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Alpha’s Betted Bride Chapter 20

I didn’t get any sleep, none at all. I had laid awake the entire night just staring up at ceiling or onto the wall, thinking about what today would bring.
My parents would soon arrive, in just
a few hours. It was six in the morning and everyone was waking
I walked into the bathroom and saw my dull eyes and pale skin. Whenever I didn’t sleep, I looked like crap but it would have to do. I applied some makeup and put on my clothes.
Downstairs everyone was getting ready for breakfast and they were sitting down. The former Alpha and Luna were sitting in their places and I went to sit with them. Luckily no one else from our table had arrived.
“Sleep well?” Marie asked me. Did I lie and say yes or was I going to be honest?
“Yes,” apparently lie.
“You know, makeup covers around the eyes, not in them,” she said and rose a brow.
“I’m nervous,” I said quietly.
“Nervous?” No, not nervous.
“I’m scared,” She nodded her head and placed her hand over mine. Her face took on a much more serious expression and she squeased my hand.
“We will not leave your side for even a second if that is what you wish,” she said and looked at me to make sure I understood.
I shook it of and smiled, feeling the walls coming up and regretting that I even spoke in the first place.
“It’s fine, everything will be alright. And I really am excited to meet my brothers,”
Her hand mvoed from my own as she looked at me confusedly. Her husband had a much more pittying look.
“Didn’t Aiden tell you?” He asked me.
“Tell me what?”
“Your brothers aren’t coming, only your parents are,” no…
My stomach twisted in knots as he had spoken those words.
My appetite, or the little it was, completely vanished and I pushed away the plate.
The chair next to mine was pulled out and Aiden sat down.
“I didn’t hear you wake up,” he said and poured coffee into his cúp.
“I left early,” I said.
“You’re not gonna eat?” He asked me and looked at my plate.
“My brothers aren’t coming, but you already knew that,” he stiffened next to me and clenched his jaw.
“I felt like one piece of bad news was enough yesterday,”
“I need some air.” I pushed back the chair but was pulled right back in. The plate was dragged back in front of me and Aiden looked sternly into my eyes.
‘t know! “Eat. You’ll need the strength for when they come. What would he know about that? He didn’t my parents or my relationship with them. All he knew was what he had overheard on the phone call.
“No thanks.” I pushed the chair out again and heard his growl behind me as I left. I heard the chair being pushed out harshly and Aidens name being yelled out by his mother.
The fresh air was like a slap to the face as I got out. I walked with fast steps down the pathway. I went behind the house, hoping it would be completely empty of people which luickily it was.
When I saw a little grove by the edge of the park, nearly ran there. Not a single person in sight and no sound except for the ones from nature.
I walked in between the trees and closed my eyes as I leaned my head back and let the sun warm my face. Just as I was about to inhale and fill my lungs with air I was pulled back and slammed against a tree.
“How dare you defy me.” He growled, his eyes glowing and his Alpha aura radiating from his entire
“Defy you? I thought you were my husband.” I seethed.
He looked taken aback and released some of the pressure caused by his strong hold.
“We both know that this is no more than an agreement. I’m stuck with you as much as you are stuck
do as l with me so hereon forth, these are the rules. When in public, you do not defy me and you will always say. Also, I didn’t tell you about your brothers because I knew you’d throw a fit so better you found out today where there wasn’t much you could do about it.” He stepped back, rose his head and masked any and all emotions he had.
I drew in a double breath, unable to comprehend what the hell just happened. He was a monster. That was all he was. Craving power and fame, he already had his mate, I was just a means to an end that he had to endure. Just as he was to me.
of people.
‘And it’s all your fault. All because you can’t keep your fcking mouth shut’ Shut up ‘No. I’ve been quiet long enough but I warned you, I warned you the second that this deal was made and when he came to the pack. I WARNED YOU!’ I grabbed onto my head and ground me teeth tighter from the loud thumps in my head. He was pissed and I couldn’t blame him. What was I doing? ‘You’re betting, you’re betting on someone else’s heart’ She’s a spoiled princess with no redeeming value “You keep saying this shit but i’m still waiting for the da that you’ll actually start to belive it yourself I wanted to turn around, too look back but I couldn’t. When I was rounding the house I caught a glimpse of her small frame, slumped down on the ground with her face buried in her hands. What had I done? Everyone was running around to prepare for the Alpha couples arrival. I didn’t want to see them anymore then she did but i wanted to hear their story. I wanted to learn about them to see what it was that made her so opposed to meeting them. That was why hadn’t called them to cancel. I wanted them here and I wanted answers that I knew she’d never give me. ~Gabby’s POV~ I I was sitting on the ground, the tears wouldn’t stop pouring out and I was sobbing as I sat there alone. This pain I felt, I couldn’t explain it nor could I think of another instance where I had felt it before.. It was weird, it was as though he had driven a knife through my heart and cut it into a milion tiny pieces. But why did his words have such an affect on me? My phone rang and I held my breath as I expected to see my moms name light up the screen but luckily it didn’t. “Edmund!” I squealed and wiped my tears. I bit back the sobs and tried my best to sound normal. 3/5 CHAPTER 20 “Hey, sis. How are you?” “I’m fine, it’s all good, how are you?” Hearing his voice was like a cure to the pain and at the same made it worse. “Gabriella-” His voice turned hard. “-You’re crying. Why?” He asked. “No, no I’m fine.” “When did we start lying to each other?” He asked, his voice growing softer which only edged on the tears. I missed them all so much. “Why aren’t you coming?” i asked and heard him sighing on the other line. “Gabby, I’m sorry but dad ordered us to stay,” “Why?” ‘Because he’s a dck.” I scoffed and nodded my head in aggreance.
“I really wished you guys were coming,”
“So do we, but now tell me, why are you crying?” shrugged my shoudlers, knowing he couldn’t see it but he knew my tells.
“Everything is just a mess, Ed, it’s all too hard and too much and I don’t know how to handle it.” He went silent for a while but when he spoke, I could hear the seriousness in his voice.
“You handle it like you’ve handled everything else in your life. By holding your head high, not letting anyone walk over you and keeping true to yourself. You never bended to mom or dads opinion, you always did what you believed was right fro yourself. This is a different occasion but it doesn’t mean that it requires a different solution. You being yourself will get your through this, at least until we find a way to get you the *uck out of there,” My heart stopped.
“What do you mean?” I asked him.
“We’ve been looking for ways to get
away from there and to somewhere where neither they nor
mom and dad can find you. Somewhere where you’ll be safe and can make your own choices. Where your can live a free life.”
That all sounded amazing, but also to good to be true.
“How is he treating you?” Edmund asked.
“As well as someone who got trapped in a marriage with somebody they don’t love possibly could,” I said and chuckled.
I “Is he mean to you?” He asked and I didn’t want them to know anything. I didn’t want them to worry.
“You know I can tell when you’re lying,” I heaved a sigh and shook my head.
“Just continue working on the plan and let me know when you’re done,”
“Will do. We’re gonna get it done as soon as possible but until then, stay safe and never, for even a second, forget who you are.”
“I love you guys,”
“We love you too, sis,”
We hung up and I wiped my tears but only more of them came.
I looked up when I heard the crack of a branch and looked at Cassy.
I was about to stand but she placed her hand on my shoulder, her eyes soft and hooded as she gazed into mine, her hand putting preassure and keeping me down. She then came and sat down beside me. Her arms circled around my shoulders and she pulled me in close.
The sobs began again, hard and fast as I clammed onto her. She didn’t speak, she didn’t ask me what. was wrong or try to fix it. She just existed, she was just there and I had never felt this safe and comforted by anone else, other than my brothers.
I don’t know for how long we sat there but I had cried out completely and filled Cassy in on everything that had just happened.
Only when I heard a car drive up did I look toward the house.
“They’re here,” I said.
“I won’t leave your side,” Cassy said and circled her arm in mine as we walked back.

