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Alpha’s Betted Bride Chapter 67


-Aiden’s POV-

I stared into the empty room- suddenly regretting ever letting her fleep away from me. I should’ve kept her closer, had she been in my room, with me, maybe this would’ve never happened. The bed was reatly made because no one had slept in it since Gabby left. Everything looked untouched and there wasnät a trace of her having lived here except for the clothes in the closet. But this time I swore that when Gabby moved back, she was staying with me.

Playing the hero was all fun and games until reality settled and you realize that you don’t have a next move. That was why I always calculated everything to the t because you couldn’t run a pack, or protect your people, from your heroic thoughts alone. You needed a plan.

My people trusted me and our pack had always been tight-knit and trusting of each other. My father and his before him- going back centuries- made sure of that.

Many years ago another pack attacked, they were stronger and had more warriors and everyone thought it would be the end.

But my grandfather refused to let his pack fall. He watched as the scattered remains of his people lay cold on the ground and the ashes from the trees and the grass blow into clouds in the wind. Knowing when your hand’s been dealt is vital; if you don’t then you can never know your next move and you will die before you ever get the chance to retaliate.

He sought out a witch that he had befriended and asked for her assistance. She gladly obliged and then agreed to stay under certain terms, all of which were met. That’s how the witch came to be our pack member. She saved us once a long time ago and ever since she had become a part of us. Only now I couldn’t tell whether that was a good thing or if it was the smoking gun to which my life had fallen


I closed the door and walked downstairs to pour myself a drink. Word had now gotten out about Gabby and Asher and questions would soon arise that I needed to answer.

Stop that!” I leaned back and looked into the hallway where Samn was giggly running down the stairs. She was swatting away Edmund’s hands and I was pressing down all the food I had eaten today

“Yes, please, stop that.” Noah’s monotone voice drew out and Saw scowled at him. Her long manicured nails slid down Edmund’s chest and she pouted her lips- slowly turning her head and glancing at me.

Was she trying to make me jealous? Her lips pulled up in a smile and she parted her lips.

Huh, yes she was. If only I could up and tell that bi*ch what was in store for her, it would at least put half a smile on my face. The other half would form when I saw her corpse lay cold on the ground.

I see you later?” She purred and pressed her tits up against Edmund. He looked down into her eyes and grabbed her chin.

“Hell yeah you will,” He groaned.

“You’re really enjoying this,” Noah observed after Sam had walked out of the house. The doors closed and people were heading to their rooms or home to their families.

He laughed and tossed his head like a horse with its mane.

“We all know how it’s gonna end, I might as well get some fun out of it,” Noah scoffed and shook his head.

“You’re disgusting, you know that?”

“Don’t worry big bro, you’ll get yours one day.” I furrowed my brows and slowly turned my head and with an incredulous look, I stared at Noah’s face.



“Are you have you not I mean not that I’m judging but are you a my rambling thankfully ended before it got worse when Edmund slammed a hand down on his brother’s shoulder.

“A virgin, yes he is.” 1 managed the muscles in my face and kept them from forming a shocked expression. But I was shocked as f8ck. This was rare, especially for a male wolf in his youth and an Alpha was ven rarer. We were all the same with the hormones and the primal urges; there was no exception.

How do I handle this? Do I nod or smile? Or maybe nothing, yeah let’s do nothing.

“That’s cool,” I mentally slapped myself for the lamest words that could’ve possibly left my mouth.

“It’s fine, everyone finds it weird or unnatural,” he drew out the words showing exactly how us he was to this reaction.

“Not even during heat seasons?” I asked and placed my elbows on my knees, leaning forward. I think the shock on my face was there right now but I couldn’t shake it. And if anything I was more curious than shocked.

Noah was by all means an Alpha, Granted he was more laid back and didn’t take exactly as much space as his younger brother but comparing him and Edmund there honestly weren’t that many differences.

“It’s hard to resist the urge, especially during mating season with the she-wolves hormones spiking and their needs visible for everyone to see… and smell,” he said and grinned.

“But I always said that my first time would be with my mate.” He leaned back on the couch and looked careless.

He was more than comfortable with his choice which for me was unthinkable but good for him.

“How about you, Alpha Aiden,” Edmund grinned.

“What about me what?”

“How many?” He snooped and looked closely.

How many? Well shit, this was a good conversation to have with the brothers of the girl I love.

