

A tear falls to Erin’s cheeks as Melissa holds her by the shoulders even as she struggles, a sinful grin on her lips.

“You won’t be missed.” She mouths at Erin, bringing her hand forth to give the final push, edging Erin off the balcony.

A mistake? A blessing? A distraction.

A distraction had Erin jumping slightly, hand grabbing onto Melissa’s own in a bid to hold herself back but instead, she tips Melissa off the railings, meeting her very doom.

Erin shrieks loudly, falling to her feet and scrambling around, hands shaking, tears falling to her cheeks freely, body shaking with fright, fear, despair, and grief. The ringing of nothing but whistling going loud in her ears blocked out reality.

Erin stares at the balcony railings where Melissa just fell down from and screams again.



The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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