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And Then There Were Four Novel Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Taking All Four

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I walked back to the house with Damian, Hale, and Talon. However, the moment | stepped into the darkened corridor of the house, I was wrapped into the firm muscular arms of James, who held me back as Hale stepped forward, a smile on his face. His deep blue eyes caused my heart to race as he raised a brow.

“You look surprised.”

My heart raced as my gaze fell upon the three of them. “Can you blame me?”

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“Don’t worry… we won’t bite-hard.” Talon chuckled, causing Damian to roll his eyes as he stepped forward.

“You held out on two of us earlier Ivy,” he said in a dark, seductive voice as he cupped my chin in his hand. “That wasn’ t very nice, was it?”

“No,” I whispered in response as I took a deep breath, the feeling of his hand cupping my aching cunt making my mind flooded with images of what they were going to do.

“No, what?”

“No, sir.” I gasped, the feeling of his finger sliding beneath the fabric of my panties was more than erotic, and as he teased my clit, I wanted to come undone. “Don’t tease me if you won’ t finish it.”

I wasn’t sure where the comment came from, but the moment

it left my mouth, I regretted it. The looks the guys gave me were dangerous… devious, even. I knew whatever they had planned was going to leave me completely off balance.

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Before I knew it, I was lifted off my feet. James wrapped me in his arms even tighter as he dragged me back down the hall towards God knows where. It wasn’t until we made it towards the basement door I questioned what exactly they had planned. They honestly had done nothing like this, but seeing this side of them turned me on more than anything.

“Are you sure you are prepared for what we have planned for you?” Hale asked in a sultry tone that seemed a dive right into the depths of my core, making me ache for him.

“Well, I can’t honestly answer that, can I? Because you haven’t exactly told me what you had planned.” Sarcasm laced my tone, enough to make Talon scoff with laughter. Hale, however, didn’t seem pleased, and taking two steps closer, he grabbed my face tight, forcing me to look at him as he leaned down, running his tongue across my lips.

“Such a pretty mouth to be so sarcastic. Perhaps tonight we’ll see just what that mouth can doll

Normal girls more than likely would have been terrified of what was about to happen: four strong men, ripped to no end, taking you down into a dark basement, manhandling you, tossing you around. It would have been like something off of a crime document,

For me, though, this was absolutely fucking hot as hell.

“All talk, and no bite.” Again, with my mouth opening without thinking. Part of me was talking this way, wanting them to be

bad to me. But the other part, the more rational part of me, was asking the insane side of me if I preferred duct tape as a means to shut up.

At the end of the day, though, both sides kind of said, fuck it.

James didn’t hesitate to toss me over his shoulder, dragging me down to the basement in the dark. Hanging over his shoulder like this disoriented me, and as I moved, he smacked my ass hard, causing me to yelp, which in turn caused the

other men to chuckle.

“James… when did you decide to go from perfect dad to dominating wolf?” | teased, earning me another smack as I felt him shake his head against my side.

“It’s called balance, lvy. We have been holding back on you with a lot of things we enjoy, and after months of you having what you wanted… well, you’re finally going to see what we want.”

“Sounds dangerous…” I muttered as I was quickly put on my feet, the light flickering on causing me to shield my eyes so they could adjust.

As I took in the room, I was shocked by what I saw. At first, I hadn’t understood why they had brought me down into the basement. It was supposed to have been turned into their man cave, but it was clear that while I was knocked out upstairs, they had other plans.

Plans that highlighted every aspect of the kink world you could possibly think of.

Paddles, robe, chains, hooks, you name it. From furniture to

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more elegant features, they lined the walls and decorate the floor. It wasn’t thrown together hurriedly. It seemed they had spent a lot of time taking every bit of their interest into account in creating this room.

Four corners-four mates. That meant there were.four different flavors of fun.

“Jesus Christ, you guys really were busy when I was asleep.”

Hale and Talon shrugged their shoulders with their arms crossed over their chests as they turned their gaze to Damian, who seemed to take charge in the situation. Even James had stepped back only for me to calculate that no matter what! did, it was going to be them who decided what I would get tonight.