Alpha’s Betted Bride by Ms.M

Alpha’s Betted Bride by Ms.M

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Gabriella is married off to an Alpha by her parents against her will. She is forced to leave her old life behind and move in with the Alpha, who is known for his power and control within the pack. Despite her initial resistance, she eventually comes to accept her new life alongside Alpha Aiden. However, she soon realizes that the Alpha is a cruel and abusive man who uses his position to control her every move. Aiden wanted the title and to receive it , he had to take a wife. As Grabiela is about to enter his life, Aiden decides to make it fun and turn it into a game, with her as the main pond, between him and his friends. When the abuse and lies weigh too heavy she realizes that she has to leave but will he let her go? Or will he tighten his grip and lock the doors? ”I’m guessing the meeting wasn’t to talk about the food arrangements for when you take over the pack?” ”They’ve arranged for me to marry Gabriella Santos from the Trimoon pack,” ”So what, when have you ever backed down from a challenge?” ”How is tying my life to another in marriage, a challenge?” ”The challenge is to make her submit to you.” ”We’ll make it more interesting-” ”- I bet you won’t be able to get it done before the end of the year,” ”I’ll have her submitting to me by the end of the month,” ”Not just submit. You have to have her wrapped around your finger, hopelessly in love with you by the end of the year,” ”Ten grand to whoever wins,” Explicit sexual abuse, violence, and otherwise TW scenes later in the book. Will warn in Author Notes***


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