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And Then There Were Four Novel Chapter 55


I should have known that they were up to something. I heard bits and pieces of a conversation, but at the same time I wasn’t sure where Damian had gone. Slipping back into my room, I picked up my phone and began flipping through social media.

A photo of Kate with her boyfriend popped up, and an idea came to mind as I called her.

“Hey girl!” Kate’s warm voice echoed through the phone, causing me to smile.

“Hey, I was wondering if you could do me a favor.”

“Oh yeah,” she hesitated, “and what might that be?”

“I want you to see what you can find out about someone named Shamira, and also what it may have to do with Hale.”

There was silence on the phone, and with it, I knew she already knew something. “Ivy–”

“Tell me, Kate.” I firmly cut her off before she could say no.

“Well,” she hesitated. “From what I know, they spent some time there with the Tokyo pack, and Shamira is the Alpha’s daughter. They own a club called Dark Moon.”

Hearing the news, I found myself conflicted about what she was saying. Did Damian go to meet her? Did they have something going on with her, the guys that is?

Too much of it weighed heavily on my mind, but pushing it back, I let a heavy breath leave my lips.

“Okay. Thanks, Kate.”

“You’re not planning to do something stupid, are you?” she replied with hesitation. At first I wasn’t, but now that she had brought it up, an idea did fill my head.

“Of course not.” I grinned, “I’ll talk to you later. I’m going to get some sleep.”

“Okay–” she sighed, “night, Ivy.”

Hanging up the phone, I sat contemplating what she had told me. Damian was hiding something, and it more than likely had to do with where Hale was.

The worry didn’t fill me that Damian was doing anything wrong, but to think Hale had gotten with another woman only a few weeks after me.

That idea hurt like hell.

Jumping to my feet, I pulled out a black dress and heels and quickly threw it on. If I was going to get the answers, I would have to do things myself.

“James!” I yelled out. Only to hear him scrambling towards my room, throwing open the door.

“What’s wrong?!” He asked frantically as his eyes met mine, and concern filled him.

“Nothing is wrong.” I laughed, causing him to sigh, “get dressed. We’re going out.”

Pausing in his response, he furrowed his brows in confusion, “what do you mean?”

“I mean, we’re going out. Go get ready unless you want to go like that.” I shrugged.

“Ivy, no we’re not. Damian said—”

“Since when did you care what Damian thought?” I laughed, shaking my head, “look you can either go or you can stay here and I’ll go by myself.”

James carefully considered what I was saying before he reluctantly sighed, and nodded his head. “Can I at least know where we are going?”

“Nope… just get your butt ready.”

There was no way I was going to tell him we were going to the Dark Moon.

Damian POV

Coming back to Tokyo hadn’t been the best of decisions. Shamira wasn’t pleased when I left, and when she found out that I had found my mate, that complicated things further.

They say there is nothing worse than a woman scorned… but they were wrong.

There was nothing worse than a she-wolf with claws scorned.

Shamira was a complicated individual, and she had her eyes set on me for years. So walking into the Dark Moon club, I expected to see things on a difficult level.

The latest music beat through the club as I wound my way through an array of pulsing bodies on the dance floor. My eyes scanning for signs of Hale, hoping that I didn’t run into anyone else.

However, I should have known that would be impossible. Especially when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“Well, well well. I thought that was you, Damian.”

Turning, I forced a smile to my lips as I faced Shamira and two security guards. Her long black hair hung in ringlets over her shoulders as her dark eyes stared at me.

“Shamira. It’s a pleasure to see you again.”

A cold hard slap came to my face as I pushed against a recoil, trying to reel in my wolf from breaking free. “I suppose I deserved that.”

“Yes, you did.” She sneered. “You left me and ran off back home to some girl.”

The girl she was talking about was Ivy, but at the time, I hadn’t even known her yet. The jealousy this woman had was unreal, and the only thing I could think about was finding Hale.

Ivy needed him, and I wanted to grab him and leave without issue.

“Look, that’s in the past. I’m here to find my brother.”

“Yes, I heard about what happened.” She smiled, biting on her nail in a playful manner. “I guess that means you came to see me, too.”

Raising a brow, I pondered over what she meant, and like a crashing weight, the realization dawned on me. She heard about the matebond issue with Ivy, or at least what she thought and thinks that I’m here for her.

“No, you have it—”

“Oh stop,” she laughed as she quickly approached me and placed her lips upon mine in a quick kiss that took me by surprise. “Let’s go find Hale. He is in the lounge.”