“Here’s how this works,” Damian drawled as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Every slow movement of the buttons coming undone allowed me to see a part of his ripped muscles hiding beneath too much fabric. I was practically drooling with anticipation, but as he spoke again, I glanced up, trying to pay attention.”… are you listening to me?”

“Trying, but you’re being very distracting right now.”

Letting out a heavy sigh, he slid his shirt off and tossed it aside. “You will spend time in every corner with each of us, and as you do, we will send your mind reeling with fantasies.”

I was enticed. I’ll give him that. My body was practically giddy with excitement because before the meet- and-greet with the twins earlier, I hadn’t had proper fun with my mates sincel had been awake. My body, now completely healed, was ready to be taken.

Ready to be treated like their perfectly good cum slut… or sol have heard Talon call me before

The thought of each of them filling me. Each of them taking me was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to please each of them, and I wanted each of them to fill me with their cum until their balls were empty and I was dripping with their satisfaction.

“Sounds delicious,” I went to say before James grabbed me from behind by the throat and pulled me close.

“I’m glad you think so, Ivy. Because I’m going first.”

Glancing over at Damian, Talon, and Hale, they all smiled at me. “Youngest to oldest, Ivy.”

I didn’t have time to question anything until I was turned around to face James. A dark, sinister look in his eyes gleamed before his lips were against mine, and his tongue was fighting with my own. The kiss was heated, far more heated than anything I had ever had with him-and I loved it.


Pulling me towards a four-poster bed, I was pushed against the post, my left arm quickly brought up as he shackled me to a spreader bar that was hung from hooks on the post. The tightening of the restraint caused me to glance up with a racing heart. I was excited but nervous about what was in store.

As soon as my other hand was shackled, he slid his finger down from my lips over the curves of my breast, straight towards my aching core. His fingers slowly massaged my sensitive clit as I moaned softly against him. “I know we said we would do this, but I can’t help but wonder if she would

prefer to take all four of us at once.”

Hearing him say that caused me to groan in pleasure as he moved his fingers faster against me. My head tilted back as my lips parted, my eyes rolling back in agonizing pleasure. “Yes, please.”

“Did you hear that?” Talon chuckled, “she’s begging for it.”

“I don’t know…” Damian replied. “That might be too much for her.”

“Only one way to find out,” Hale added.

They were tormenting me with their words, and as they did, I placed my gaze back on them. “You won’t know what I can take until you stop being a pussy and find out.”

Before the others could say anything to my comment, James grabbed my throat again and smiled. “Have it your way.”

I didn’t realize what I was signing myself up for, but before ! knew it, the chains to my restraints were loosened, and a weird skinny brace was placed below my hips as I was bent over the object. Shackles on it were attached to my ankles, and with confusion, I watched as they made sure that I would be able to move.

It wasn’t until a fanning breath on my aching pussy made me realize that one of them was aching to taste me, and as his tongue slid across my clit I gasped.

“God, you taste so good.” James’ voice from behind me was enough for me to smile, and as my eyes slid up, I watched two very naked twins standing before me, stroking their thick


“Look, she’s practically salivating, Hale murmured to Talon as I opened my mouth and licked my lips.

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“Don’t be shy,” I teased, only to have Talon grab my hair and yank my head back with a smile on his face as he rubbed the head of his cock against my lips.

“You want it?”

“Yes,” I whispered as I stuck my tongue out to lick the pre cum from the head of his cock. A soft moan escaped him before he shoved the full length of his cock into my throat. I gagged for a moment, but slowly he thrust, giving me a second to breathe and then diving him back in.

All the while, my eyes drifted to Hale, who had a devious smile on his face as he stroked his full length, and James, who ate my pussy like a Christmas feast. The sensations building in me from that caused soft gargled noises to escape me as Talon fucked my mouth just like he wanted to.

The sensations were overwhelming, and as my mind reeled, I couldn’t help but wonder where Damian was. That was until a quick sting crossed my ass, and I yelped in surprise. “Did you like that, princess?” Damian said, causing my heart to race as ! tried to concentrate on what I was doing.

“I think my brother asked you a question,” Talon snapped with a smile as he slid his cock from my mouth.

