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Alpha’s Betted Bride Chapter 35

His hand slipped down and his lips were pressed against mine as I squirmed.
I turned my head and began to shake.
“Easton, stop,” I felt his finger over the thin fabric of my panties.
“Stop,” I breathed and my breath caught in my throat. I didn’t know how to react. My body wanted him but my heart and mind were screaming for him to stop.
“Easton, stop it!” I screamed and started pulling frantically. He stopped and stepped back.
“What the hell is wrong with you!” I screamed and backed away into the table.
“I-i’m sorry I didn’t think you were…I’m sorry,” he said and took a few steps back.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t you were serious. I shouldn’t have done that, I’m so sorry,” I looked down at the floor and pulled my shirt down.
“I think you should go,” I said and pulled my arms around myself, pushing back the tears that were rising.
“Gabby, I-”
“Just go, please.” I said and narrowed my eyes. I tilted my head back and focused on the purple painting behind him instead of looking into his eyes.
The door closed and I walked over and quickly locked it. I fell to the floor and pulled my knees up to my body.
“Why,” I cried out through the sobs.
Why did this happen? I buried my face in between my legs and allowed the tears to stream out. A pain started throbbing in my head and it was weird, something was happening in my body. It felt different like something was snapping into place. I responded to Easton in so many ways and there was a pull toward him but at the same time, there was a pull from another direction as well.
I had taken a shower and gotten dressed. I still felt Easton’s hands on me, touching me. My other hand, being locked behind my back.
The bed was facing one of the bigger windows
ws in th
the apartment and I sat down and just looked out with a cup of tea in my hands.
The trees were swinging in the breeze and the ground was wet from the rain.
The clouds were thick and dark and it looked like it might be a storm today again.
There was a knock on my door and I stiffened in my bed. It could only be one person and I didn’t want to see him.
Another knock came down on the door but harder this time.
I’m just gonna keep knocking until you answer,” he yelled.
I placed the cup down and walked over and unlocked the door but only opened it a f
“Can I please come in,”
few inches.
“No.” I closed the
or but his foot came in between.
“Please, Gabby, let me apologize properly, I feel terrible,” I opened the door, knowing he wouldn’t leave until he had said his peace.
1 stepped back, as far as possible.
He was about to close the door when I reached out my hand.
“No, the door stays open,” I said and gulped. He raised his hands.
“Of course, anything you want. Listen, I just want to say that I’m so sorry about what happened. I never meant to make you uncomfortable. I like you, Gabby, maybe more than I should but there’s something about you. Ever ince I met you I’ve felt less alone, not just physically but emotionally. You get me in a way that nobody else does. And yes, maybe it’s because we’re both damaged which might not be the best way to bond with someone but I’ve never bonded with anyone as I have with you these past few days. I got caught up in that and I messed up, I get it if you never want to see me again.”
His hands were shoved in his pockets and he hung his head, making himself smaller by hunching his shoulders forward.
I go,” he said and turned around. I dropped my arms to my sides and shook my head, I was so conflicted. I had just moved here, this was where I was going to stay and he lived one floor above me so we’d probably see each other a lot. Plus there was this insatiable need with him, it was odd but I didn’t know yet if I liked it or if I was scared of it.
“Wait, maybe we can just slow down. No more touching or kissing and we just hang out, like friends,” I said and shrugged my shoulders.
“Really?” He asked and smiled softly.
“Yeah, everyone deserves a second chance, right?”
We both got ready to go out to the club. I had put on my makeup and stepped into my Chanel dress that I bought the pack.
when I first got to
I curled my hair and put a clip in the back to keep it out of my face and just as I was getting ready, Easton knocked on my door. I put on my heels and opened up.
“Wow,” he said and stepped back, gazing down and then up again.
“Friends, Easton,” I warned and raised my brows.
“Well, as your friend, can I say that you look hot as fck?” He said and bit down on his bottom lip with a little grin. “Don’t make me regret this, I don’t give third cha chances.” I said and walked out into the hall. “You won’t regret it, I promise you” he wrapped his arm wound my shoulders and we walked down. ΠΙ “-I’m about to show you a whole new world,” When I felt his body against me something happened, another thumping pain began in my head and the pain shot down. As I drew in a breath I could suddenly smell everything so clearly and my hearing was impeccable. I heard someone talking but there was no one around us. I turned may head and saw an older couple down the road sitting on a bench. I couldn’t hear their exact words but it was a vague sound of their conversation. It reminded me of something that Casy had said to me in the beginning when we met at the mall. That I should’ve sensed her being a wolf even though I didn’t have my own. They all had these abilities since birth to sense each other but also heightened hearing and smell and sight. It would get even better once I gained my wolf in less than a week but I was already feeling something.
We walked down the stairs that looked like they led to a basement. As Easton opened the door I could begin to hear the music and he grabbed my hand, leading me out on the dance floor, through the bodies mushed together, and over to the bar.
He raised two fingers
rs to the bartender who nodded his head and poured two shots.
“Keep ’em coming,” He said and the bartender poured a few more glasses.
We drank the first three shots and then I stopped.
“No, come on, keep going!” He said and pressed another glass in my hand.
We chugged a few more and I felt a tingle in my head so I stopped and laughed.
“Alright, let’s dance!” I said and grabbed his hand, pulling him out on the dance floor.
I raised my hands and started swaying my hips and my body to the music. A few others came closer to us and another girl started dancing in front of me. I wrapped my arms around her neck and we began dancing together.
Another girl started dancing against Easton, rubbing against him and he had his hands on her waist. He looked up at me from her neck and smirked. I laughed and closed my eyes.
Me and the girl danced for two more songs before she tapped aside and Easton got in front of me.
“Dance with me.” He said and the girl who had rubbed up against him glared at me and then scoffed as she walked away.
1 rolled my eyes a
and started dancing with Easton.
“You look amazing,” he said against my ear.
“Thank you,”
“Come on,” He pulled me aside, and we took three more shots each My head was starting to feel the effect of the alcohol and then was pulled away from the bar and down a hallway.
“Where are we going?” I giggled and ran behind him.
“In here,” he said quietly and opened a door. We walked into a room where a woman was dancing in her underwear around a pole.
There were couches and tables and several men sitting around. Everyone turned their heads and smiled.
The men were big, with broad shoulders and muscles like male werewolves but these were humans so I couldn’t understand what was happening.
One of the men said and stood up. He quickly became much bigger and his eyes were dark with lust as they fell on me.
The other r men w
were leaning back, some were snorting cocaine in bulk and there were smoking, drinking, and two more
o more women who were refilling their glasses. One of them didn’t have a top on and her breast hung free. As she bent down to place the glass in a man’s hand-be pinched her nipple and pulled her closer, biting down on her lip and slapping her a*s as she walked away with a big smile on her face. She licked her lips and went to sit next to another one of the men and he placed his hand on her thigh, sliding it upward.
uston,” I whispered and
felt my heart begin to slam against my ribs.
I heard a click and looked behind me, he locked the door and placed his hand on my lower back.
“Relax, it’s fine,” he said and pulled my hair away from my neck.
Alpha’s Betted Bride

