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Alpha’s Betted Bride Chapter 27

-Unknown POV-
Aiden and Gabby were away so I knew that I had the entire day to do what I had to, without any getting suspicious.
“Have you seen her?” I asked Cole and he sighed.
“Are you really gonna do this?
“Do you want her to stay?” I asked him and crossed my arms over my chest. He scoffed.
“She’s in town, at the old library.”
I knocked on the door and it swung open slowly with a loud shriek.
-Step in.” Her voice was raspy and deep.
“I need you to do something.” I said and walked up to her.
It was completely still around us but suddenly books started flying out of their shelves and the dust gathered around us.
“I do nothing for you with that attitude you bring. Get out.” She said.
listen, I need you to contact someone,” I gave her the name and she looked up at me with that wrinkled old face.
“The Luna, she needs to go.”
“Is that so,”
“Yes, she’s not good for the pack so just do as I say.”
“You’re jealous of her and the bond that is being created between her and her Alpha,
“He’s not hers,”
“I beg to differ,”
I groaned and tossed the money up on the table…
or not?. “This is all I have, can you get it done or “What if I say no.“ Then I will find another way.” I seethed. “You have a darkness within you, one that will swallow you whole if you continue on this path.” He one tooth that hung over her lip was nasty looking. She raised her head and looked into my eyes. “Just get it done!” She met my gaze and I hoped she could see the anger in them so that it would motivate her to do her job. -Gabby’s POV- 1/4 CHAPTER 27. “What do you mean you’re not his oldest son?” I asked after the shock had settled. “I have an older brother. Two years older. He was first in line to take over the title but he left,” “Why?” Aiden shrugged a shoulder. “He didn’t want to live the pack life. Ever since he was a kid he was different. He wanted to go to school, he loved school, get a job and live a normal life. He didn’t want to fight or become Alpha, he wanted to live as a human with humans. So one day, he just up and left which was why the title was passed down to me.” “Have you talked to him?” I asked. “Not for many years. We stayed in touch at first, he was eighteen and I was sixteen when he left and after about a year I stopped hearing from him.” “How did that feel?” i asked, suddenly imagining never hearing from my brothers again, it would destroy me “I was a messy teen, I needed him. He was the one I talked to and he would always come get me when she went down. He was the one who tried to instill these values in me, probably knowing that one day I would be taking over the pack. When he stopped calling or responding to my texts and calls, all that grief of losing him just transformed into anger and I began lashing out at everyone. Got into more fights and fcked things up bad.”
He had packed a salad and sandwiches and some fruit, as well as chocolate-covered strawberries and he took everything out and placed it on the bench.
“I’m sorry for your loss,” I said as he poured wine into my glass.
“I’m sorry for yours,” he said and lifted his gaze, locking it with mine. My brows furrowed and I tilted my head to the side.
“What have I lost?” I asked him and took a sip from the wine.
-Your life
life,” the glass froze between my lips and I saw in his eyes the pain that he felt, only it wasn’t for himself, it was for me
Something within me switched, I couldn’t put my finger
put my finger on it but 1 was seeing so many different sides of him.
Back at the house, I had such a surreal feeling och serenity and calm. That picnic had been amazing and Aiden opened up to about his life and pains. This whole day had shed a different light on him.
“Hey!” Cassy came running toward me and I was glad to see her. Aiden bypassed her without acknowledging her so maybe thing weren’t so different after all.
He stopped turned his head and looked at her.
“Dinner’s at seven, you’re welcome to join us, Cassy,” we both stood there looking at him with shock-ridden faces as he walked off.
“What the hell just happened?” She asked me.
“I don’t know, this whole day has been weird as fck,” “You can tell me all about it over coffee,” she said and hooked her arm in mine. “So what happened after you got to the cliff?” She asked me. d he told me about his past. Did you know he had a brother?” I asked. “We just started lking and I 214 CHAPTER 27. “Yeah, Ashton,” She said. “He told me about him and how close they were before he left,” “It was a shock for the whole pack. Ashton was a bit of an oddball in many ways, no one really where they had him at times. I mean we all knew that he didn’t want to take over the title but the fact that he left the pack to live with the humans… it shook everyone to the core and then the title was passed down to Aiden who was just a mess. But he cleaned up good,” Cassy said. “It’s weird, now that I know this and how he has been acting today and fixing the meet with my brothers, I see him differently,” Cassy’s eyes fell and she pinched her lips together. ‘I get that and I’m happy that you two had this moment but just… be careful, alright?” “What do you mean?” She sighed stirred her coffee. “It’s just that guys like Aiden rarely ever change,” We sat there for two hours, talking and eating cake before we headed back. She said that the store had cut back on her hours and she spent most of he money on her family, supporting them so I paid the check which I was glad to do. I wanted to give back to her. We headed back to the house and got ready for dinner. I continued thinking about what Cassy had said about guys like Aiden not changing and I didn’t know why that bothered me so much. There was just more to Aiden then I had first thought, and this little glimpse into who he was had opened a door. “Hey, come on hurry up!” “Coming!” “The car will leave in five and it won’t wait for anyone!” The sun was beaming outside as the people were yelling from downstairs. I walked down, ready to grab som breakfast and saw Cole looking annoyed by the front door. He saw me watching and he smirked. “Wanna come with us?” He asked and dragged his tongue over his teeth. “No.” I tried bypassing him, I was heading into the dinning hall where Cassy y was waiting. “Oh come on, don’t leave. It’s been a while since we played with our new pup,” I ground my teeth together and scowled at him, trying to reign in the anger that was rising. is weird but I liked this It had been a week since my picknik with Aiden and he and I had been spending a lot of time together. It was new version of him. A lot of things were falling into place but there were still some pieces I wish I could just toss out. One of them being Cole. “Step out of my way, Cole.” I seethed. he said. “Nah, princess, come with us, we’ll have fun and your husband would appreciate it,” he s Your husband. It was still a foreign word in my year. 3/4 CHAPTER 27. “Alden!” Cole shouted and Tooked behind me. I felt his hand on my lower back. “Come on, load up in the car,” I stepped aside, feeling awkward being this close to Aide close to Aiden as more people stepped inside. “Hey,” Sam cooed and walked up to him. Aiden rolled back his shoulders and shrugged of Sam’s arm. “I’m not going, you guys have fun,” he said and started walking toward me. “Are you serious right now? This is like the tenth time you’re bailing on us, come on man what the fck?”
“Yeah, Aiden. What happened to you? You can play with your shiny new thing later tonight.” Sam said.
He didn’t respond but walked d into the dining hall.
“You better start watching yourself, your g
getting in the way of a lot of people right now and you don’t want to be messing w that aren’t yours.” Sam seethed as she stood close enough so that I could smell her breath:
“And what exactly am I messing with?”
with things.
“Last time I checked-” I said and stepped closer, I felt a grin growing on my face, and seeing her fuming from anger was behold.
a sight to
-He’s my husband, not yours.” I smiled before turning around and walking into the dining hall

