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Alpha’s Regret Dear Luna Please come back Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Alexis closed her eyes and accepted her death.

She wanted to hold onto it till the last moment. She wanted to hope that someone would come and save her, but her hand was aching and her heart ached more terribly.

Saying her last goodbyes to herself and her family in her mind, asking the moon goddess to give her a mate who would really love her next time, Alexis was about to let go of the floor when someone held her hand, making her open her eyes abruptly.

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Her eyes widened when she looked into those hazel eyes that she always wanted to see concerned for her.

Was it really his concern? Or was her blurry vision fooling h


“Alpha Augustus,” She said in disbelief that the man would come inside and risk his life to save her.


worry, my queen. I will save you. I lost you once, I won’t let you go this time,” he said, and Alexis noticed how the rod of the floor was digging into his arm, but even after that he held her hand tightly.

pulled Alexis

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“Let me pull you up quickly. We can’t trust this piece of hanging floor for long. Augustus said and he p upwards.

However, before he could completely pull her upwards, Alexis’s eyes widened when she noticed the ceiling cracking and crumbling, falling rapidly.

“Aa!” A scream left Alexis’s mouth as the heavy ceiling fell on Augustius’s back, and she nearly slipped into the ditch.

“Alpha!” They heard collective shouts from outside and Alexis’s eyes brimmed with tears when she saw how he didn’t let go of her hand even when the rod went through his hand, his blood drops dropping on her face now.

“I told you. Not this time. I made a mistake once, I won’t repeat it. I will save you even if I have to die for it,” Augustus groaned before he growled and pulled Alexis upwards, using his alpha power, to help her up.

“Sin! Augustus groaned, and Sin took over for a second as they worked together to save their woman, blocking the pain from registering in their head.

Alexis looked at the man who was still under the heavy weighting debris and pressed her lips into a thin line, her heart. beating fast for a completely different reason now.

She wasn’t some ungrateful girl, and thus, she started to remove the debris from above his body as quickly as possible with her wounded hand.

Mark, who rushed inside, immediately looked at his ex- Luna, and just like always, he bowed in front of her before ushering her out and comforting her that he would get their alpha out safely.

The paramedics immediately rushed Alexis to one of the safer places to treat her.

Mark looked at his alpha who kicked the heavy material from above him and stood.

He looked at the blood dripping from his alpha’s hand and was about to step ahead and offer assistance when he saw his alpha looking at his woman only.

“She is hurt. I saw blood on her forearm. Step aside, Augustus walked out, looking at the male nurse who tore the sleeve of the blouse she was wearing, and the alpha inside him immediately growled protectively.

One moment he was standing at the entrance of the hospital, and the next moment he was lifting the male nurse

Chapter 20

from his collar.

“How dare you!”

The paramedics stood there, shocked as they looked at the angry alpha, who was bleeding and seething with anger, looking like death himself.

Marianna, who had stopped Augustus from going inside earlier because she didn’t want him to risk his life, looked at their alpha getting angry and everyone taking photos while the news channels started to record it.

She immediately rushed forward and held his hand.

“Alpha, what are you doing? Everyone is looking. We are fine. Everyone is fine, Marianna tried to make it look like it was all because of her, and Alexis, who was standing right in front of them, suppressed the urge to scoff.

“Let go of me,” Augustus said, jerking his hand away, making her stumble back, and Mark, who only saw his alpha getting angrier, pulled Marianna back before she could provoke their alpha more.

“Sir, please forgive me. I don’t intend anything wrong. She needs treatment,” The male nurse said, and the alpha looked at his woman, who was looking at him with a neutral expression.

He let go of the nurse and walked to Alexis.

“I need payment,” He said in front of everyone, his words confusing not only Alexis but everyone standing in the area.

Augustus looked at the female nurses and motioned them to step ahead and treat Alexis while he let the male nurse.

treat him

“What kind of payment?” Alexis asked, unsure where this was going as she looked around herself, not wanting to be the center of attention..

“Payment for saving you just now. I even bled so much for you,” Augustus said and Alexis quirked her brows.

Right. How could she forget it? A cunning opportunistic alpha like him would never do anything without hidden meaning to it.

They weren’t even treated yet and he was already asking for the payment. He couldn’t even wait for some time to let the crowd disperse.

He must be waiting eagerly to go and spend some time with his best friend. A scoff left Alexis’s mouth as she looked at the alpha with a cold expression, her softness and emotions she was feeling for him were all gone, the change not going unnoticed by the alpha who kind of guessed what she must be thinking.

“What do you want?” Alexis asked as the nurses tied the bandage around her hand after giving her shots of antiseptic, repeating the same process with the alpha.

Alexis stood from her place, her gaze shifting from the alpha to her phone where she already had 17 missed calls and Dawson was calling her.

Seeing his woman distracted and looking at her caller ID of another alpha, Augustus gritted his teeth. He needed to do something, something that she wouldn’t be able to escape.

Yes. He will have to create public rumors about her.

A cunning idea appeared in Augustus’s mind and he stood from his place.

“I will definitely take the payment later,” he turned to her before bending towards her, making her sit back on the chair in shock, holding the back of her chair.

Chapter 20

And Alexis, who wasn’t expecting it, felt her breath hitch.

She looked into his hazel eyes that were so close to her and gulped. He was just playing with her.

“W–what are you doing?” Alexis felt heat creeping up her neck when she saw the man leaning even closer.

“For now, I will make do with this, Augustus said and without waiting for her to say anything, he kissed the corner of her mouth in front of everyone.

“Don’t you know how much I like you?” Augustus said. loud enough for everyone to hear, and Alexis’s eyes widened before her heart started to drum in her chest.

There is no way this man did exactly what she thought he did.

“You!” Alexis raised her voice.

“I will come for the payment later. Wait for me.” Augustus kissed her forehead before he turned around and left.

Alexis watched in horror as his entire team, entertained their alpha’s weird ideas and bowed to her collectively, making it look li

ke she was their boss lady or something and her fists clenched.

This cunning man! She growled inwardly.

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Alpha’s Regret Dear Luna Please come back by Angelina Bhardawaj

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
“Sign the divorce if you are displeased,” “Why did the moon goddess curse me with a mate like you?””Get lost. Don’t show me your face,””I would rather eat poison than something cooked by you,”Alexis Dimitri, the omega who couldn’t find her wolf. That was her identity when she found her mate, the strongest alpha of the nation, Augustus Volkov. Even after being married to her mate for two years, her identity wasn’t known to anyone. She was just a woman living with the alpha for unknown reasons. These were some of the normal sentences used to greet her by her mate. But even after that, she kept going because she knew it was all going to change soon on her 21st birthday when she would find her wolf. When her birthday came, she received the biggest shock of her life. While she was writhing in pain and a bleeding mess at home, her husband was accompanying another woman to the hospital who sprained her foot. Having suffered enough, with a broken heart, she went to the council and publicly rejected the mate bond before signing the divorce papers and leaving. She thought she would never see him again. But life had other plans. After four years when they finally came face to face, the cold alpha she once knew was nowhere to be seen, rather it was replaced by someone too clingy for her own good.”Come back with me, “You wanted a baby, no? Let’s make ten of them, “”How can you neglect your husband?””I will buy everything you need, just come to me,””I will act as your slave for the rest of our lives, please give me a chance,” Surprisingly these words were said by the strongest unyielding alpha in front of everyone, shocking the entire nation. However, things weren’t so easy this time. Why? Because Alexis wasn’t an


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