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And Then There Were Four Novel Chapter 106


For days I stayed locked within that room, food being brought to me occasionally until at last, I was brought back before the Council and staring up at them and utter disbelief to what they were saying.

My heart broke with every word as I realized there was nothing I could do.

“Damian, we find you guilty. However, judgment has been sent to your pack that, if for some reason, Ivy, your mate, the Luna of your pack, did in fact, kill those people, she can take your place during the reckoning.”

The Grand Elder seemed almost robotic in nature as I watched him speak with no single sense of emotion; Alokaye smirking in the distance. His eyes trained on the Grand Elder as Allison’s eyes were focused on me with utter disgust.

What the hell was actually going on?

There was no way they could punish me for something I didn’t do, and even though Ivy had done it, there was no way I would allow them to punish her. She was my mate, and I would protect her with my last dying breath.

All Ivy did was protect her people—her pack and family—from those conspiring to cause them harm. It was what any Luna or Alpha would do in her situation.

“This is absolutely absurd. You are sentencing an innocent man to death while trying to hold that death over an innocent woman who did nothing wrong,” I yelled at them, my roar echoing off the walls as the people looked at each other with confliction.

“Elders, I ask upon you to not let this situation go. Even with his death, his brothers and mate are a threat to our ways. We must stop them before they try to destroy us all by killing him. We must confront the problem at it’s root,” Alokaye said as his words flowed off his lips like silk.

“What is it you suggest Alokaye?” another elder questioned as their eyes stared at him with suspicion. “Are you suggesting the council declare war with the largest pack in the country?”

“Yes, actually. I am.”

Shocked whispers flooded the entire room, and with them, I thought surely this couldn’t be the response they would agree upon. War was never the answer, and what happened wouldn’t have been basis enough for it anyways.

“What plan of action would you have?” the Grand Elder asked with a curious glint in his eyes as he leaned back within his chair, watching Alokaye closely.

“It’s very simple, honestly. We hit the pack when they are at their weakest. The summer solstice. They will celebrate as packs always do, and we will strike out against them.”

“Are you kidding me?” I yelled once more, jerking against the chains that bound me. “You cannot do this. We are innocent. There are women and children there. They are all innocent and have done nothing wrong!”

“Enough!” the Grand Elder bellowed. “Your pack’s fate is not my problem. They followed you and that woman they whisper about, the false god. She is no god, and I will not have her brainwashing the people with such nonsense.”

“You’re listening to a man who is lying. Alokaye has no real proof!”

A blow to the back of my head had me seeing stars, and as I steadied myself, I peered up into the cold glare of Alokaye. “If that is the case, then your mate would have replied by now in order to bring herself forward instead of leaving the suffering of the innocent at the hands of the council. Do you think they are fools to be blinded by your arrogance?”

“What I think is foolish is to listen to a man who doesn’t even seem like a man, one who is seeking his own retribution and his own salvation,” I spat.

“You dare mock this court!” the Grand Elder yelled, standing to his feet as he slammed his hands against the desk in front of him. “Who do you think you are?”

Slowly I stood from my place on the ground where I had knelt. The power of the chains holding me down were not enough, and though I was weak, I was still strong at heart. “I am Damien, the Alpha of the North, and there’s no way I’m going to allow you to kill my mate or take my pack.”

Laughter consumed a small voice to the side, and I realized it was Allison who was laughing. Taking small steps towards me, she bowed her head at the Grand Elder and then turned her glance once more in my direction. “Who said about killing her? It’s you that’s going to die.”

“What?” I muttered in confusion, not understanding what was going on.

Leaning closer to me, she whispered. “When she unleashes her fury on the world, he will be free… it all starts with you dying first. Funny how things work in the end.”

“Who will be free?” I asked her, searching for any answers that I could get.

“Oh, that would ruin the surprise,” she whispered. “I can’t wait to see her face.”

Lashing out, I tried to hit her, bite her in anger. However, she moved out of the way, laughing. The elders stared at me with disdain in their face at the actions I had taken.

“It seems that you still are hell-bent on causing problems,” the Grand Elder said clearly as he narrowed his gaze at me before turning his attention to Alokaye. “Do what you must, but do it with grace.”

“NO!” I yelled loudly as the guards gripped my arms, pulling me back as Alokaye bowed his head to the elders and turned towards me.

“Take him back to his room, and stick him again. We leave in two days.”


Darkness fell outside, and as it did, I couldn’t help but find sorrow because I was a captive in my own home. Prevented from leaving no matter how much I protested and tried to make them realize we could make this work.

That we could do this without me being put at risk.