“Five.” I waited for their reaction but all I got from Edmund was a grimace; it looked like he had just smelt something bad.

“Just five? With these girls you have here?”

A sickening feeling rose in me and I chuckled.

“I don’t even want to know your number, dude,” I really didn’t.

“Come on, ask me,”

“Ask me… ask me… ask me… ask me-”

“Seriously?” I burst.

“He’ll continue til you ask him. Trust me.” Nick groan

from his chair.

have you-” I didn’t even get to finish the sentence before the little punk slammed his glass down on the table.

“How many

fifty-four and counting!” Noah pulled his hand away from Edmund’s shoulder and wiped it on his pant leg. The disgust that was written on his face was exactly how I felt on the inside.



But then again, Edmund didn’t care about the whole waiting for your mate” whereas Noah did. That only left Nick. I locked my eyes on him and he rose his brows before stretching his arms and leaning forward.

“One,” 1 rose a brow and for a second I didn’t believe him.

“I had a girl that I dated back at the back. Whenever I had an itch she was there to scratch it. Didn’t need more.” Huh. Valid answer.

All this talk about girls was just making me miss mine even more. I wondered how she was doing but I didn’t want to wonder more than that. The plan was forming, slowly but surely. I just had to make sure that whatever happened, Gabby would leave without a scratch.

nk you’ll find her?” Noah looked at me, a little stunned by the question I had asked him.

“When do you think


“And you Nick, when do you think you’ll find yours?” All three guys feel silent under a heavy blanket of thick air that weighed them down. I watched all their faces intently, analyzing their reactions and whatever had happened wasn’t good.

“Or maybe you already have.” I assumed.

His head was cast down but his eyes rose hooded and locked with mine.

“Do you remember our parents talking about Gabby’s so-called friends?”

to the

“One of those girls, Bella, when she turned eighteen we found out that we were mated. Gabby has no idea,” holy shit. He was mated

girl that treated his sister like shit?

“You’re one to talk

I’m rectifying my mistakes

‘Maybe she

tried that too!

“Are you two mated?” }

His shoulders jumped from the silent laughter.

“You think I’m gonna be with a girl who used and abused my sister?”

“What happened?” I asked, hoping he would tell me. We all had a drink in our hands and had been drinking all night. We had emptied three bottles of scotch and just opened the fourth.

“We sensed each other that very same day out in town. A few humans had accidentally driven into our town and I was walking down there to help them. Bella sensed the mate bond and if you could’ve seen the joy on that bich’s face you would’ve died. She really thought that she was going to be Luna. The second she jumped in my arms, I pushed her off and rejected her in front of everyone.” He stopped and cracked his knuckles. His eyes rose and he stared deep into my fcking soul with blackened eyes.

“If I’m being honest, that’s what I hoped Gabby would do to you.”

The initial jerking reaction of me wanting to beat him was staggered when I realized that I understood. Bella had treated Gabby like shit and so had I and I was mated to her.

Alpha’s Betted Bride by Ms.M

Alpha’s Betted Bride by Ms.M

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Gabriella is married off to an Alpha by her parents against her will. She is forced to leave her old life behind and move in with the Alpha, who is known for his power and control within the pack. Despite her initial resistance, she eventually comes to accept her new life alongside Alpha Aiden. However, she soon realizes that the Alpha is a cruel and abusive man who uses his position to control her every move. Aiden wanted the title and to receive it , he had to take a wife. As Grabiela is about to enter his life, Aiden decides to make it fun and turn it into a game, with her as the main pond, between him and his friends. When the abuse and lies weigh too heavy she realizes that she has to leave but will he let her go? Or will he tighten his grip and lock the doors? ”I’m guessing the meeting wasn’t to talk about the food arrangements for when you take over the pack?” ”They’ve arranged for me to marry Gabriella Santos from the Trimoon pack,” ”So what, when have you ever backed down from a challenge?” ”How is tying my life to another in marriage, a challenge?” ”The challenge is to make her submit to you.” ”We’ll make it more interesting-” ”- I bet you won’t be able to get it done before the end of the year,” ”I’ll have her submitting to me by the end of the month,” ”Not just submit. You have to have her wrapped around your finger, hopelessly in love with you by the end of the year,” ”Ten grand to whoever wins,” Explicit sexual abuse, violence, and otherwise TW scenes later in the book. Will warn in Author Notes***


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