Alpha’s Betted Bride by Ms.M

Alpha’s Betted Bride by Ms.M

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Gabriella is married off to an Alpha by her parents against her will. She is forced to leave her old life behind and move in with the Alpha, who is known for his power and control within the pack. Despite her initial resistance, she eventually comes to accept her new life alongside Alpha Aiden. However, she soon realizes that the Alpha is a cruel and abusive man who uses his position to control her every move. Aiden wanted the title and to receive it , he had to take a wife. As Grabiela is about to enter his life, Aiden decides to make it fun and turn it into a game, with her as the main pond, between him and his friends. When the abuse and lies weigh too heavy she realizes that she has to leave but will he let her go? Or will he tighten his grip and lock the doors? ”I’m guessing the meeting wasn’t to talk about the food arrangements for when you take over the pack?” ”They’ve arranged for me to marry Gabriella Santos from the Trimoon pack,” ”So what, when have you ever backed down from a challenge?” ”How is tying my life to another in marriage, a challenge?” ”The challenge is to make her submit to you.” ”We’ll make it more interesting-” ”- I bet you won’t be able to get it done before the end of the year,” ”I’ll have her submitting to me by the end of the month,” ”Not just submit. You have to have her wrapped around your finger, hopelessly in love with you by the end of the year,” ”Ten grand to whoever wins,” Explicit sexual abuse, violence, and otherwise TW scenes later in the book. Will warn in Author Notes***


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