Guilt filled me having allowed her to kiss me. I was disgusted by her action, but at the same time, I needed her to find my brother. Reigning in my wolf that growled in the back of my mind, I internally tried to calm him.

This is what we had to do to get Hale then so be it. It’s what our mate needed.

I should have known Hale was here, and as much as I wanted to correct Shamira and tell her that I was still with Ivy, I didn’t want her to throw me out before I could find my brother.

Following behind Shamira, I let her lead the way down hallways off the side of the club into a private area out on another dance floor. My eyes locking onto Hale, who sat off with another woman in his lap.

“Hale.” I said firmly as I approached, “having fun?”

When he looked at me he frowned, “what the fuck are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” I scoffed, “moving on so quickly?”

Anger laced his eyes as he pushed the girl off of him and stood to his feet. “What the hell do you care? You never cared about her anyways.”

“That isn’t true–”

“Boys, boys. Let’s not talk about her anymore. She isn’t here and I am.” Shamira said with a smug grin as she grasped my hand and pulled me onto the sofa.

“I’m afraid I don’t really have time for this.” I tried to explain as Hales scoffed.

“He never has time for anything.” Hale remarked, as he picked up a drink and chased it down.

I knew he was hurting, but as Shamira folded her leg over mine, I couldn’t help but feel disgusted by what she was doing.

James POV

Walking down to the car with Ivy I had a bad feeling about what was going to happen. She was acting very calm, but determined at the same time.

“Where too?” The cab driver asked as we climbed into the back taking our seats.

“The Dark Moon Lounge, please.”

My eyes darted towards hers with shock as the cab lurched forward, “we can’t go there.”

“Oh, no?” She feigned shock, “why not, James?”

It was obvious that she knew something, and I didn’t like the way she was looking at me. If I was right someone had tipped her off, because there was no way she would know to go there.

“Who told you?” I asked without hesitation.

Her smile faltered as she raised a brow and turned her attention to the world outside, “I have my sources just as you have yours.”

Kate. That was the only person she could have spoken to, and internally, I made a mental note to scold the woman for having told Ivy about this place. If Damian and Hale were there with Shamira, there was no telling what we were going to walk into.

As the cab came to a stop outside of the club, I reluctantly exited with Ivy. Her eyes fell on the building with a disgusted sneer across her face as she moved forward only to be stopped by the guard at the door. “You can’t come in here.”

“She’s with me.” I snapped watching as he bowed his head.

“I’m sorry, sir. You know my orders—” he replied, trying not to argue with James.

“I will handle Shamira. Now move.”

Doing as I commanded, he moved aside and let us through. Ivy’s eyes glanced at me momentarily as we passed through the main entryway headed for the sea of people.

“Where do you think they are?” She asked softly, “I don’t see them.”

“If they’re here, they aren’t out in the main area.” I hummed, as a nervous feeling flowed through my body.

“Private VIP,” she snapped as her eyes narrowed, staring at me. “They went to a private room?”

“Ivy don’t—” I sighed, “don’t automatically think the worst. Damian and Hale wouldn’t do that to you.”

A heavy breath left her lips as she looked away from me as if trying to persuade herself that I was telling the truth. Even if I wasn’t so sure.

“Okay.” She finally said, “can we please go get them. I’m ready to find them and go home.”

Wrapping my arm around her waist, I pulled her close, kissing the top of her head as we walked forward towards the roped off VIP section. The guards standing by hesitated for a moment before moving a side for us to pass.

The sound of Hale’s voice echoed from down the hallway as Shamira’s laughter followed. And as we turned the corner my eyes latched on to the sight before me. Shamira, wrapped around Damian as Hale allowed a half naked woman to cling to his side.

Anger boiled within me as a growl ripped through my throat. I didn’t need to see Ivy’s face to feel how she felt because I could feel her through our bond. Her heart shattered into pieces seeing the sight before her, but she held herself together the best she could.

Stepping from my grasp, her hands upon her hips she looked at them all as Damian’s face paled. “Seems you both are having fun, aren’t you?”

Oh, she is pissed.

And Then There Were Four Novel by Lilith Carrie

And Then There Were Four Novel by Lilith Carrie

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Ivy's parents separated when I was five, Ivy lived with her mother and her father had another wife. Now Ivy wants to live closer to her father but her stepmother is the one who scares her. She decided to stay with her father despite her mother's disapproval. This decision will change her life a lot.


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