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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 140

Chapter 140
Now if we have ever fought with Erio before, I never knew that the man was a maniac, And the fact that Katherine was by his side, despite everything. told me a lot more about the woman that I would have wanted to know. It was only a shame that I couldn’t see it when I first found out that she was my
Alonso, whose heart was racing in fear, stood, paralyzed as it his feet were drilled to the ground. His eyes met mine for a moment, and I swear, I wanted to assure him that things would be alright. I wished that I could convince him that this was a dream. However, he wasn’t blind. He knew that this was real. And it was something that I wasn’t going to be able to change.
I grabbed Erie’s head and banged it against one of the tree trunks. His eyes widened in surprise, and the gush that was on his forehead caused blood to pour on the ground as he fell to the ground.
“You really are putting an effort over a woman who clearly wants nothing to do with you.” Katherine said, her tone calm despite knowing that she was ticking a nerve. “I wonder, would she be in pain when you die? You know, some women pretend to be, but mostly are not. Is she one of those? Would she be in pain for the man who broke her, divorced her, and sent her away when she was pregnant with his son?”
“You know nothing. Katerina, Not everyone is you, and I certainly doubt that you think that Alaria would be anything like you when it comes to her honesty,” I said, approaching her. She grabbed Alonso, putting him in front of her. The fact that she was using him as her shield told me that she knew that I wouldn’t hurt him. That, or she was sick enough to try and sacrifice the kid.
“While you might be right. Alaria is not me, she never did love you the way that I did. You just failed to see the facts that were right in front of you. It is funny, you are blaming me for things that I didn’t do, and yet, if it were her, you would have forgiven…”
“What didn’t you do, Katherine? I am watching a woman, a so called mother, putting her child in danger first. He is your son and never once did you look at him as so. You burned the house when he was inside the room…”
“You are lying”
“Am I?” I asked, stopping her. My eyes met Alonso’s and he gulped as his heart raced. “Are you not the one who burned the house, locked him in, and ran out to save yourself? You wanted to frame Alaria so bad that you were willing to give up on your own son. You are sick, Katherine, and a person like you
needs treatment”
“You made me who I am when you brought her to the house.” She said, and I scoffed.
“This was always you, Alaria had nothing to do with it. She barely even approached you and had it not been for Alonso, trust me, she wouldn’t have even spoken to you. Unfortunately, you are the mother of the boy and she put that in mind when it comes to him spending time with Ashton.” I said, and she growled.
“Well, if the kids are the one thing that are connecting us…”
Her eyes widened in surprise as she froze. My heart race and I frowned when the smell of blood filled my nostrils, Katherine’s body dropped almost instantly, and I looked up to find Alaria standing behind her. A knife was in Katherine’s hand, making my heart drop.
“I’m sorry, she would have stabbed…” she didn’t complete her sentence as I ran toward her. Our hearts raced in sync, and I wrapped my arms around her as I pulled her in for a hug.
I lifted Alonso in my arms, hugging him tightly, and it wasn’t until I caught sight of Leonardo as he was approaching us, wanting to greet us, that my eyes widened as I saw an arrow hitting him from the back and coming out of his chest.
His eyes widened in surprise, and I covered Alonso’s face with my hand. He looked down at the needle as he fell, and I let out a growl that even I didn’t expect of myself as I saw Ezio, despite being as b l o d y as he was, holding the string in hand.
“I am impressed by your love. Regardless of everything, you still managed to hold onto her.” He said, looking at Alaria. He pulled out another bow, he didn’t even care about his blood as it poured over his head. I put Alonso down, making him hide behind me.
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Chapter 140
“I am going to start with her, then with your son, and then the whole pack. I will be sure that those who do not submit die at my hand” He said as he watched me standing in front of Alaria. He smirked, and shook his head: “You claimed the inque b a s a r d, you can keep him. He will do you no good anyway, he is not your heir nor is he ever going to be. Not now that everyone knows who he is. Anyhow, I doubt that anyone would be willing to listen or even look at a fallen Alpha.”
“I would rather die than watch my imate get hurt.” I said, and he laughed.
“Your mate is dead. The woman you are defending is the one who killed her, by the way. You should take your anger out on her. Shame, she even let a boy be an orphan.” He said, and Alaria’s heart raced as I heard her take a deep breath. Caine was quiet, the ghost that he was, he didn’t move a muscle. At least, that was what we thought, even if he did, not a soul would notice it
“It is time for all of you to die.” Ezio said, letting the string go. I turned, wanting to protect Alaria only to be surprise by a gun shot. She hit his head, however, his body dropping wasn’t what had my wolf howl in pain.
it was the sight of her with the arrow in her stomach…

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“Why, Enzo?” Alaria D’Angelo asked her husband, looking at the divorce papers that were on the table. “What did I do wrong?””Sign them, Alaria,” he said, looking at her with a gaze that was as cold as ice. Her heart sank to her stomach and she looked at her purse for a moment, thinking.He watched as she picked up the pen, signing the paper.”It’s for her, isn’t it?” she asked, ignoring the clench that she felt in her chest. The man didn’t respond, but she got the answer that she needed as she put the pen down on the table. “Goodbye, Alpha Enzo…”********** Loyal, devoted, obedient. Alaria D’Angelo, the daughter of the Pakhan and Alpha, found herself being forced to accept a divorce that she did not want. But when Capo dei Capi, Alpha Enzo finds out that she has his child, things take a different turn of events…


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