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The Scarred Luna by Laura Rave Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Liam paced around the hospital hall, the beta beside him as they both waited for the doctor to come out. He was letting out rather strong and bitter pheromones, unable to control the way he feels.

He felt furious. Angry, disappointed and most of all rage. All of these towards the one person that caused this whole thing. Erin.

“Alpha, you need to calm down. The pheromones you’re letting out is not safe. Think of the other patients in the

hospital.” The beta voices out, his voice cautious”

Liam paused in his steps, turning to see the beta standing behind him. He opened his mouth to speak but thinks against it, nodding his head. One could see the tension and fear deflate from the Noah shoulders.

The door to the room flys open, the doctor making his way out of there, his shoulders hunched in a weird manner. His scent managing to get out of the scent blockers he was wearing. He slowly pulls his gloves off, making his way towards Liam who stood, anxious and worried.

“A–Alpha.” The doctor’s voice breaks out, sounding more fearful than ever. He swallows visibly but looks at the alpha.

“How is my pup? How is Melissa?” Liam rushed out, the doctor palms his lips into a thin line, the scent turning


“I–I don’t have-”

“Speak! How are they?” Liam snaps, unable to control his temper any longer. The scared look the doctor had on his face had Liam paralyzed with fear. His alpha thrashing inside of him.

“She fell into a coma, we can’t say for certain when she would gain consciousness. The fall was a serious one and took a serious hit on her. It’s a miracle she’s alive but she’s in coma. We are still watching her and would keep doing that until she regains consciousness.” The doctor says, the words sounding a little rehearsed. He exhaled shakily..

“The pup?” In all honesty, the pup’s life has to be the most important one to Liam. He has dreamed for being a father for so long and now. He cannot loose this chance. This one chance, he simply cannot. if it were as easy as




Chapter 4


23% 15:41


Only if it were as easy as that then maybe the doctor falling to his knees wouldn’t make him feel so dreadful. He gulps the knot in his throat, taking just a step back. “My pup?” He asks again, his voice venomously low as he awaits the doctors reply. The doctor only bows completely

“I’ve failed you, Alpha. W- we couldn’t save the pup. It was impossible to.” He cries out.

Liam freezes in his stand, the image of Melissa announcing her pregnancy to him came rushing back to him. He felt sick to his stomach. It felt like a cruel joke had just been played. He felt like a fucking fool.

“What?” He asks but it comes out as a whisper.

The doctor looks up only for a second to see the Alpha’s dejected and broken Look.

“I–I’m sorry, Alpha. I did everything I could. I did more than my best but- but the fall was great and I just couldn’t save the pup. Please forgive my incompetence.” He wails, sobbing hard, the ugly sound of his cry making waves in the hospital.

“You couldn’t save the pup?” Liam asks, wanting another confirmation for what he just head. The doctor nods, clasping his hand over his mouth, with the way he was sobbing, one would think it was his pup.

“I’m sorry Alpha. I’m sorry.” The doctor wails.

“Alpha. I am- we are sorry for what-”

“Shut the fuck up! Everyone leave me alone, right this minute.” Liam growls, unable to keep calm. He felt different emotions passing through him, his head felt heavy as he processed the doctors word.

He lost his pup. He lost his pup. The doctor’s words rings on and on in his head like a mantra. Everyone scrambled away from the hall, the scent of the alpha growing stronger and venomous by the second.

He has done everything in the fucking books! He has done everything and the one time he branches out, changes the law and impregnates Melissa. This happens. Is this a curse? Does the moon goddess hate him this much? His alpha thrashed inside of him, begging with everything to be let out and pour his rage on those who

have caused the death of his pup.

“Arrrghhh…” Liam growled, his eyes burning, his heart was breaking with every second that passed. He felt infuriated, angered and bitter. Bitter at the world! Bitter at the moon goddess, the doctor and Erin.




Emergency calls onlyi

Chapter 4

Oh, damn Erin.

*会自23% (15:41

Erin sat on the floor, eyes dazed as she stared at the plain colored wall blankly. Tears streaks evident on her

cheeks. She looked like a broken doll, streaks of blood smeared across her skin.

She’s suddenly hauled to her feet, the guards holding her by the arm like a common beggar.

“Come on, you’re going to be dealt with for trying to kill the Alpha’s mistress and pup.” One of them says, his grip against her arm tightening as he spoke.

“W–where are you talking me to?” Erin manages to speak, her voice hoarse and throaty from crying.