Alpha’s Betted Bride by Ms.M

Alpha’s Betted Bride by Ms.M

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Gabriella is married off to an Alpha by her parents against her will. She is forced to leave her old life behind and move in with the Alpha, who is known for his power and control within the pack. Despite her initial resistance, she eventually comes to accept her new life alongside Alpha Aiden. However, she soon realizes that the Alpha is a cruel and abusive man who uses his position to control her every move. Aiden wanted the title and to receive it , he had to take a wife. As Grabiela is about to enter his life, Aiden decides to make it fun and turn it into a game, with her as the main pond, between him and his friends. When the abuse and lies weigh too heavy she realizes that she has to leave but will he let her go? Or will he tighten his grip and lock the doors? ”I’m guessing the meeting wasn’t to talk about the food arrangements for when you take over the pack?” ”They’ve arranged for me to marry Gabriella Santos from the Trimoon pack,” ”So what, when have you ever backed down from a challenge?” ”How is tying my life to another in marriage, a challenge?” ”The challenge is to make her submit to you.” ”We’ll make it more interesting-” ”- I bet you won’t be able to get it done before the end of the year,” ”I’ll have her submitting to me by the end of the month,” ”Not just submit. You have to have her wrapped around your finger, hopelessly in love with you by the end of the year,” ”Ten grand to whoever wins,” Explicit sexual abuse, violence, and otherwise TW scenes later in the book. Will warn in Author Notes***


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