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Alpha’s Betted Bride Chapter 8

The feeling from last night returned and the hairs on the back of my neck stood. I turned my head to see if someone was watching me and in the corner of the room by the entrance I saw her. Sam walked in, her hair was disheveled and when she saw that I was looking, she graced her thumb over her lips and
I bit down on my jaw and turned my attention back to the people around the table.
“I agree, let’s talk about something fun,” Marie said and clasped her hands together.
“Weren’t you guys going to some party later?” She asked and looked between Aiden and Cole.
Cole’s face lit up and he leaned his arms on the table.
“Tomorrow actually, there’s a big party in town. Say, Gabby, would you like to join us? You’d of course. go with us, a couple of other guys, and who else was it” He said and dragged his hand over the side of his
“Oh right, Sam was coming wasn’t she? And a group of her friends,” He turned his head slowly back
to me.
If he was searching for a reaction, he wasn’t going about it the right way.
“Sounds like a lot of fun but I think I’ll stay here and get familiar with the pack grounds,” I said and smiled sweetly. Something switched in his eyes and I could tell that wasn’t the answer he had hoped for.
I felt a tension setting over the table and looked to Marie who was quietly eating her food but her eyes were narrowed to slits and she was staring at her son..
“I’ll show you around the pack and we’ll make a day out of it”
looked back at me.
She said and softened her face as
The guys started talking about the party they were going to and so I turned my head and looked out over the people who were in there. There were definitely cliques, the one to which Sam belonged seemed to be the bitch clique. They were eyeing everyone else and leaning in to whisper and giggle. Sam saw me looking and raised her hand slightly as she waved before giggling with her friends who looked over at me as well.
-I didn’t belong here and from experience
finding friends wouldn’t be easy.
“Hey, Gabby right?” A girl asked as I walked out of the dining hall.
“Yes, hi,” I said and pushed down the frustration that was arising. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, I wanted to leave and hide away somewhere.
11:30 Tue, May 21 GND
“I’m Melina, me and some girls are heading to the mall later if you want to join,” I hadn’t seen this girl in the dining hall’so I didn’t know which clique she belonged to.
1 looked over my shoulder and then back at her while trying to think of a polite excuse as to why I definitely didn’t want to do that.
But then again, maybe things would be different here if I let people in. I couldn’t blame others for my past mistakes.
Melina’s eyebrows were hunched as she waited for an answer.
“Which girls?” I asked.
“It’s me and two others-” she said and turned around to look for them.
“-There they are, Amanda and Lilian,” she said and pointed to two girls who were standing by the
“Sure,” I said and shrugged a shoulder. If nothing else, I’d at least get a shopping trip out of it and maybe some friends. It sure would make things easier on being here if I wasn’t alone.
“Great, if you want we can leave now and walk around for a while and grab lunch there,” she said and smiled. Melina had short blonde hair, which reach just above her shoulders in big beach waves. Her eyes were a deep, darker shade of blue and she was long and thin.
I looked at the other two girls who were on their phones and ignored the fear that arose. I couldn’t hide away while being here, I had to at least try to make an effort at getting to know people.
“Let me just grab my bag,” I said and headed upstairs to the room.
“Guys, this Gabby,” She announced as I came down and joined the little group.
“We’re so glad you said yes,” they said and one of them flicked her hair as the other once looked me up and down. A weird feeling swept over me but I ignored it, not everyone is evil.
We got into the car and drove for fifteen minutes before reaching the mall. They had every store imaginable here including my favorites. I always shopped at Chanel and Louis Vuitton or any other high. fashion brand but I didn’t want to drag them in there in case it wasn’t within their budget.
We walked around the mall and I saw a few faces recognized from the wedding yesterday.
We checked a few different stores and then circled back the mall. We ended up in front of the Chanel store and I was dying for the new dress they had gotten in last week.
“Let’s go in here,” One of the girls, Lilian, said and we walked into Chanel after all. I walked straight over to the dress and grabbed it. It was a lilac, open-back, satin dress that I had drooled over.
The girls went around the store and found a few items as well. None of us had bought anything at the other stores, for me it
was because it didn’t fall in my taste and I guess it was the same for them.
11:30 Tue, May 21 GND
We walked over to the cash register and I paid for my dress.
“Oh crap, I forgot my wallet,” Melina said and her eyes widened.
“Me too,” the other girls chimed in and I furrowed my brows as looked them over. They all looked at each other and searched in their bags but with little luck.
“I can take it,” I finally said and told them to place the stuff on the counter. I knew I had the money and it was my parents so I didn’t mind maxing the credit card either.
“We’ll pay you back,”
“Yeah totally,” they said and placed the items on the counter. The cashier started blipping the items and placing them in neat little boxes and then into bags. She eyed the girls behind me cautiously and then looked at me with a raised brow. I shrugged a shoulder and didn’t comment on it.
“The total for this will be nine thousand- nine hundred,” She said and handed me the bags. I blipped my card and we headed out of the store.
My stomach was growling from hunger and I looked toward the food court.
“Do you guys wanna eat?” They were all looking at each other and eventually Melina took out her phone and scrunched her nose.

