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Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd Chapter 15

Chapter 15

William’s POV:

Sitting there, I lit the cigarette between my fingers, bringing it to my lips. Exhaling the smoke, my eyes lurk upward, seeing blood dripping down his bruising face, ears listening to the agonizing screams for mercy. The single light in the room annoyingly flickers, all four cement walls blocking out any available sunlight.

I stand up, moving the chair back, creating a loud, squeaking sound. The guys hold him in place as I pace towards him. Grabbing a handful of his hair, I tilt his face upward, causing him to cough out blood. “Where is he?”

“N–New York,” he replies in a thick Chinese accent.

I smirk, “And the stuff?” I questioned but didn’t receive a response. I can tell he’s out. as his eyes were staring at me, but he was moving around, unable to stay in one area properly. Inhaling a deep breath, I place the cigarette down and slam his head on the table. “I said, where is the f**king stuff!”

“W–With h–him,” he whimpers.

Irelease him and glance at the guys. “Make sure he never performs on any woman again.” I said, and they bow down to me, understanding my underlying message.

He shakes his head, sweats blistering everywhere. “P–Please d–don’t! I told you where he is!” he shouts, spitting out blood.

“And that makes you a traitor. I hate traitors,” I said, waving my hand back. The guys take the signal and drag him to the corner of the room.

I hear a low whistle turn towards the door seeing Drew and Marvin. A guy came up, handing me a clean towel to wipe off the blood from my face. I can hear a desperate scream behind me, foul mouth begging for forgiveness. He is a Chinese triad member, and here he is praying for sympathy, spineless


I throw the towel away, ears ignoring the scream, and unbutton my bloody shirt, putting on the new one. “The little girl from next door leaving must have struck you.” Drew said, an annoying smirk on his face. I can see his eyes lurking behind me, face grimacing, mouthing out an: “Ouch.”

“Shut up.” I mumble, walking out of the basement.

Three fking months, she left for three fking months without telling me in advance. I grab my phone, seeing no replies or phone calls. Marvin hung over my shoulder and shook his head. “Still desperate, waiting for your Angel to reply?”

1 ground my teeth together, attempting not to punch his face.




“Be careful what you say, Marvin, the guy have been over the edge. He beat up a guy for asking who wants a muffin the other day,” Drew said, b*dy faking a shudder.

“I swear one more word for you two, and I’ll make sure you will end up like that guy.” I said.

They place both hands downward, covering their dicks, and I stomp into a room, slamming it shut. Inhaling a deep breath, I dial her number standing there waiting for her to pick up, but it got to voicemaill again. I ran my fingers through my hair, pacing back and forth until I heard a low beep. “H–Hey Zara, I was wondering if New Jersey is okay? You haven’t replied to any of my calls and messages, so I’m worried. I hope everything is alright. I miss you.”

Pacing around the room, I hear a buzz and turn on my phone.

Angel: Everything is okay, and I’m safe. Thanks for asking.

Inhaling a deep breath, I clench the phone. I grab a lamp, letting out a scream of frustration, and throw it across the room. Sitting on the couch, I ran my hands through my hair, messing it up. The door creaks open, revealing two assholes who clearly enjoy my misery.

“Wow, you’re in deeper than I thought.” Drew said

I look up at them, seeing pity written all over their faces. “What do I do? It’s been almost three months, and all I got was short messages from her once in a while. What if something happened to her?” I said, knowing she is safe, after all, she contacts everyone except me.

f**k, she even gave Drew a call the other day, during our meeting. He avoided me for three days after that. For fuck sake, she had been messaging Drew and Anthony, keeping them updated on what had happened in New Jersey. When the fuck did they even exchange contacts?!


“Well, it’s obvious she is avoiding you,” Marvin mumbles.

I shot him a glare, and he looked elsewhere.

“Do you think, maybe she saw what happened between you and Misha three months ago?” Drew

Misha is the daughter of the Russian mafia that I casually fuck around with whenever I start thinking about Zara in a non–brotherly kind of way. Roughly three months ago, after that incident with Zara in my bedroom. where I almost lost control and stuck my dick inside of her. I called up Misha.

I wasn’t thinking straight and took her back to my house, something I never do since Zara lived right

next door.

Stumbling inside my bedroom, our lips were attached tongues tangling as I attempted to forget all about what happened this evening with Zara.

Zara Lee, the only girl I’ll never touch. She is too innocent, too pure for a guy like me. I don’t deserve her at all. I shouldn’t even have any odious thoughts for her; she is merely a child, after all. But, the sickening part of me can’t stop thinking about her.


Chapter 15

Yeah, a child you continuously think about whenever you masturbate ever since she hit puberty, that annoying voice popped up in my head again.


I pushed Misha down on the bed, and she pulled my tie downward, crashing our lips together. I can feel her fingers lurking downward, taking off my belt.

There was that infuriating voice in

the back of my mind telling me to stop. That what I’m doing is wrong, but I ignored it and tugged off her dress, revealing a hot matching pair of red lace underwear. She ripped off my shirt and threw it beside the lamp.

“William,” Zara’s moaning voice echoes inside my


Shutting my eyes, I shook my head in an attempt to forget about her. How she was laying in my bed earlier this evening with her legs spread open for me, revealing a soaked pair of white underwear. How her dress was creased entirely, straps falling off her milky shoulder, messy hair covering up her gorgeous

brown orbs.

It was as if she was begging me to dirty her.

“f**k!” I shouted, getting off Misha. I sat on the edge of my bed, running my fingers through my hair, knowing I’m in deep shit.

I can bear Misha scoffing at me. “It’s that little girl from next door, isn’t it?” she said in an amused tone as she lit up a cigarette..

“How did you-”

“William, we have been f**king around for nearly two years, and I’ve heard you moaned out her name a few times,” she responded, rolling her eyes in a dissatisfying manner..

My eyes blasted open, and I turned towards her. “What?”

“You know when you’re drunk, you don’t hold back, do you? It’s funny how you always manage to remember to slip on a condom but forget the name of the girl you’re f**king,” she said, exhaling some


I sat there, staring at her as she crushed down her cigarette. She stood up and grabbed her dress. “It’s a huge turn off when you’re screwing me, but screaming out another girl’s name when you cum,” she pulled on her dress.

She grabbed her heels and purse, walking towards the door. “By the way, your blinds are open,” she said before walking out.

My eyes widened more than earlier, and I rushed towards the window, seeing the light in Zara’s room turning off. I released a deep breath. “Good, she is asleep; she didn’t see anything.” I mumbled.

The next morning, I saw her, and she looked as beautiful as ever. When we finished talking, I was determined to make her mine. Of course, I’m not going to be a pedophile creep about it. I’ll tell her I like her, and then if things go well, maybe she will agree to my two–year plan. We can take it slow, and I’ll wait two


years for her.

The one thing I didn’t expect was for her to fly off to New Jersey the next day.

Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd

Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd

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“You’re right; I can’t be a kid following a guy who will never notice me forever.” Zara Lee, a young smart girl, has always been in love with the Italian boy next door since he moved to America. Everything about his handsome figure set her soul on fire. But to her, the only problem is their eight year age gap. But little does she know, that isn’t the only problem keeping them from being together.


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