“Where else do they take criminals and rogues?” The other snarls, tipping his face forward, much closer to Erin, droplets of spit thrown at her face as she spoke. Erin trembles in their hold, her mind going haywire. They’re taking her to the

“Dungeon. You’re going to the one place people like you belong!” They both chuckled deprecatingly.

She’s dragged through the steps and down the place she’s never though she’d find herself. The dungeon. Erin gulps shakily as they drag her through the passage of the dungeon, many and many wolves seen inside of it, some looking at her blankly, some laughing at her, some crying and begging for mercy, some passed out. Erin felt a bile rise up her throat as she watches the horrible life the people are subjected to here. hundreds of cells are down here with many of the prisoners.

They finally reach the last cell and stopped, one of the guard leaving her side to open the bars of the cell. Erin trembles as she looks around, feeling terrified. The cell filthy looking, with a single excuse of a bed and a table beside it.

“You’re going to be here alone! Don’t worry, the alpha still had a bit of consideration for you and that’s why you aren’t sharing the cell with another. If it were up to me,” the guard paused, a cocky smirk laid at the corner of his lips.

“You’ll be dead by now!” He spat out just as the other guard pulls the iron bars of the cell apart. Erin is pushed into the cell before she could utter a word, she falls to her feet, wincing slightly when her knee grazes the harsh cemented floor. Snapping her head back to the guards laughing menacingly between themselves as they shut

her cell close.

She scrambled to her feet, rushing to the bars keeping her away. “W–wait, p–please, I have to see the Alpha. I have to tell him I didn’t do it on purpose. I have to-”




Chapter 4

023% 15:41


“Shut up, omega. You’ve lost your Luna title and you’re no longer mated to our Alpha! Now you’re just like every regular omega, you’re below our status so I put it you again, shut up. You don’t speak to people that rank even higher than you.” One of the guard steps forward just as Erin takes a step backwards, feeling a dreadful pit in her


“Be grateful you aren’t dead for what you dared today! You’re not so different from the people here anymore! You’re just like every other omega and even more worthless than them. At least they can fight to survive but you? What have you done and what can you do? Nothing except leeching off the Alpha and snagging the Luna position to yourself but now, now you have nothing. You’re not a Luna. You’re not the Alpha’s mate anymore! Now, you’re nothing. You’re exactly who you should be. A worthless and useless omega.” He snarls, his scent getting out of the blockers he’s wearing, now getting to Erin.

“That’s enough! We should leave now. Alpha would be here soon and we shouldn’t be spending our time talking to her.” The other pulls at the guard spitting at Erin.

“Come on,” the urges further, finally pulling the guard away, his eyes heavy on Erin even as he is being dragged away.

Erin stared at their retreating figure till she can no longer see anything, eyes finally blurring with unshed tears, she falls to her feet, wrapping her arms around her body as a tear falls to her cheeks.

A tear turns into two and two turns into five and soon, Erin is sobbing out loud. Her heart aching, her body hot and frazzled. She’s scared and unbelievably tired but there’s nothing to do. Her scent withers terribly, leaving nothing but bitterness.

The door is jammed rather harshly, the scent of a angered and infuriated Alpha rolling out strongly. The servants whimpers at the strong pheromones Liam was letting out. The tense atmosphere almost had him reeling in fury.

Liam swallows the knot in his throat, marching up to the living room and sits on his chair.

“Gather everyone right now.” He mutters and just like birds given freedom, the servants hurry out of the room to do as he said. He sat there gritting his fists in anger, feeling the inhumane burn to growl and destroy. His Alphal was barely hanging on as it was.

“Alpha.” A guard runs up to him, eyes coated in worry but immediately averts his gaze on seeing Liam’s red face. “Bring her here.” He mutters lowly and watches as the guard runs out.



13/03 A 31/03/2024


*023% 15:41 *零售23%

Chapter 4

In seconds the room was filled up, the beta, gamma and the rest of the pack living in the pack house had gathered in the living room, everywhere tense with worry and fear. They could see the fury in their alpha’s eyes and they feared. Never have they seen him look this brutal.

Erin is dragged to the room, her hands tied it’s a rope, she’s pushed so she falls to her knees just right in front of the Alpha. She swallows hard, shakily raising her head and looks around. Everyone’s eyes on her, casting each of their judgements. She blinks back her tears and finally faces the Alpha only to gasp. Liam’s eyes was a terrifying pitch black. His grip on the chair’s arm had Erin trembling. The intense gaze he held her with has her reeling in fear.

