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Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Zara’s POV:

1 guip. “Wow, William, the pavement on your driveway is amazing! Who did it?” I ask, feeling his


I can see his shoes, a knee on the ground, finger on my chin tilting it upward. My heart melts when I see his alluring deep brown for the first time in a month. “Why are you avoiding me?”

William shut his eyes, inhaled a deep breath, then grabbed my wrist and stood up. He drags me towards his house. I spin around to see Nina standing beside Anthony. They were staring at us. “Kidnap! Kidnap,” I shout, only to receive a head shake by Nina.

Traitor, I’ll remember this.

The old man from across the street is watering his plant, staring at us. “Hello, William! Zara! Nina! Anthony!” He yells, waving at us with a huge smile.

“Mr.Anderson! I’m being kidnapped!” I scream, reaching out to him.

“That nice dear! William! Tell your mom thanks for the cookies!” he replies, ignoring my call for help.

William gave him a thumb up, “Got it!”

When William unlocked the door, I saw Mrs. Yi. “Wait! I’m being dragged against my will!” I shout.

“It’s nice to see you too, sweetheart,” she responds, ignoring my pleas.

The people living in this neighborhood are of no help.

“Momma! Mr. Anderson said thanks for the cookies!” he shouts.

“That’s great, sweetheart!”

When William takes me upstairs, I grab onto the railing. He released a deep breath and threw me over his shoulder. I start kicking and screaming, but he ignores everything. He opens his bedroom door and throws me on his bed then slams it shut. I blew the hair off my face and sat up, only to see him lock the


William paced towards me, slamming both hands down on the bed beside me, trapping me in place. “William Yi, you better let me go or else-

“Or else what?” He challenges me.

I gasp dramatically.



Chapter 13

I can see his eyes glancing down at my dress, chewing on his lower lips. “Why are you dressed like that?” He said, in a more profound voice than usual, eyes still looking downward,

“I–I was g–going out,” I stutter, hurrying back. The more I move back, the more he leans forward. He places a knee on the bed; as I crept back, he crawls forward until I slip and land on my back. William had both hands beside my head, a knee between my legs. “Why were you out?”

I opened my mouth, but the words were choked in my throat.

Say something, Zara! Anything!

“I was out on a date!”

Smooth, Zara, smooth.

I can see him clenching his jaw, grinding his molars. “Date?” He repeats my words. “Is it with that kid with the motorcycle?”

“You mean, Randy?”

“Whoever he is, were you out with him?”

“No.” Lreply, and I can see his face softening. “It was with another guy,” I said, and I can see the corners of his jaw twitching in an unfriendly manner.

“Zara, you’re fifteen, yo-”

“Exactly I’m fifteen,” I cut him off. “And girls my age, date,” I continue.

I can see him inhaling through his nostrils intently, tightening his grip beside me. “Right, you’re fifteen, girls your age date,” he repeats my words, except it sounds a lot harsher coming out of his lips.

After some time, his eyes return towards mine. “Why are you avoiding me?”

“I’m not,” I answer a bit too quickly.

“Angel,” he whispers, causing chills in nearly every part of my b*dy.

He went down on his elbows, closing the distance between us. “Stop avoiding me, I don’t like it,” he mumbles, laying his forehead on my shoulder. “I don’t like it at all,” he whispers into my ear, and I can feel his lips grazing against it. William is a natural seducer. I know it.

He lowers himself, and I can feel the heat of his crouch pulsing against mine, panties positively soak. My hand lifts onto his hair, stroking it lightly, and I can feel his b*dy relaxing. His breath hardens, tense, and I’m not entirely sure if the intense beating inside belongs to me. My other hand lifted, placing it on top of his head, stroking my fingers through his fine hair.

I bit my lips to hold back a moan that kept lingering inside my throat. Currently, going through puberty with the man I’ve crushed hard on for since eight seems like the worst thing in the world. I can feel his rip,


Chapter 13

muscles through his shirt as he presses me down against the bed harder.

Involuntarily, my hips start lifting, and I can feel him pressing me back down. My hands grip lightly on. his hair, and I push my hips back up, only to feel his hard bulge pushing me back down. My mind empties as he continues lightly, pushes me down into the bed. My fingers tighten on his hair when I felt a hand sliding down my thigh.


Our bodies freezes.

Instantly, he jumps off of me. I can see his noticeable bump. I slap a hand over my mouth, while he stands there, staring at me, eyes widening, I swallow, seeing his eyes lurking downward between my legs. I look down, noticing my dress pull upward, panties fully exposed.

Instantly, I stand up and pull down my dress as he continues staring at me, stun. “I’ll see you around,” I quickly said and dashed out the door.

“Leaving already, sweetheart?” Mrs. Yi asks.

“Bye,” I said quickly. I ran out of the front door and slammed it.

I dashed back to my house and ran upstairs, shutting the door of my bedroom. Quickly, I ran to the curtains. He stood and stared at the door I just left. Shaking my head, I close it since William’s room is straight across from mine. Pacing around the room, I bit my fingernails, mind still attempting to catch up with reality.


Dry hump.

I dry hump with William.

No, maybe I’m getting it wrong?

I ran towards my laptop and looked up the definition.

“Dry humping is the process of two people repeatedly moving up and down and back and forth on top of each other fully clothed.”

We move like twice, so it doesn’t count, does it?

Circling my room, I feel like I want to pull my hair out. I grabbed my phone and dialed the one number I

I can think of. “Waffles! You need to come here ASAP!”

It’s nighttime, and I still don’t know what happened. “Are you sure about this?” Nina asks me, lying upside down on my bed.

I start walking in circles, staring down at the carpet. “Yes, when he gets home. I’m going to march


Chapter 13

over there and demand an answer to what happened this evening.”

“And then what?”

“And then, if things go well, I’m going to tell William I like him and not a little girl kind of like, more like a woman kind of like.” I explain, waving my hands in a circular motion.

She arches a brow. “Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean, what happened this evening could be a fluke. Maybe he was just a horny guy.”

“Or maybe he has some feelings for me,” I said slowly.

“Pancakes, I’m just saying the chances of you getting together with William is as pffft good as the chance of me hooking up with a billionaire,” she said.

I roll my eyes. “I think we can work something out!”

She releases a deep breath. “You’re fifteen. He is twenty–three.”

“I’m about to turn sixteen in three months, and maybe he can wait two years?” I squeak.

“What about Princeton?”

“Who? Oh right, that college in the East,” I mumble. “They haven’t called, maybe I got rejected!” I said excitedly while she shakes her head.

When I saw William’s bedroom light went on, a burst of excitement rush through me. Since his parents have a dinner date tonight and his brother is gone, it must be him.

Shaking off all the jitters, I nod to myself, seeing Nina on her cell phone, probably texting Kevin, her new boo. “You can do this, Zara,” I told myself.

And with a deep breath, I pull the blinds open.

Instantly, my smile drops, along with my heart.

Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd

Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd

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“You’re right; I can’t be a kid following a guy who will never notice me forever.” Zara Lee, a young smart girl, has always been in love with the Italian boy next door since he moved to America. Everything about his handsome figure set her soul on fire. But to her, the only problem is their eight year age gap. But little does she know, that isn’t the only problem keeping them from being together.


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