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Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa Chapter 53

Chapter 53


I walked back to the room without saying a word.

My heart ached, and I sat on the floor, trying to think straight. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to. Not after what just happened.

My lips quivered, and I wrapped my arms around myself pulling my knees to my chest as I sat on the floor, momentarily forgetting that I was going to have to explain things to my four year old.

I didn’t even know how he was going to understand this. I just didn’t.

“Mama?” He called, breaking my train of thoughts. I wiped my tears and looked up at him, forcing a smile despite the rage that I felt

I had so much that I wanted to say. So much that was breaking me inside, but with this many things in mind, I didn’t know how I was going to be able to do it.

“Hi, baby.” I said, opening my arms for him. He walked toward me and I watched as he sat on my right thigh while my left was on his small legs as I held him to my chest. “You are going to want mama to explain things to do, right?”

“I am Alonso’s brother?” He asked, and I nodded. “Does this mean that you are not my mommy?”

The pain in his voice made my stomach ache. The last thing that I wanted was for my son to feel the way that he did.

“You are my boy. While I know that you may be confused; you are going to be my son. I gave birth to you when things were hard. I know that it is hard to explain, but we are going to get through this together, my sweet boy.” I said, ruhning my fingers over my son’s hair. I looked down at him, and he at me. “Do you want to eat something? I know that it’s late, but I think that you should eat something, baby.”

“Okay,” he said, and I smiled. I lifted him in my arms, holding him to my chest. The two of



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Emergency calls only a L

Chapter 53

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us went to the kitchen and I put my boy sit on the kitchen stool. My eyes met Enzo’s as he walked out of his office. I thought that he left the house, but it seems that he didn’t.

He walked toward us and Ashton’s eyes met Enzo’s for a second. My son looked at me, and I looked down at the table in front of me.


“Are you my father?” Ashton asked, breaking the moment of silence that was between us. It turned around and opened the fridge. I pulled out toast, ketchup, turkey, and lettuce from the fridge. I slowly set them on the counter, preparing the sandwich for both Ashton and


I wasn’t going to have my boy eat on his own anyway. Not with his father watching him. But I wasn’t hungry, I needed to think straight.

I put both plates for both Enzo and Ashton, and I sat on the bench in front of them. I ran my finger over my thigh as I waited for Enzo’s response.

“Yes,” he said, finally speaking. He looked down at the sandwich then at me. He nodded in thanks and I smiled. I didn’t know what to say.

“Are you going to take me from my mama?” He asked. My heart ached and I closed my eyes, not knowing what he was going to say to respond.

“Why would you think that I would take you from your mom?” Enzo asked, shaking his head in question. I clenched my fists, fearing what he was going to say.

“I don’t want to go anywhere away from mama. She is my only mama.” He said, and I smiled.

“No one is going to take you away from your mom if you don’t want to go. She is the one who raised you. She fought for you, and I know the effort that she put to raise you up. I am. not going to separate the two of you.” Enzo said, looking at me. I looked at the door as I caught her scent, Katherine’s. Her eyes met mine, and I could swear that I saw the rage in her eyes. She was furious, and I could see how much she wanted to argue, but the woman forced herself to stay quiet as she looked down at her feet.

Enzo took a bite of his sandwich and though I knew he was aware that she was behind him; he didn’t care. He kept eating his food, enjoying it.




Emergency calls only

Chapter 53


“Are we going to live together as you and Auntie Katherine do?” Ashton asked. I sucked in a harsh breath, not knowing what to do. I was in pain and I was angry, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

“We are going to live together, all of us, yes. But there are things that we are going to need to manage fixing. We might not be able to live like your Aunt Katherine and I do, but your mom and I can find our own way.” He said, looking at me. I looked down at my lap. I had to fight back shaking my head as I didn’t want conflict right now, not in front of my son. All I knew was that I was in pain.

“I am going to have a brother too?” Ashton asked, and I frowned in confusion. “Alonso is going to have a brother. Is it going to be mine?”

“Or sister.” Enzo said, smiling at him. “Yes, the baby is going to be your sibling too. You are going to be an older brother.”

I got up from the chair, my ground barely holding me.

Katherine’s eyes met mine and I walked past her, careful not to touch the woman who followed me.

“Where are you going?” She asked, and I scoffed.

“I think that it would be best for you to listen to the nonsense that your husband is saying to my son.” I said, wiping my tears from my eyes. “I’ve had enough of hearing of all this




Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa

Alpha Enzo by Ls Barbosa

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
“Why, Enzo?” Alaria D’Angelo asked her husband, looking at the divorce papers that were on the table. “What did I do wrong?””Sign them, Alaria,” he said, looking at her with a gaze that was as cold as ice. Her heart sank to her stomach and she looked at her purse for a moment, thinking.He watched as she picked up the pen, signing the paper.”It’s for her, isn’t it?” she asked, ignoring the clench that she felt in her chest. The man didn’t respond, but she got the answer that she needed as she put the pen down on the table. “Goodbye, Alpha Enzo…”********** Loyal, devoted, obedient. Alaria D’Angelo, the daughter of the Pakhan and Alpha, found herself being forced to accept a divorce that she did not want. But when Capo dei Capi, Alpha Enzo finds out that she has his child, things take a different turn of events…


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