“M–my K–king-”

“Not a fucking word, Erin!” Liam growls like a rabid animal, the veins in his neck popping out like he was trying in best, his very best to stay sane, to not give into the animalistic desire of his alpha and rip her head off her neck.

Erin shuts up, terrified of the Liam before her. She’s never had to face his wrath like this, never offended him and even if she does, she was quick to apologize and sure to never repeat it. She’s never had to face his wrath but this. This was electrifying scary. Erin could feel her blood vessels pumping hard.

Liam shuts his eyes close and Erin could swear she saw smoke come out of his ear. She could see him struggling and battling with his inner alpha, her body suddenly coated in fear at the thought of him loosing and his alpha taking over.

Liam’s eyes flew open and it’s white, his eyes are back to normal but still the anger embedded in his orbs could be seen. He stared at the woman before him and feels nothing but contempt looking at her. He slowly looks up at the pack members whose eyes have been glued to the scene happening. Even they themselves were terrified of the Alpha. They have never seen him look so out of it and now they feared the cause.

“My pup couldn’t be saved! He died before he could be born.” Liam announces, series of gasp could be heard through the living room. Series of ‘What? How is that possible? The alpha lost his child? This is horrible‘ could bet heard through the room.

“Enough!” Liam growls and they all shut up in a minute. The murmurs dying in a second.


“Not another word, Erin.” Liam slams his fist against the iron arm of the chair, feeling it prickle his palm but he

couldn’t be bothered.





023% 15:41

Chapter 41

“Don’t fucking dare.” He whispers and Erin gulps.

“How is Melissa?” Someone yells from the crowd of people. Liam raised his head to catch who just spoke but instead the crowd was all silent again.


He sighs knowing they deserve an explanation. “She’s in a coma, the doctor isn’t sure when she would wake up and now..” he trails off, feeling the heaviness deep in his heart.

Liam gets up from the chair, taking a step down to meet Erin who gasps, trying to scurry backwards but all to no avail. She’s terrified of the man before her, the man walking to her menacingly like he would snap her neck in half and feed her remains to the vultures.

Liam bends, his face inches away from hers as he grips her chin, sneaking his hand to the back of her head and grabs her hair. Erin grunts out in pain.

“You will suffer for what you did. I will make sure you die a slow and painful death.” He grits out, eyes staring her down as his grip on her hair tightens the more, dragging her down.

Erin struggles to break free but couldn’t, she couldn’t match up to his strength even more so now that she’s tied.

“You didn’t just push Melissa but also killed my pup. You killed my pup, Erin.” His grip loosed from her chin, leaving her jaw to ache freely but his hand travels down her neck slowly. Images of him gripping her neck had Erin thrashing in his hold but instead, Liam raises his feet to step on her knee, pressing her leg down with his shoe and grips her neck. Tears formed around her eyes as they stare at each other.

“P–please-” she choked out just as his grip tightness, blocking air from getting to her. A tear falls to her cheek as she gasps, struggling to breathe in his hold but he makes it impossible for her, small ragged gasp escaping her throat, she begged silently, hoping someone, anyone would come to her help. She struggled against his firm grip. Her lungs began to ache, her eyes bulging and face turning a sickening color of blue. She couldn’t move no matter how much she tried.

“Alpha! Alpha king Derrick of the Dark moon kingdom is here to see you.” Those fourteen words had Liam’s grip loosening, his hand falling from her neck in a second, leaving Erin gasping and coughing for air..

Alpha King Derrick steps into the pack–house, tall and brave, his eyes scans every single head in the room, finally falling on Erin. He stared at the disheveled woman sitting on the floor, gasping for air, then looks at Liam whose face hardened at the thought of his rival in his territory.

Derrick tilts his head sideways and smirks, eyes straying to the woman again and wonders just what was



31/03/2024 APROVEITE

Emergency calls only!

Chapter 4

happening before he came in. He’s definitely intrigued now.



The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

The Scarred Luna Novel by Laura-Rave

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Erin is deemed worthless. An orphan and also an omega, she’s considered the weakest wolf in the kingdom. However, Erin is bethroted to the pack alpha’s son. Four years down the drain, she is unable to provide an heir for the kingdom.Enters Melissa, The Alpha’s mistress.A tussle between them both has Melissa meeting her doom. Erin is blamed, thus the beginning of Erin’s nightmare.Enters, Alpha Derrick. He is the perfect example of dark, ruthless and merciless. He takes a liking to the scarred Luna but soon finds out that all things comes at their own peril.


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