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When She Stops Playing Nice Chapter 79

Chapter 79

However, Gina could not remember them.

She had a splitting headache.

Gina slammed on the brakes. For a moment, she was stunned.

“What’s wrong?” Gabriel asked with concern.

I’m fine.” Gina shook her head.

Gabriel said, “Shall I drive?”

“I’m really fine,” Gina said calmly.

They arrived at the village.

Ruby also woke up and went into the house. She hadn’t been back for a long time. No one was taking care of the house, so Gina and Gabriel were helping to clean up.

Ruby and Gina were cleaning the room upstairs. Ruby suddenly stopped what she was doing and took out a bank card, stuffing it into Gina’s hand.

Ruby said to C i a solemnly, “Gina, there’s only 60 thousand dollars in this card. It’s not much. I don’t have much ability and can’t earn much money. I only saved this little for most of my life. From now on, I give it to you.”

Originally, this money should have been spent after Ruby got cancer, but Gina had paid for her medical expenses, so Ruby could keep the 60 thousand dollars.

Ruby continued, “I think Gabriel is quite good in all aspects. If you don’t reject him, you can try dating him. Besides, I think his family background should be quite good. If you guys want to marry, you should buy something. If other girls have it, you should have it too. I am your family.

“The more money you have, the more confidence you have. Don’t let others look down on you.”

“Ruby, I’m not short of money. Gabriel and I are really friends. It’s not to the point of discussing marriage.” Gina did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Take it. It’s a token of my goodwill. Take it, okay?” Ruby spoke to Gina as if she was coaxing a child.

Ruby continued. “Regardless of whether you and Gabriel can marry, you have to take this money. This is for you.

“However, tell me the truth. Do you like Gabriel too? I’ve never seen you so close to a man.” Ruby smiled in relief.

Gina’s calm expression changed. She was a little embarrassed.

She feigned ignorance. “Really?”

Ruby said happily, “Isn’t it because the onlooker sees things clearly while you are confused?”

After they cleaned up, Alice came to visit.

Alice said, “Ruby, I haven’t seen you in a long time. By the way, how’s your health recently?”

10:58 Thu, 23 May

Chapter 79

“I am recovering pretty well,” Ruby replied.

Alice said. “That’s good, that’s good. By the way, about the demolition, did the developer contact you about the compensation?”

K 84%

Xax Village had been chosen by a big real estate developer to build a summer resort. A year ago, they had started contacting the villagers to discuss the demolition.

“Yes. Compensation is fme, but I can’t bear to part with this house.” As she spoke, Ruby felt a little sad. Tears subconsciously welled up in her eyes, but she endured it.

This house was filled with memories of her son and husband. After negotiating with the developer, it would be razed to the ground and there would be nothing left.

Ruby really couldn’t bear to part with it. In fact, the developer had already urged her several times and thought that she was a stubborn person. They thought that she had been refusing to sign the contract because she hadn’t agreed on the price. The other party was getting impatient.

They said that Ruby was the last family in the village who had not signed the contract. It was almost time for the construction to start, so they told her not to delay.

Alice sighed. “Don’t be reluctant. We have to look forward. Take the compensation and live well with Gina in the future. I think Gina is quite obedient and sensible. Just treat it as having an additional daughter.

The young man Gina brought back looks really good! Ruby, your good days will come,” Alice said with a smile. “I have already signed the contract. The developer is at the back of the mountain and is already starting work.

“In two days, I’ll move to the city to live with my son and daughter. Fortunately, you’re back. Otherwise, I don’t know when we’ll see each other again.”

Ruby smiled and said, “Yes.”

After sending Alice off, Gina went forward and said, “Is the village going to be demolished?”

Gina only found out about it after hearing Ruby’s conversation with Alice.

Gina thought, ‘Is that why Ruby is in such a hurry to come back?

Ruby said, “Yes, they had been in touch with me a long time ago, but I forgot to tell you.”

In fact, Ruby did not want to keep troubling Gina. Her original plan was to rent a house or buy a small house in the city after she received the compensation. She just wanted to live alone and not cause trouble for Gina

“Then from now on, you’ll live in the city with me,” Gina said.

Gina thought, “Ruby doesn’t like to stay in the hospital all the time, so she can stay by my side and I can take care of her.

However, Ruby was always worried that she would be a burden to Gina.

Gina seemed to know Ruby’s mind and said, “Ruby, don’t stand on ceremony with me, okay?”

Ruby laughed and nodded at Gina.

Gina took the trash out and threw it away. She bumped into Alice, who was not far away. Alice stopped her and waved at her. “Gina, come over and let me talk to you.”

10:58 Thu, 23 May

Chapter 79


Gina obediently walked over.

Alice said, “C i n a if you have the time, you should persuade Ruby to let go of the past and stop thinking about the past. The death of his son and husband in the line of duty was quite a blow to her, but I think she’s much better after you came. She won’t be half-dead like before.”

“Killed in the line of duty?” Gina had never heard Ruby mention her husband and son. Gina knew that Ruby had lost her son and husband in her early years. She knew that these things were a scar in Ruby’s heart, and she had never asked.

“You don’t know?” Alice was a little surprised. “I thought you knew. I even let it slip. Forget it, since you have known. I’ll tell you.

Her son and husband are both police officers. I heard that they were killed while investigating a big case. I don’t know the details. When her husband and son died, she was so sad that she committed suicide. She was found out and saved.”

Gina understood and said, “Alright. If there’s a chance, I’ll persuade her.”

“Alright, alright,” After saying this, Alice left.

Back in the house, Gina realized that Gabriel was actually busy in the kitchen.

Ruby said happily, “Gina, Gabriel said that he wants to cook delicious for us.”

Gina was a little surprised and she asked. “You can cook?”

Gabriel turned around and smiled faintly. Is it strange that I know how to cook? It’s just a basic life skill.”

When She Stops Playing Nice by Hale Saxon

When She Stops Playing Nice by Hale Saxon

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
They said she was nothing…Gina Miller was found by her biological family when she was nineteen. She had expected a grand reunion and being showered by love. However, her parents and brothers looked down on her lowly upbringing and country manners and instead loved the daughter they adopted when Gina went missing. After much disappointment, Gina left and never looked back.He had everything but was dying… Gabriel Jackson was rich, successful, and handsome. He had everything others wanted and more. Too bad he was ill and was predicted to die before thirty. His father wanted to set him up with someone, but Gabriel was afraid of being a burden to her. Besides, Gabriel had his sights set on someone already.But she was more than she seemed…Gina didn’t want to play nice anymore. No longer hiding herself, her various identities were revealed one by one. She was a multi- billionaire, superb doctor, top hacker, and renowned designer. The powerful respected her. Those who once disdained her were deeply regretful.After Gabriel took her side multiple times, Gina could tell he was interested in her. But Gina didn’t remember that their paths had crossed many years ago…


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