“We’re just gonna head to the bathroom real quick, why don’t you get us a table,” She said and s
as she tilted her head to the side.
“Sure, do you want me to bring your bags?” I asked and reached out my hands,
“Oh no it’s fine, you have your own to carry. We’ll be right back,” she said and they walked toward t
I went and grabbed a table at the food court. A guy came up to me and told me I couldn’t sit by a table if I didn’t order anything so I ordered a latte and sat back down.
I stirred with the wooden stick in my coffee and took sip after sip.
“You realize they’re not coming back, right?” I looked up and saw the cashier from Chanel. She had a cardigan over her work clothes and slammed down in the seat next to me. I looked at my clock and saw that I had waited for thirty minutes.
“Right,” I said quietly and nodded my head.
Do you ever learn, Gabby? I asked myself but there wouldn’t be a good answer.
“You just spent nearly ten grand on those girls, I hope you know you’re never seeing that money again,” she said and slumped back in her seat. Her hair was in a claw clip and some of her bangs fell in front of her face.
11:30 Tue, May 21 GNO
“Not my first time,” said and offered a tense smile. Her eyes dropped and she leaned forward.
“Walt here,” she said and got up.
“Actually I have to-”
“Nothing. Just wait, please,” she said and smiled so I could see her teeth. It wasn’t a genuine smile but I sat back down and sighed.
I saw several tables of people who were laughing as they ate their food. How hard was it to get something like that? Relationships were people actually liked you and wanted to be your friend. Was it always this hard, for everyone? And if so, why did they have friends and I didn’t? Why was I always just used and dumped like trash?

Alpha’s Betted Bride by Ms.M

Alpha’s Betted Bride by Ms.M

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Gabriella is married off to an Alpha by her parents against her will. She is forced to leave her old life behind and move in with the Alpha, who is known for his power and control within the pack. Despite her initial resistance, she eventually comes to accept her new life alongside Alpha Aiden. However, she soon realizes that the Alpha is a cruel and abusive man who uses his position to control her every move. Aiden wanted the title and to receive it , he had to take a wife. As Grabiela is about to enter his life, Aiden decides to make it fun and turn it into a game, with her as the main pond, between him and his friends. When the abuse and lies weigh too heavy she realizes that she has to leave but will he let her go? Or will he tighten his grip and lock the doors? ”I’m guessing the meeting wasn’t to talk about the food arrangements for when you take over the pack?” ”They’ve arranged for me to marry Gabriella Santos from the Trimoon pack,” ”So what, when have you ever backed down from a challenge?” ”How is tying my life to another in marriage, a challenge?” ”The challenge is to make her submit to you.” ”We’ll make it more interesting-” ”- I bet you won’t be able to get it done before the end of the year,” ”I’ll have her submitting to me by the end of the month,” ”Not just submit. You have to have her wrapped around your finger, hopelessly in love with you by the end of the year,” ”Ten grand to whoever wins,” Explicit sexual abuse, violence, and otherwise TW scenes later in the book. Will warn in Author Notes***


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