“Yes!” | squealed as another smack came across me. It hurt, but the pain felt so good. My pussy was throbbing, and as he did it again, the sensation from James made me cry out as the

first of many orgasms swept through me.

“Your turn Hale,” Damian ordered as Talon stepped back, letting Hale take his place.”-and James… fuck that tight cunt of hers. Make her scream again.

They didn’t waste time in doing what Damian ordered, and as Hale slid his cock into my lips. I moaned only to have my tight pussy filled with James’ thick cock. The rapid thrusts he produced slammed me forward just as Hale thrust into my throat.

To make matters more insane. I watched Talon out of the corner of my eyes, pick up a massive white wand with a gigantic head, and push a button, turning it on. I wasn’t sure what the hell it was, but as he walked toward James, I had a feeling I was about to find out.

A rush of vibrations blasted across my sensitive clit, sending me forward as I tried to move. Another wave of pleasure coming from my throat as I came hard against it. With Hale in my throat, and James in my cunt couldn’t control them.

The rippling waves of pleasure tore through me one after another until I felt James leave me, and the shackles slowly come undone. It was Damian, though, who took me in his arms as I used him to lean against. The smile he gave me wasn’t as dangerous as it once was, but the words he whispered into my ears sent a rush of heat through me I wasn’ t expecting

“I want to knot with you tonight, Ivy. I want you to carry my child, but, take James and the twins at the same time. Do you think you can do that?”

Thesitated for a moment. They had already made me weak, but the fact that Damian wanted to knot with me and have me carry his child was something that spurred a fire in my soul. “Yes.”

It was the only answer he needed, and I was quickly carried over to the bed where my three other mates were waiting eagerly for me. James took my arm as Damian climbed onto the bed. His thick cock waiting to take me, and as I climbed up to straddle him, I cherished the feeling of his fingers running across my sides.

Slowly, I lowered my aching tight cunt over his cock, and as I did, I gasped softly. “Fuck, it’s so thick.”

“Mmm…” Damian groaned. “I’ll never get tired of how amazing your pussy feels.”

Pulling me forward, he took my lips in heated passion. James came behind me and dripped something thick and cool over my puckered ass before the feeling of his finger intruding me caused me to whimper as I slowly relaxed.

“Good girl,” he said as he stretched my ass before lining the head of his cock up slowly, pressing it into me inch by inch.

“Good girl.” He said as he stretched my ass before lining the head of his cock up slowly, pressing it into me inch by inch.

“Breath, Ivy,” Damian whispered as he kissed me again.

Stilling for a moment, I relaxed around them both, and as I did, I nodded, the slow movements of their cocks inside of me causing me to groan in pleasure, “Open your mouth, Ivy.” Hale said as I glanced to my left to see his cock ready and waiting.

I did as he asked, and as the sensations from Damian and James possessed every inch of me, I let Hale slowly fuck my mouth until his pace quickened, and I knew he wanted to cum.

“Fuck, her ass is so tight. I won’t be able to go much longer,” James moaned as he picked up pace, and quickly stilled, spilling himself inside me.

“Knot her, Damian,” Talon cried out. “I want to watch her cum undone with you.”

“Me too,” Hale replied as he slipped his cock from my mouth. “Fuck her hard.”

As James removed himself from me, I was quickly flipped over onto my back. Damian hovered over my body as he thrusted savagely into my tight cunt. The force of his thrusts caused me to whimper as he took my lips again.

The swell of his knot was coming, and as it did, I glanced to each twin who stood on either side of me. Their eyes locked onto my face as they slowly stroked their thick cocks, picking up pace as Damian pounded away at me.

When I didn’t think I could take anymore, I came hard, my tight pussy clasping around Damian like a vise as he came hard just as the warm spray of cum crossed my chest from the twins.

It was the first time we had ever all fucked like this, but the sensation and moment was something I would never forget. I was taken with them. Captivated with my mates in every way, and as the moment was over, they didn’t hesitate to tend to my every need.

“You’re such a good girl, Ivy,” Damian whispered as he stroked my bottom lip with his thumb.

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