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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 133

Chapter 133

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    “Do you want to eat something?” I asked Ashton whose eyes were fixed on me for a moment.
    “I am not very hungry, mama.” He said, making me frown. His eyes were bloodshot red, and I knew for fact that it wasn’t lack of sleep. I put my hand on his forehead and frowned when I felt how hot his head was.
    “Hmm, you have a fever.” I said, lifting my son in my arms. I knew to stay quiet, not wanting to worry him. I put him on his bed before taking his shirt off as I brought over his ointment.
    Enzo walked inside the room, clearly sensing his son’s distress and shook his head in question at the sight.
    “He has a fever. He is going to need to get some medicine, but I want to rub this ointment to help him relax. His muscles would most likely be aching, it is one of the reasons why I want to be sure to relax them.” I said, and he nodded.
    “Do you have the medicine or do you need me to send the men?” Enzo asked, putting his hand on Ashton’s forehead.
    “Can you please help me take it out from my first drawer. There’s a black small bag, you’d find the medicine there.” I said, and he nodded. He did as told, and when he opened the bag, the man fraze for a moment before shaking his head and pulling the medicine out of the bag to hand to me. Along with it was a picture of the two of us being together.
    It was the first picture that we took when we were making things official between us as a husband and wife. An old memory that I held onto.
    He didn’t say a word, but his eyes spoke louder than his words would, and it took me a moment to snap myself out of my daze as I turned to my
    vill son.
    “Ashton, baby, can you at least eat the biscuits that you like? I know that you are tired but mama can’t give you any medicine without food. You are going to need to get something to eat, no matter how light.” I said, running my finger through his hair.
    “I don’t want to, mama.” He said, and Enzo raised an eyebrow.
    “Now, now, how would my boy be healing and growing strong to protect his mama if he doesn’t eat?” Enzo asked, his voice more gentle than it has ever been as he spoke to our boy. I looked at him, thankful for what he was doing, and he smiled. “A bite is not going to be too hard, and it would make your mom happy too.”
    He looked at his father for a moment before nodding, choosing to give in. Enzo sat on the edge of the bed behind me, and put a hand on my shoulder, squeezing it gently. “I’ll watch over him, you go and get him what he needs.”
    “Thank you,” I said. He leaned in, taking me by surprise, before he kissed my shoulder gently.
    “You’re welcome.” He whispered.
    I got up and walked toward the dressing room where I kept his favorite snacks. The last thing that I would do is allow him to have too many of them, and sometimes that meant that hiding them would be the better option. Especially when I knew that he could have a habit of trying to sneak them out
    lopened the carton and handed him one piece, watching as he nibbled on it. As long as he kept it in his stomach, I knew that we were good, I didn’t want him to vomit, at this point, this was the last thing that I needed when I knew that I couldn’t take him to a hospital and that the pack infirmary team chose to find their way out of the pack.
    I wouldn’t trust them even if they were here at this point
    “I don’t want to eat more, mama.” He said, and took a deep breath. I nodded, calming myself down, knowing not to force him. He knew what he would be able to digest right now, but I knew that the medicine would be too strong for him.
    Chapter 133
    “Alright, baby.” I said, and Enzo frowned in confusion.
    “I know what to do.” I said, getting up from the bed. I walked to the bathroom and stripped off my shirt, staying in my bra and shorts. It was a habit that he had when he was too ill, and the first thing that I was going to have to do right now was help him sweat the fever out.
    I turned on the water tap and filled the tub, watching as the bathroom steamed up before walking out of the bathroom. Enzo looked at me with wide eyes, and I shook my head before lifting my son in my arms, not paying the man any mind
    “Alaria, what are you going to do?” He asked, following me inside the already stearned toilet.
    Remember when you were sick once. You refused to each, much like he is now, and wouldn’t go to the hospital as you didn’t want anyone to know that you were sick. Our enemies were plenty at the time. I filled the tub with hot water and steamed the bathroom.” I said, and he nodded.
    “I don’t even know how you had the strength to help me stand alongside Leo. But I remember sitting on the floor beside the tub. You stayed beside me for an hour, helping me out before you cooled the water down and helped me shower. It was the first time that you did that.” He said, and I nodded.
    “I was your wife, and today, it is my son.” I said, and he nodded. “It is going to be a long day, it seems. We need to be ready for it…”

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“Why, Enzo?” Alaria D’Angelo asked her husband, looking at the divorce papers that were on the table. “What did I do wrong?””Sign them, Alaria,” he said, looking at her with a gaze that was as cold as ice. Her heart sank to her stomach and she looked at her purse for a moment, thinking.He watched as she picked up the pen, signing the paper.”It’s for her, isn’t it?” she asked, ignoring the clench that she felt in her chest. The man didn’t respond, but she got the answer that she needed as she put the pen down on the table. “Goodbye, Alpha Enzo…”********** Loyal, devoted, obedient. Alaria D’Angelo, the daughter of the Pakhan and Alpha, found herself being forced to accept a divorce that she did not want. But when Capo dei Capi, Alpha Enzo finds out that she has his child, things take a different turn of events…


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