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Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd Chapter 2

Two Years Later



I strap my backpack, adjust my jacket, and put on my favorite pink cap. My hand reaches for the doorknob, which I open.

“I do not care! Do whatever you want!” I can hear Mom shouting from downstairs, followed by a loud door slam.

I slowly proceed down the creaky stairs to see some picture frames of my family on the floor, the glass shattered everywhere. I step cautiously past it and into the kitchen to see Dad. He sat at the table, face buried in his dry hands, tears streaming down. I open the closet, get a broom and dustpan, and begin cleaning up the glasses in the corridor.

I take a deep breath and pick up the photo of my parents and me from my seventh birthday.

We went to the zoo because I wanted to see wolves, but to my disappointment, there were no wolves. I cried for hours before my parents brought me the world’s largest cotton candy. In the photo, I was sitting on top of my father’s shoulder, holding the swirly pink cotton candy with a large bite mark on the side. Mom placed her head against his arm. We were all really happy.

The water drips across the photograph, and I hastily brush it away with my sleeve.

Mom and Dad liked each other a lot, but lately it appears that all they do is yell at each other.

When I’ve collected all of the huge glasses, I throw them in the trash. I grab the vacuum and start cleaning up the last smaller fragments before putting it away.

Walking back into the kitchen, I noticed Dad remained motionless, staring at the table. “Daddy, I’m going to school,” I said.

Dad glances at me with red, wet eyes. He brushed the tears away and took a whiff. “Let me grab my key, Princess, and I’ll drive you there,” he added quietly.

I shook my head. “No, it’s fine, Daddy. Nina’s dad said he could drive me there,” I explained. I walked over to him and k*ssed his cheek, salty tears on my lips. “Bye, Daddy,” I said.

He wraps his arms around me. “I’m sorry, Princess,” he says softly into my ear. I pat his back and grin brightly, to which he responds grimly.

Walking towards the front entrance, I take my black sneakers and a red umbrella. When I open the door, I hear the loud pitter-patter of rain. I close the door, remove the house key from my n*ck, and lock it. With a heavy sigh, I put on my sweater and open the umbrella. I lied to Dad when I said Nina’s father was going to drive me to school. Nina’s family always leaves early for school because her siblings are in different grades.

I kicked the pebbles, and my shoes were wet. My socks were drenched from the water. My legs came to a halt when I felt rainwater run down my cheeks. It just keeps going downward for some strange reason.

Wiping the wetness off my face, I begin skipping to school:

“What is that over there?”

“A delicious chocolate cake! Mr. Mister!”

“Can you teach me to bake?”

“The delicious chocolate cake!?”

“Wait! I changed my mind. Let me eat the cake.”

“Or I will destroy mankind!”

I gave a wicked laugh. Maybe Nina is correct; I should rewrite the song lyrics.

When I heard a car honk, I looked to my side and noticed a familiar black car. It quickly turns to face me, and the window rolls down, revealing an extremely gorgeous man. “Need a ride?” he offers in a rich voice, his lips rising forward into a brilliant smile.

I skip towards him, “Hi, William!”

William relocated to my neighbourhood two years ago. We would always hang out together when he was free. I appreciate that he does not avoid me because I am a small child.

I really like William.

But everyone would always laugh at my feelings, stating how adorable it was that I had a crush on him. I used to scream at the top of my lungs about William being my boyfriend, but I no longer do that.

Zara – 9 years old.

William – 17 years old.

I skip my way to William’s house, staring down at the cupcake I just made. “I hope he likes it,” I told myself, a tiny giggle escaping my throat.

Ringing the doorbell, I stood there twirling my hair and felt butterflies in my tummy. The door opened. “Hi Zara,” Mrs. Yi whispered quietly, bending down to my level. “Are you here for William?”

“Yes, Mrs. Yi, I baked some cupcakes,” I responded happily, hoping William would enjoy them.

She placed her palm on her chest, “Awww, you will make a wonderful wife one day. William is really lucky to have you.” She pinches my red cheeks. “He’s upstairs in his room sweetheart, with a few of his friends,” she explained.

I slipped off my blue shoes and dashed upstairs, eager to see William. I grabbed the jar tightly and prepared to knock till I heard a voice.

“Dude, I’m telling you, the person who just rang your doorbell is that little girl from next door,” a guy said teasingly, causing my smile to fade.

I stood there, hugging the cupcakes closer to my chest.

“Guys, do you always have to bring this up!” William grunted.

“Your little wife is waiting for you; why don’t you go downstairs and greet her?” another guy’s voice remarked.

“Come on, guys, she is like a little sister to me,” he went on to say.

I can feel water striking the bandages on my fingertips.

“Plus, I have a girlfriend,” he added, chuckling slightly.

“I’m not sure, man. Maybe give the little girl a shot. You know, William. William let’s play a game,” the first guy stated in a high-pitched tone.

“William, I love you so much,” the other person repeated. He made a k*ssing sound thereafter.

“William is my boyfriend,” another guy yelled, stomping his foot. I hear a huge burst of laughter coming from the room.

I wiped the water from my eyes and rushed back downstairs. I grabbed my shoes and opened the front door.

“Oh, sweethea-” Before Mrs. Yi could complete her statement, I slammed the door and dashed back home.

My shaky hands grasped the key around my n*ck and opened the door. I went to the kitchen, opened the container, and dumped the cupcakes in the trash.

“Princess, what are you doing?” Dad asked.

“I’m throwing the cupcakes away,” I said. I threw the final cupcake into the garbage pail. He entered the kitchen as I placed the container in the sink.

“Why, Princess? You worked so hard on them that you burned all ten of your little fingers.” He held my bandaged fingers gently.

I looked down and saw all of my fingers covered in bandages because it was my first time baking. Earlier, I yelled at my Dad when he offered to help me bake the cupcake, stating that I was a big girl and could handle it all on my own.

I sniffled, tears streaming down my cheeks. “They were no good daddy.”

I didn’t pay attention to where I was going and fell on the sidewalk’s edge, landing into a puddle. “Owwww,” I exclaimed, feeling my garments become sticky.

Suddenly, a massive pair of arms lifted me. “Are you okay?” William asks frantically, his eyes fixed on every inch of my wet b*dy.

Looking up, I spotted William wearing blue jeans and a black jacket. He takes off his coat and puts it around me, displaying a black shirt with an unknown band.

“You’re shivering and bleeding,” he said. I looked down and noticed my blood was soaking through my jeans.

“Come on. I will take you home. You need to change,” he stated.

I shake my head, knowing Dad might still be home. “I-I need to g-go to s-school.” I replied.

“Zara, you’re bleeding and cold; you need to go home and change,” he said sternly.

I continue to shake my head. I ignore the pain and grab the umbrella. Before I can take a single step, William picks me up, making me feel like a princess, and carried me to his car, placing me in the passenger seat.

He rushes to the other side, his clothes drenched. He started the engine, turned on the warmth, and pulled down the seat belt. “D-Don’t you h-have s-school?”

“School is important, but I need to take you back home, or else you will get sick.”

I rested my head on the cool window and closed my eyes. A ringing sound arose, but I did not open my eyes.

“Baby, where are you?”

Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd

Age Is Just a Number by Jeffery zedd

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“You’re right; I can’t be a kid following a guy who will never notice me forever.” Zara Lee, a young smart girl, has always been in love with the Italian boy next door since he moved to America. Everything about his handsome figure set her soul on fire. But to her, the only problem is their eight year age gap. But little does she know, that isn’t the only problem keeping them from being together.


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