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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 23

Chapter 23


“Mama, are we going to play here by ourselves? Do they not have people in the pack?” Ashton asked, and I laughed, shaking my head at my son’s beautiful innocence. It was something that I loved about him. The way he thought, he spoke, and even expressed himself. I always found it genuinely sweet of him the way he acted.

“No, there are other pack members. But you know, even they have school and work. We need them to come back from school for you to get to know them. You know, considering the fact th

you don’t know them very well, they need to get to know who you are and how do things.” I said, my voice softening at him. He pouted his lips, and I put my finger on his chin, squeezing it gently, making him laugh before I lifted him in my arms.


“I take it that your son is bored.” Katherine said, breaking our moment. I had to force. myself to be calm, reminding myself that the last thing that I wanted was for my son to see the two of us arguing. I didn’t want this picture to be in his head, and I knew that if it got there, then we were going to be having more of a fuss, and that wasn’t something that I wanted.

“The place is to him. As you may know, this the first time that he’s been away from his home in another place.” I said, and she smiled coldly before she nodded. I wasn’t dumb, I knew that the woman wasn’t here to say hello, but whatever she was going to tell me, I hoped that she would be keeping in mind that my son was here. The last thing that I wanted was for him to start learning bad manners when he’s just arrived.

“Your suit is ready. Alpha Enzo had it chosen by him, and it is a connected room so your son can be sleeping in the room beside yours. At least, until he is old enough to move to his own room.” She said, and I nodded.

“That’s very kind of him. Thank you,” I said, and she–nodded, crossing her arms over her chest before she took a step back. I looked at her, not saying a word for a few seconds. before smiling at my baby.

“We have our own room?” He asked, lowering his voice to a whisper. I had to fight back laughing as I knew that Katherine would still hear his whispering. But I still found it sweet that he was doing so for her not to hear that he was asking.





Emergency calls only

Chapter 23

“Yes, of course we do!” I said, and his eyes brightened.

20100% 11:31

“Can I have toys in my room just like at home?” He asked, and I nodded, smiling at him.

“Of course,” I said, and he smiled, clapping his hands despite me carrying him. I him

put down and taking his hand in mine, the two of us walked inside the house. Two maids were waiting for me, and I raised an eyebrow at them.

“We were assigned for your services. There are two other girls who are still tending to your bed linens. We are to take care of everything that you need, Ms. Alaria.” One of the girls, Cecilia, a girl that I knew very well since before Enzo and I got our divorce said, and I smiled at her.

“How are you, Cecilia?” I asked, and she smiled. The fact that she was chosen to work for me told me that it was because either Katherine didn’t like her presence considering the fact that she was one of my maids or the fact that Enzo knew that she was mine. Either way, I was thankful for the fact that she was chosen to be with me.

“I am well, Luna, and it is nice to see that you are finally back to your home.” She said, making my heart swell. This wasn’t my home anymore, I knew that for fact, but her genuine words made my day. At least I knew that my presence here wasn’t one that they neglected.

“Who are you calling Luna?” Katherine asked, making me frown. Cecelia looked down at her feet, knowing not to respond, her heart racing at the fact that she was heard by the woman who was supposedly the pack’s Luna. She grabbed her arm, and the woman. flinched, looking down at her feet. “If I hear you addressing her as Luna again, I promise. you that I am going to…

I looked at Ashton and covered his ears, not wanting him to hear such vulgarity, his eyes. met mine and I nodded in assurance before I let out a warning growl, making the woman step back, without saying a word. Hell, she didn’t even turn to face me.

“Show her the room and I expect you to be in mine afterwards, do you understand me?” She asked, taking a step back. Katherine looked down at her feet as she walked past me, her eyes avoiding mine as she knew that things were going to end up turning against her if she dared to speak to me.





Emergency calls only

Chapter 23


D100% 11:31

“Please, Ms. Alaria, let me show you to your room. I am sure that the girls would be done with it right now.” The woman said, stopping me. I went to open my mouth to speak before my son caught my attention as he looked up at me. I was thankful for the fact that I had the instinct to cover his ears, but the way she grabbed the woman’s arm must have took him off guard.

I knew that this wasn’t something that he should have seen on the first day that he came here. His eyes met mine and I ran my finger over his hair for a second, purring in assurance. He smiled and nodded back at me, gaining his courage from his mother.

“Alright, let’s go…”



Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa

Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
“Why, Enzo?” Alaria D’Angelo asked her husband, looking at the divorce papers that were on the table. “What did I do wrong?””Sign them, Alaria,” he said, looking at her with a gaze that was as cold as ice. Her heart sank to her stomach and she looked at her purse for a moment, thinking.He watched as she picked up the pen, signing the paper.”It’s for her, isn’t it?” she asked, ignoring the clench that she felt in her chest. The man didn’t respond, but she got the answer that she needed as she put the pen down on the table. “Goodbye, Alpha Enzo…”********** Loyal, devoted, obedient. Alaria D’Angelo, the daughter of the Pakhan and Alpha, found herself being forced to accept a divorce that she did not want. But when Capo dei Capi, Alpha Enzo finds out that she has his child, things take a different turn of events…


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