It was pointless, though. They were all determined to protect me and the children. Making sure that they held me behind a barrier I couldn’t break no matter how much I wanted it to be.

After hours of crying and hot concoction Priscilla gave me, I drifted off to sleep.

It seemed like hours went by where I tossed and turned in the dark dreams I had. Dreams of watching Damian die before me, and being unable to save him. Unable to do anything to try and get to him.

“No!” I cried out softly as I jolted from my sleep, dripping in sweat as I peered into the darkness, realizing it was just another dream. I was speechless, and with the eerie darkness in the room and the silence within the house, I cast my glance towards the nursery and saw the twins silently sleeping.

Their bodies laid peacefully next to each other, and not far away was my mother fast asleep. She had made it known she would help with the children whether I wanted it, and I tried to protest, but now I was grateful.

As much as I wanted to be the perfect mother, I was a mess.

How was I supposed to be the mother I wanted to be for the twins when all I could do was think about things I couldn’t actually change?

Sliding from the bed, I considered going to get a drink. Though when I made my way outside of my bedroom door, I felt a wave of heat rush through me that took my breath away. “The hell…” I muttered softly, placing my hand on my chest.

Something inside me was pulling me down the hall away from the stairs. I hesitated, but when I did, I felt the heat grow higher inside me. With reluctance, I let my body follow the draw leading me down and around the corner until I came to a halt in front of a bedroom door.

It was James’ room.

Like a tether binding me to his room, I opened the door and stepped inside. A rush of uneasiness washed over me, giving way to clarity I had never felt before. Closing the door and locking it, moving towards his bed slowly.

With every step I took, I felt the power growing with in me. The desire to prey on him was like a force I had never felt before. Captive.

It was the only word that rolled through my mind. I was a captive in my own home, and while they thought they were protecting me, they weren’t. It was I who had to protect them, and I would in whatever way I had to.

Tantalizing desires coursed through my veins, and as I stepped closer, I pulled the blanket from him, slowly letting the sight before me of his naked body spur a fire in my core that had to be quenched. It was a thirst, primal hunger, that pushed me forward.

James didn’t know what was to await him.

He laid peacefully, sleeping, unaware of the monster lurking within his room. Unaware of the danger he was in, because the darkness inside me was clawing to escape. A sweeping wave of wind blew around me as I let the nightgown I was wearing slowly slide from my body onto the floor.

“James,” I whispered softly, watching him stir in his sleep. My hands ran across his bare skin until his eyes opened slowly.

“Ivy—” he murmured as I climbed onto the bed, straddling his waist. My hips rocked in circles as I ground myself against him feeling his thick erection spurring to life.

“I need you, James,” I said in a seductive tone that seemed to float within the air.

As his eyes finally focused on me, they widened in shock. “Ivy, what are you doing—”

“Can’t I claim my mate as he once claimed me?”

“Ivy—” he muttered as my lips brushed against his. “Your eyes… you’re not you.”

“Oh, but I am,” I grinned as I bit playfully at his lip.

A moan of satisfaction left him as I slid my wet, tight cunt over his thick erection, letting him penetrate me in such a slow movement by the time his entire length was buried inside me, it felt deeper than it ever had. The sensation caused me to gasp, and as I did, something inside me came to life.

Reaching out, I gripped his throat. My claws extended, and my teeth bared as I rode him hard and fast. “Ivy—oh fuck. God, you’re fucking amazing.”

He grabbed at my hand as I continued. “It’s time for you to awaken, James.”

“What?!” he gasped out as I felt us both coming closer and closer to our peak. “Ivy, you have to stop… what’s—”

Moaning loudly, he came, and as he did, I opened my mouth and bit down into the side of his neck, feeling the spark of something deep inside him awaken as our connection strengthened even more.

His cock twitched inside me as a low growl left his lips, and darkness swirled within his eyes. “Ivy—”

“Shhh…” I whispered. “It will be over soon.”

Slowly a roar left his lips as he shifted beneath me into the Lycan he was meant to be. My claws were no longer enough to contain the power within him as he pushed me back, sitting up with a carnal hunger in his gaze. “Mate.”

Small laughter escaped me as I kissed him. “Welcome, Adnan. The last of my champions. It’s time to join your brothers.”

With them, I would take back what was mine and leave a wake of destruction in my path. The council wouldn’t stand a chance.

Nor would the evil hiding behind them.

And Then There Were Four Novel by Lilith Carrie

And Then There Were Four Novel by Lilith Carrie

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Ivy's parents separated when I was five, Ivy lived with her mother and her father had another wife. Now Ivy wants to live closer to her father but her stepmother is the one who scares her. She decided to stay with her father despite her mother's disapproval. This decision will change her life a lot.


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